Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: 2011, that's a wrap.

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Just a reminder there is no scheduled ride for the next two Sundays. If you want to show up on Sunday January  1st I'm sure there will be a few people around for a pick-up ride.

If not, come along with your running shoes, and some underwear and come take part in another of those "Keep Austin Weird" traditions in the triathlon community, the underwear run.

Officially the 1:1 run, it has been "run" for the last 2-years and just like the 2 previous years this is an unsanctioned, uninsured, FUN RUN. Bring your fav undie and start 2012 with some friends. It starts from the shop at 9 a.m. Taking part is free, and there are usually people dressed in serious underwear and fast runners, and then there are those just dressed up...

Seen in this picture from last year is local underwear running "phenomena" Chris Garlington, no word on the event facebook page if Chris will be back this year!

Finally, I'd like to say a special end of year thank you to the ride leaders aka the escorts, Hugo, James, Zac, Kelley, Tammy and newbie Elizabeth a.k.a Betty. Also though to those of who've helped out, especially with the Steiner ride, including the Moxie Multisport crew; Jane, Adri, Matt and numerous others, and to all the staff and crew at the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse who've graciously hosted us for brunch after the ride once per month, and often had 50-60 riders descend on them as soon as they open, a pretty daunting service and cooking effort!

A couple of weekends we have a 100+ on the ride, one Steiner ride in July, Jack and counted more than 140-riders going out and we definitely missed some. Please be safe over the holidays, take care on the roads on your bike and in your cars, see you next year! ++Mark.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jack & Adam's Bicycles and Strava!

If you have not heard of Strava, then let me be the first to tell you, you are missing out. They did not pay me and we do not get any kick backs to promote the brand. It is just awesome. If you have a smart phone or Garmin GPS device, you can play. The accounts are free and easy to use. Jack & Adam's will be rolling out fun challenges throughout the year for everyone to compete in. If you have a smart phone, you can download the Strava app. If you need a Garmin, come to J & A's and get one. Jack & Adam's Bicycles has created a bike shop page for you to join once you sign up. Hope to see you in the results soon. Jack

Check out my account here!

Get started:

1) Grab a GPS device (iPhone, Android or Garmin).
2) Go for a run or a ride and tear it up.
3) Sync your activity at and make history.

Create a free account Strava at here!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Retul Fits at Jack & Adam's Bicycles

Jack & Adam's Bicycles is now offering Retul Fits.

What is Retul?

Retul is the most comprehensive fitting tool available. The system uses cycling-specific 3D motion capture technology that allows for a dynamic fit. The motion of the rider can be recorded immediately while they are under normal physiologic loads on the bicycle. Retul can capture the exact moment of peak knee angle flexion, extension, hip angle, knee over foot, etc. This allows for a dynamic fit that will put you a better position because the system is recording quantitative data that cannot be accurately measured statically.

Retul can also be used for new bike purchases. The system can produce a comprehensive digital report of 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry. Using the digital report and Frame Finder we are able to make an accurate recommendation of frame geometry and parts.

Retul 3D Motion Capture Bike Fit: $250
*  10 minute interview process to learn about the rider and their goals
*  Biomechanical analysis of your body off the bike
*  Cycling-specific strength and flexibility assessment
*  3D dynamic capture of body movements
*  Real-time recording of power output and physiological responses to determine optimal fit
*  Digital reports of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry

An additional bicycle is priced at $150 when bikes are fit consecutively (for example road and tri/TT bikes fit back to back)

Call to schedule your Retul Fit today. 512-472-5646


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Don't ask, ride

Back at the start of November when your intrepid ride leaders met to devise a schedule, we thought everyone would be worn down by a long season of riding, so for this Sunday we decided that as at least a couple of the ride brides would be doing the Decker Challenge, we'd just schedule no-drop and a pick-up ride.

Now after numerous cancellations, at least a few people emailed or "facebooked" me to ask about this Sundays ride, and I admit, I'm ready for one. I checked the forecast and yep, it says "few showers" for Sunday. But darn it, I want to ride.

So, we are planning to ride Sunday. No-drop definitely and scheduled to do a ride out through Rollingwood to 360. I'll be there to help with that ride and if many more show up, we can decide on an appropriate pick-up ride. Remember rain at 8:30 postpones. Hopefully see some of you tonight, if not, see y'all on Sunday.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what you can get the people in your life who love triathlon? Then look no further than this handy Gift Guide from Jack & Adam's Bicycles. We have ideas for Beginners, Him, Her, yourself & stocking stuffers. Come shop today during our Annual Holiday Sale for special savings throughout the store.

Gifts for Beginners
Elastic Shoe Laces - for faster times in transition

Running Hat - to keep the sun & sweat off your face during the run

Race Belt - to hold your race number and to save time in transition

Silicon Swim Cap - because when you're training, you'll want a better version than the typical latex variety.

Saddle bag - because you'll need a place to keep all your tools to change a flat while you're out riding or racing.

Camelbak Big Chill Water Bottle - These keep your liquids cold and don't spill. They're the best water bottle out there. Definitely a J&A staff favorite.

Gifts for Him
Tifosi sunglasses - protects eyes from debris out on the bike and of course is essential in

protecting peepers from the sun's harmful rays.

Defeet socks - because he can always use another pair of workout socks that wick away the sweat & fit feet much better than cotton.

Ironman sandles - a great shoe to slip on after a swim or bike workout.

Giro Ionos Helmet - currently $100 off, this is a top of the line helmet that he'll love to put on for every ride.

Garmin Edge 500 - light weight, GPS based cycling computer. Tracks distance, speed, location, & elevation. A great gift for performance driven cyclists & gadget lovers.

Cycling Gloves - when the weather outside is frightful...these gloves will help cold rides be more delightful.

Swim Paddles - a great tool to help get faster in the water.

Gifts for Her
Soleus Pace Watch
TYR one piece swimsuit - Austin pools & weather allow for swimming all year long, so an extra swimsuit is always a good idea.

TYR Bag - helps carry all her essential tri gear all in one place. Goodbye to the days of 5 small bags carrying an array of socks, shoes, shorts.

Swiftwick socks - quickly becoming a favorite sock among Austin's triathletes.

Tri Swim Products - forget the usual lotions & potions for Christmas & give your triathlon loving gal the ones she can really use - especially after a long swim session.

Pull Buoy - a great tool that helps her get faster in the water.

Gifts for Yourself
Rocket Science Bag - If you're looking for the ultimate in triathlon gear bags, then treat yourself to one of these. Compartments for your helmet, shoes, wetsuit & all your other tri gear.

Profile Design H2Aero Drink - hold 22 oz in this splash-free refill system

Cyclops Trainer - If you don't have a trainer yet, you're missing out on a great tool. Use it at home on cold, rainy days or when it's too dark outside to safely ride. You can also bring it to J&A's for free Thursday night spin classes.

Garmin 310XT - GPS training device that is the triathlete's ultimate training tool. Track all your workouts, including the swim. Run, sync, store & share!

Zipp 808 Wheels -Because they're cool & fast. & they'll help you look cool and fast.

Stocking Stuffers
Shield Belt
Race/J&A stickers
Salt Stick dispenser
Timing chip band
valve extenders
chamois cream
kinesys sunscreen
fresh twist shoe deodorizer
gels, bars & other nutrition


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PowerBar Party at Jack & Adam's Bicycles!

When: Thursday, December 8th at 8:00 p.m.

Where: Jack & Adams Bicycles, 1210 Barton Springs Rd

Why: To celebrate running!

Thursday, December 8th at 8 p.m., Power Bar, FloTrack, Jack & Adams Bicycles, High Five Events, Hops & Grain Beer, Hill Country Running, Rogue Running, Lukes Locker, & Big Mouth Announcing will be hosting a post Running Event party at Jack & Adams Bicycles located at 1210 Barton Springs Rd. There will be free beer, snacks, live music, giveaways, and a video show brought to you by the guys at FloTrack. This event is free and open to the public.

The Running Event is a running industry trade show hosted in Austin, Tx. once per year. The purpose of this party is to celebrate running with some of the sports leading contributors. The party is not in conjunction with the actual trade show.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP here.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Wet and off

With Austin looking vaguely reminiscent of my home country in December, and remember, I'm not from Australia... we've decided to cancel this weekends shop ride. The roads are already pretty slippy in places and the forecast has it we are in for about as much as 3-more days of this gloomy, damp weather.

I'm all for rain, and while this is better than nothing, it's not really rain. How many remember the classic rain storm we had that one time on an East Ride? Sheltering in the church doorway just the east side of Ed Bluestein, about 20 of us, then in a break in the rain we decided to call it a day and head back, only to get completely soaked through before we'd crossed the lights. We hung out at the Exxon gas station before deciding to ride back. Oh yes, that was rain...

Yes, you can have a rain-check, for safety sake, see y'all next week. If you decide to ride, remember while still damp the roads while be extra slippy from the oil and tree residue. ++Mark.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

PRO-File: Michael & Amanda Lovato

I'll never forget the first time I met Michael and Amanda Lovato. When I began my triathlon career I tried to familiarize myself with all the big names and big races that the sport was known for: Kona, St. George, Coeur D'Alene, Chris McCormack, Craig Alexander, Chrissie Wellington, and Mirinda Carfrae were some of them. Working at the shop and being from Austin, it wasn't long before I had heard of a dynamic multi-sport duo, The Lovatos. My first experience meeting them left me a bit starstruck. I half-expected them to have the intense and focused look that professional triathletes maintain before a big race, but my expectation was way off. The whole shop seemed to welcome their arrival. They wheeled both of their bikes back to the service bay and returned to the floor to strike up conversation with everyone around them, including me. I learned quite a bit about them during that first conversation; and the more I learn the more fascinated I become with their story.

Michael Lovato was born in North Carolina and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As a young man he played every sport from water polo to soccer. Eventually he found his calling in swimming and track. In 1992, while attending the University of Texas at Austin, he entered the UT Intramural sprint triathlon. It was a tough experience for him but he was hooked. He raced as an amateur for 7 years and ended up at the World Championships in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1999. He turned pro shortly after that. In 2003 Michael won the inaugural Ironman Coeur D'Alene in Idaho, and was crowned the men's champion at Ironman Arizona in 2006. Add to that 3 top-10 finishes at Kona and there is no doubt that Michael has established himself as one of the best male triathletes in the U.S.

Amanda Gillam, later known as the better half of the Lovato duo, was raised on a farm in Southern Maryland. Growing up, her passion for running arose from the need to outrun her sister Diana. Amanda and Diana pushed each other to win numerous titles within their high school's district. Amanda received a full scholarship to Old Dominion University in Virginia and was named MVP after excelling in the 1500 and 3000 meter races. After two years in Virginia Beach, Amanda transferred to the University of Tennessee. She maintained her prowess in running as the captain of the cross country and track teams. After graduating in 1995 she returned to her childhood passion of horseback riding back in Maryland. It would not be long until Amanda found a new way to out run her competitors, the sport of triathlon. She quickly took to the sport as a way to maintain a healthy and athletic lifestyle. She then joined Team USA as an age grouper after only 12 short months of training. She reached her second Age Group World Championship in 1999 and took home high honors in the event as well as a handsome and lightning-fast triathlete, a young man named Michael Lovato. In 2002, Amanda won nearly every event she raced. She turned pro a year later after being name Duathlon National Champion and USAT All-American. Since then she has won numerous Half-Ironman races, including her favorite in Pucon, Chile, in 2010. She's also snagged 4 top-10 Ironman finishes. This year she plans on reaching the podium at Ironman, 70.3 and REV3 series races. Amanda has earned a reputation for making winning look good by always sporting color coded race kits and smiling throughout all her races.

The speed-producing duo have lived in Boulder, CO since 2001 but return to Austin & Jack & Adam's when the Rocky Mountain weather gets too cold to train. Team Lovato stays active by working out together and playing with their dogs, Luna and Blue, and cat, Frisco Burrito. With million-dollar smiles and personalities to match, it's no surprise that their autograph table is always busy when they make an appearance before one of their races. I've loved getting to know them and look forward to seeing what these two will continue to accomplish both in the sport and in their own lives. Thank you very much, Mr. and Mrs. Lovato!

by Mike Thompson of Jack & Adam's Bicycles


Monday, November 21, 2011

Best of Competitor 2011

The BEST of Competitor 2011 voting deadline is fast approaching.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to be heard on everything Austin!  To be heard vote here.

If you are not sure who to vote for here are some great hints or ideas on who in your neighborhood is doing their best to be the BEST of 2011:

Best Bike Shop: Jack & Adam's Bicycles
Best Women's Event: Skeese Greets Women's Triathlon
Best Cycling Event: The Round Rock Express Ride
Best Race Swag: The Austin Triathlon
Best Swim Shop: Jack & Adam's Bicycles
Best Swimming/Watersports Event: Pure Austin Splash & Dash
Best Triathlon: The Austin Triathlon
Best Triathlon Shop: Jack & Adam's Bicycles
Best Gym: Pure Austin
Best 5k10k: The Texas Round Up

Hurry!  Voting closes Wednesday, November 30th.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shop ride Sunday: Getting dirty

Just a quick reminder that we've only scheduled a no-drop ride for this weekend. As always, there will be some folks who show up to ride anyway and so there is always a chance for an informal pick-up ride.

Otherwise a couple of other things are keeping us away this week. First up most of the shop folks will be down at Rocky Hill Ranch for the High Five Events Dirty Du. It's a fun w/e full of action, if you have a mountain bike you can chose between two distances, if not, why not rope a friend in who has and take part in the relay. Next up this weekend is the final US Ironman race of the 2011 series, IMAZ in Tempe, AZ. There are around 20-athletes from Austin taking part and many more going along to support and cheer. Good luck to everyone!

So, this week it's no-drop only, the ride leaves as always at 8:30 a.m. After the ride we will have a guest appearance by Kip, owner of Kip Running Sports Massage. He will be out with his massage table and also available for Q&A.

Next week, Sunday after Thanksgiving, it's back to the Steiner Ranch steakhouse. Be there to work off the turkey.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Plans, Schedules and Rides

So, like the past two years we are going to make things a little less formal over the colder months. Tammy, Hugo and I met Tuesday and sketched out the plan through January 1st, with email input from James, Zac and Kelly who couldn't make it.

There are a few points to note.

  • For those that have been making steady progress on the No-drop 20-mile rides, we are going to add an extended No-drop on 12/4. There will be the normal No-drop South to Buda and we will provide ride leader coverage to take those that want to on to the Walgreens in Buda, making a 28-mile roundtrip.
  • All rides are subject to the standard, money back rain warranty. If it is raining at ride start time, 8:30 a.m. We cancel and you get an immediate return of all money paid, in the currency you paid in. You are of course welcome to go ride, but we won't be with you. Until we've had some constant hard rain, the roads will be extra slippery "when wet".
  • Pick-up rides are just that. We don't have a planned ride, there will be no cue sheets. Meet at the shop based on who shows up and how many, we'll decide where to ride.
  • Please take care when riding, call out road defects, and traffic; no aero bars unless on the front of the group, no overlapping wheels in a group, no more than 2-wide, and finally NO MP3, Phone or other earphones. Maybe your wife is pregnant, maybe your Mom is sick, maybe you are on call, whatever the reason, please don't ride with them in your ears. A group ride is a group experience, that sadly extends to crashes. We have a great track record on safety and have never had a group pile-up and would like to keep it that way.
  • As always, except for the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse rides, there will be Taco deli breakfast taco's on the deck after the shop ride.

Remember, shop rides are free, and we always start on time at 8:30 a.m. ++Mark.

13th Ride: north west and shoal creek
Other Events: Wurst Ride, Tour das Hugel

20th Ride: No-drop only (+ pickup for any others)
Other Events Dirty Duathlon

27th Ride: Steiner Steakhouse Ride
Other Events: w/e after Thanksgiving

4th Ride: Advanced/Intermediate do Creedmore; plus extended No-drop to Walgreens, Buda
Other Events:

11th Ride: No-drop Hills out to 360; Intermediate/Advanced pick-up ride.
Other events: Decker Challenge

18th Ride: Steiner Steakhouse Ride
Other Events:


1st Ride: Pick up ride
Other Events: New Years day Underwear Run


Friday, November 4, 2011

PAC Expands to Downtown Location

PAC or Pure Austin Coaching is expanding its practice schedule. PAC currently offers a range of practices at its Pure Austin north, which is situated at on Braker Ln. between Mopac and 183. With the expanded practice schedule, they’ll now be offering 3 additional practices at the downtown Pure Austin location. The downtown gym is located at the intersection of 5th st. and Lamar.

PAC offers maximum affordability, with group multisport coaching priced at $55/month for members of Pure Austin and $65/month for non-members of Pure Austin. Try out the practice schedule for a week absolutely free. For additional questions visit or for practice information, click HERE.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: We have no plan...

We've all been so busy since Austin 70.3 we've not had time to plan a ride for this coming w/e, so the default ride is south for all levels. Ride starts 8:30 a.m. prompt, current weather has a low of 66f so plenty warm enough for a ride, but currently showing a 33% chance of showers.

We'll get a plan through the end of the year next week, what are your favorite rides? What other rides would you like us to do? What events have you got coming up before the end of the year we should know about? ++Mark.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Steiner Ride Special

After the last triathlon of the High Five and shop run and sponsored Texas Tri series, it's time to get started on winter base and maintenance. What better way to start than the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse Ride?

We are back at the Steakhouse this Sunday. Ride starts as always at 8:30 a.m. prompt. Although I expect a smaller group this week as it's the Run for the Water 10-miler, the Steakhouse rides are always popular and the parking lot fills quickly. Please arrive in time, we won't wait.

We will have 3 groups start, advanced, intermediate and of course, Jacks "famous" no-drop. The advance and intermediate take the same out and back route, so it's a good chance to try to hang with the faster group. For the intermediate, which is often the biggest group, I'll try to keep the group together until we get onto Volente, after that since it's pretty much a straight out and back on wide shoulders, it's up to you to decide how fast you can go and where.

No-drop is as always, no-drop. James and Hugo will be along to sheperd. Elizabeth will either be with them, or helping me on the intermediate. After the ride, the great folks at the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse will be providing half price brunch. See y'all Sunday, winters coming time to build a base! ++Mark.


Get your Time Trial On

When I first arrived in Austin, one of the most fun things I quickly got involved in were the free summer RunFAR time trials on South Mopac. They were a great, short and hard blast on your bike, claimed to be "approximately 8-miles" but measured by various Garmins' as 8.21 and 8.10 miles with a very gradual climb, a turn at the end of Mopac and then a slightly more noticeable descent, followed by a flat section and a very slight uphill finish.

I don't know the full history of the time trials, but RunFAR, Raul and crew had been timing them for 7-years, aside from a great mix of cyclists, triathletes and novices, and bikes of all shapes and sizes, at least in my time two unrelated events stand out. 1. Arrival direct from work one evening and rushing to change with a towel, Des Ficker pulled up next to me in a one piece cycling TT suit, booties and absolutely melting from a combination of the Texas summer heat and effort. She proceeded to talk as if nothing was any different having just clocked a sub-19 minute loop. In the spring of 2010, I bought along a then 20yr old GB triathlon junior who the previous year had stormed to a win at Ironman UK, Phil Graves.

Listed in the results from Dallas TX, Phil was in town from the UK for warm weather training and to race later that month at Galveston in the Lonestar half-iron distance race, which was that year the US Championships. Before him many top local triathletes and cyclists had set and held the record time for the course. In his first attempt, Phil smashed the record averaging over 31MPH for the whole 8-miles! As far as I'm aware, Phil still holds the course record with 15:24.8, 31.2MPH.

This year bought this announcement on the RunFAR web site."NEWS: RunFAR Bike Time Trials Cancelled for 2011. RunFAR has re-directed it's business model and unfortunately is unable to support the monthly bike time trials. Thank you for the 7 years of support!!" - I, like many assumed they had in fact gone, and didn't make any trips down from Round Rock to the Veloway in traffic on a Tuesday to find out.

It turns out that rather than actually gone, a new Austin based timing company, Allsports Timing picked up where RunFAR had left off. Since the name RunFAR was indelibly linked with the TT's and word of mouth had it that they'd been cancelled, turnout for the all new - but over exactly the same course Allsports Timing TT's was been down on prior years.

Allsports have agreed to run one final TT for this year, next Tuesday November 1st with registration starting at 5:30pm, timing running from 6-7pm. There are a few changes, you must sign-up via the facebook calendar entry and it remains free and is still not a race, but a self paced, timed test of your speed.

So, as the triathlon season winds down, why not come out in time to do one, or possibly two timed laps. Give it your best shot. Over the winter you can use your result as your base time with a view to maintaining or improving on for 2012. Lets also take the opportunity to thank Allsports for taking over this unique Austin cycling institution. Questions? ++Mark.

p.s. Yes, I'll be going for my PR, currently at 20:27. See this report of my earlier PR for map, elevation etc. 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spooky Spin/Trainer Donation Drive

Halloween is right around the corner! Join us for the first annual "Spooky Spin" presented by Team in Training. This Thursday, October 27th, Bring your wheels, trainer, and your BEST COSTUME and spin on the deck with TNT coaches leading the way. Team in Training is an endurance training program that focuses on fighting blood cancers while competing in endurance events. Certified coaches and focused workouts make this class a must. With daylight savings time closing in fast, the Thursday night spin is a perfect way to get your weekly ride done, without having to rush after work. Enjoy a mid-week workout with a great group of people from the safety of the J&A deck. Class starts at 6:30, stay afterwards for some beverages and snacks if you wish, BYOB! It's sure to be a howling good time!!!

Also, if you have an old trainer that you no longer use, donate it to the Jack & Adam's Spin Class! Donate your old spinner and wheel block and get 10% off your next purchase on nutrition, tubes, swimwear, apparel and more! (Bikes excluded). Email me at if you have any questions! Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Move along, this is...

This weekend the shop staff, Jack, Drew and the crew will be busy with the Ironman Austin 70.3 bike course and the race in general. If you have not volunteered yet and have anytime available on Sunday please sign-up here.

I'll be out loading 5,000 plus athletes, spectators, officials and volunteers on school buses to get them to the start on time, and other normal ride leaders will be volunteering or supporting athletes who are taking part. As such, for this Sunday only we are offering just the no-drop. Hugo will be leading, and will decide on the day, based on conditions etc. but according to the schedule, it's South.

For next Sunday, we'll back at full strength and we have another Steiner Ranch Steakhouse, see y'all there! ++Mark.


Monday, October 17, 2011

PRO-File: James Bonney

The sport of triathlon attracts athletes from all backgrounds and numerous places around the world. Almost every nationality, age group, tax bracket, and level of athleticism is represented. However there are some athletes that take the sport to a level in which only few will ever reach. They eat, drink, sleep, and live multisport. They dine on open water swims for breakfast, munch on multi-hour bike rides for lunch, and destroy half marathons for dinner, with a foam roller bedtime snack.

When I think of these statuesque, speed-producing, superhuman athletes, I think of James Bonney. The 6 foot, 3 inch University of Texas Graduate and Division I All-American Swimmer was born in Hollywood, Florida (yes, there is one) on February 7th, 1972. Bonney's father was a civil engineer and you
ng James moved from Florida, to Massachusetts, and finally South Carolina, where he began swimming at the age of 10. He received a swimming scholarship to Pine Crest Prep School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where he swam right into his high school's hall of fame for winning the Florida State Championship in the last 50 yards of the 500 freestyle final.

James attended the University of Texas at Austin on yet another swimming scholarship, graduating in 1996. During his time at UT, he did what only few have the privilege of accomplishing: qualifiying for the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. He did so by suffering through the 112 degree Texas heat at the 1994 Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon in Lubbock, the first year for the race. He was the first athlete to exit the water that year in Hawaii, his first ever Ironman, finishing in 11:01:06. Not bad for the first-timer who even admitted he shouldn't have raced that year.

His finish on the Big Island would be the first of many for big James, and the first of many races in which he would exit the swim first. He returned to Kona in '96, finishing 2nd in his age group and turning pro the following year. Bonney's prowess in the water has led him to the finish line of 30 Ironman races (10 of which were at Kona), a 4th place finish at Ironman Arizona, multiple wins at Buffalo Springs, and continued domination on his home turf in the Texas Triathlon Series and Splash 'n Dash races. But perhaps his most meaningful, and lesser known, accomplishments, are the ones he has achieved when he's not racing.

s is married to world renown and passionate photographer, Elizabeth Kreutz, and he is the adoring father of two handsome young men: 2-year old Charlie, and 3-month old Benjamin. James and Liz both live and work in Austin, operating their successful companies, MyRaceRegistration and Kreutz Photography, from the friendly confines of their home. "You can have a family and be [successful]," says James. "It's tight but it's doable." He continues to prove that idea each day by balancing his training, work, and life at home.

James visits the shop regularly and he is always pleasant to be around. Whether he's finishing a six hour ride and stopping in for his recovery drink,
tuning up his Felt DA tri-bike, discussing the Tri Series or just visiting, we look forward to seeing him. He's simply a loving father, dedicated husband, successful business man, who happens to be really, really fast.

Next up for James, Ironman Florida on November 5th.

By Mike Thompson of Jack & Adam's Bicycles


Friday, October 14, 2011

Shop ride Sunday: It's Creedmore aka South East

Last week got rained off, I got a voicemail message, a couple of facebook message emails and two people actually ask if we were going to reschedule the Hills clinic, one even wanted it before Tour das Hugel. I'll talk to the ride leaders, and especially Tammy Metzger and see if we can schedule it for November 6th.

This week sees all rides head south. The no-drop ride will go to Atkins High School for a 10-mile out and 10-mile back, true no-drop, no cyclist left behind! The intermediate and Advanced groups will take Slaughter and go out to Creedmoor. If the weather holds, with the current temps it should be a great ride!

Tammy will be posting a ride map on the Tempo Multisport facebook page, so check there if you don't know the route. This is one of those rides were it's worth trying to move up a group. Want to try a steady ride with the Intermediate, move up from the no-drop and if you can't keep up at by Slaughter, you can just wait for the no-drop to roll along. Want to try the faster Intermediate group or even the Advanced group, come-on up, if you can't keep up you can drop back

Just remember, for the Intermediate and Advanced groups, they are NOT, no-drop. We do our best to drop back and pull you back to the group, but their are limits based on route and the number of ride leaders we have. So don't expect a personal domestique who will keep pulling you back.

My motto is," its easier to keep up than catch-up". See y'all Sunday, we leave at 8:30 a.m. sharp. ++Mark.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time to Learn Some Bike History!

Have you ever tried to ride a High Wheel (a.k.a. Penny Farthing)? Aren't you glad we don't have to ride those things anymore! If you're curious to know how we've advanced in bicycle technology through the years, then come check out the upcoming presentation: The Bicycle Boom: Untrammeled Freedom. It happens on Sunday, Oct 16 at the Neill-Cochran House Museum.

In the 1880s, cycling was for men willing to suffer spills. Mark Twain quipped “get a bicycle. You will not regret it—if you live.” The low-mount "safety" bike changed everything, and in 1896, during the great boom, Susan B. Anthony extolled its virtues saying that the bicycle had “done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world.”

Historian and author David Herlihy, who wrote Bicycle: The History and The Lost Cyclist, is an award-winning historian, who has been featured on NPR and in the NY Times, the Boston Globe, and Historic Preservation. His passion for bicycle technology since his days in the Harvard Cycling Club, makes him the man to tell the story (with a Texas twist) of the conveyance that slipped in nicely between the horse and buggy and the horseless carriage!

Refreshments are served at 2:00 PM, and Mr. Herlihy’s presentation starts at 2:30. Seating is limited, so call to reserve a spot. Tickets are free to members of the Friends of the Neill-Cochran House Museum and only $10 for non-members. This talk is the kick-off to Modern Times: The 1890s.

Next time on your long ride, not only will you be able to drop the group on your sprint to the City Limits sign, you'll also be able to drop some history facts that will sure to impress.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Bike & Light Sale

Daylight is dwindling, so don't get caught out in the dark without head and tail lights! Now through the end of October, get 10% off all bike lights at Jack & Adam's! Select from Planet Bike, Serfas and Knog.

Also on sale are select bikes from Felt, Scott and Quintana Roo. The sale is for in-stock bikes only with limited sizes of each:

$100 off Felt Z100: $749, normally $849
$600 off Quintana Roo CDO1: $2700, normally $3,300
$200 off Quintana Roo Seduza: $1900, normally $2100
$200 off Quintana Roo Dulce: $1900, normally $2100
$200 off Scott CR1: $1899, normally $2099
$300 off Felt S22: $1299, normally $1599
$150 off Felt ZW75: $1049, normally $1199
$100 off Felt Q620: $549, normally $649


Friday, October 7, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Hills for Hugel

One of the big events of the cycling calendar in Austin is the unofficial Tour das Hugel. If you have not heard of it, it's easily the hardest ride in Austin, a century which is two loops with the hardest hills in town. We won't be endorsing or supporting the ride, after all it's completely unofficial.

However, to get you started, we've scheduled a hills ride for this Sunday(10/9). Tammy Metzger and Tempo Multisport will lead out the ride and ride with you to help you understand how to ride hills better. The No-drop will ride out to 360 and back, with James, Hugo and Elizabeth. There are no real hills on the no-drop, but you will have to change gears.

I'm away again this week, so the Saturday Austin 70.3 course ride will be a pick-up ride. If you want to ride the course, show up ready to ride at 7 a.m., there will be a number of groups and individuals riding, pick someone who you can ride with and follow the yellow arrows.

Enjoy the cooler temps, ride safe! ++Mark.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pro Triathlete, James Bonney Tops Podium at Kerrville Half

Inaugural Event Attracts Hundreds of Athletes to Texas Hill Country

Kerrville, Texas (October 2011)This past weekend over 800 athletes toed the line in Kerrville, Texas for the Inaugural Kerrville Triathlon Festival presented by Jack and Adam’s Bicycles and High Five Events. The three day event featured Sprint Distance, Quarter Distance and Half Distance triathlons, as well as, a Health and Fitness Expo and free Kids’ Mile.

The Texas Hill Country venue offered beautiful views and great weather with lows in the mid 50’s and highs in the low 80’s with sunny skies. The wetsuit legal swim was fast and smooth in the Guadalupe River; the scenic bike course was relatively flat; and the run went through the heart of historic downtown. Local businesses supported the event in many ways, including a “Lawn Chair Challenge” offering residents prizes for cheering on the triathletes.

Professional Triathlete and Jack and Adam’s team member, James Bonney took the overall victory by almost 13 minutes, which bodes well for his upcoming Ironman Florida race. Coming in second was Robert Wade of San Antonio, followed by former Pro Jamie Cleveland. Austinite and Jack and Adam’s team member, Todd Gerlach took 4th and rounding out the top 5 was another Jack and Adam’s team member, Paul Terranova.

Participants received technical t-shirts and hats, free post-race massage, custom water bottles and swim caps, beer, a post race meal and much more. In addition, professional timing and photography, as well as a great volunteer crew and supportive local businesses, helped make this first year triathlon a success.

Race Director, Dan Carroll of High Five Events, has already received numerous thank you emails from participants. Local business and race sponsor, Grape Juice, heard nothing but positive feedback from racers as they handed out free beer at the finish line. Comments included, “I am definitely signing up for this race again next year and telling all my friends.“ and “Next year, I am leaving the kids at home and making it a three day weekend. This place (Kerrville) is cool.”

The Kerrville Triathlon Festival is the sixth and final event of the Texas Tri Series (, a series designed to start with a short sprint triathlon and finish with a half Iron distance. To complete the series a person must participate in or volunteer for each of the events. Every finisher of the series is invited to the Finisher’s Party at the Hyatt in downtown Austin.



Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hydration: How to Keep Up

by Meredith Terranova of Eating and Living Healthy

In this on-going heatwave, no matter how much you enjoy being out in the heat, it is ESSENTIAL that hydration is a number one priority.

If you exercise in the morning, you are hit with 80 degrees and high humidity. If you exercise in the evening, it might be dry but the 105+ degrees reminds you that you aren't catching a break. With this, you are either spending your day needing to hydrate in order to recover from a workout or hydrate in anticipation of a workout. And, for those lucky enough to do two workouts a day, well, your hydration might end up being a part-time job right now!

Whether you are sitting at a desk all day or working outside, getting in enough fluid is so important to good health and recovery. Even if you are not exercising, you should be consuming AT LEAST 2-3 liters of water a day!

There are so many thoughts on the benefits to staying hydrated with decaffeinated fluids.
Here are 8 reasons that should help keep you motivated to drink up:

1) for skin health
2) to remove toxins and body waste
3) help keep the body in pH balance,
4) for weight loss
5) to improve sleep
6) to increase energy
7) to help prevent hypertension
8) to increase metabolism, and many many more!

Many of my clients are always searching for which beverages are best for their daily hydration. Water, of course, is best. People often don't understand that beverages are less satiating than solid foods. When you consume calories from beverages, you don't compensate by eating less food later on. Liquid calories don't register with our appetite controls. This is a very important fact for both athletes and non-athletes. As you pass through the shelves of your grocery store, running store, or cycling store remember that all of the electrolyte replacement drinks available are just that, electrolyte replacement. They are mostly meant for before, during, and after exercise, or to balance out your water consumption if you drink too much plain water. The calories in them are used during your workout, but if you are drinking these drinks as your major source of hydration throughout the day, you can end up adding 150-300 calories to your day. The same can also be said for multiple cups of coffee; how many calories are you adding with your milk, sugar, or other flavoring? Pay attention to these facts; the calories do add up.

As you go through the summer, find drinks that work for you to stay well hydrated. Below are some options for day-to-day "water" intake:

-Water with lemon, lime, cucumber, or orange slices
-Sparkling water with a splash of pomegranate juice or other 100% juice (try POM brand flavors)
-Water with a splash of your favorite energy drink
-Water with Emergen-C
-A glass (8oz) of milk (even though it is 100 calories, it counts toward your hydration and gives you a serving of dairy, calcium, and protein)
-A glass of juice (6oz counts as a fruit serving)
-Decaf. Unsweetened Tea - try one of the many herb flavors available

If you are focusing on recovering or prepping for a workout, consider the need to add in some electrolytes to at least one of your water drinks. These are especially important if you are drinking 60+oz of plain water a day:

-Water with NUUN, Hammer Fizz, or other electrolyte tablet
-Coconut Water
-Low-sodium V8 Juice
-Water with diluted electrolyte drink of choice

One important item to note when you are picking up different drinks, or flavor options, at the store many of them, if calorie-free or low calorie, contain chemical sweetners like: sucralose, aceslfume-K, or aspartame, and neotame. These items have not been shown to harm hydration, but if you are avoiding these ingredients be sure to take a close look at the ingredient list!

Even with these ideas and tips, if you can't seem to make yourself drink enough everyday, get a bottle that will keep the water a temperature you want to drink it at. My favorite is the Camelbak Insulated Bottle. You will be amazed that you will still have ice cold water after it sits in your hot car!


Be sure to visit Eating and Living Healthy for more tips and to sign up for the free and informative newsletter.



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

State Wheels at Kerrville Tri Fest

Austin based race wheel company, State Wheels will be on hand at this weekend's Kerrville Triathlon Festival in Kerrville, Texas. State Wheels will be offering neutral support for the Half and Quarter distance triathlons, as well as demos for those lucky enough to secure them during the expo. If you're itching to try out some awesome new wheels, then stop by the Jack & Adam's Bicycles booth on Saturday, Oct.1 from 12-5 and talk with the State Wheels guys to learn more about their product and possibly get to test them out for Sunday's big race.

Here are two of the wheels that this company has to offer:

State 58mm

Built to handle the rigors of hard pounding ITU draft-legal triathlon racing, the 58 is the arrow in your wheel quiver when fast and strong is what you need. Whether you’re looking to win on long or short course triathlons, the State 58 has the strength, stiffness and aero advantage to top your competition.

State 38mm

Light and nimble only begin to describe the State 38 wheelset. Acceleration is simply inspiring. These wheels are at home on steep, punchy climbs or incessant rolling terrain. The low rotational weight will assist any athlete to outstanding results. When your racing days call for speed and agility reach for the State 38.

Both models are available at Jack & Adam's.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet the New Core Class Instructor

Meet David Fuentes, the new Core Class instructor for Jack & Adam's. David grew up in Boerne, Texas and started running his sophomore year in high school. After winning back to back state titles his junior and senior years he went on to Texas State for one year where he ran cross country/track. He finished his last 3 years at St. Edwards. During his senior year at St. Edwards he placed in the top 25 at the National Cross Country meet, earning All American honors in Division II Cross Country.

David graduated in 2009 with a Computer Science degree from St. Edwards. He is currently an IT Administrator at the City of Hutto. In August 2009 he got hooked up with Jack at Jack and Adam's. He began his road racing career with Jack at the 2009 Silicon Labs Marathon Relay. David was then introduced to Derick from Durata Training, who he currently runs for. Under Derick he has won the Austin Half Marathon twice (2010, 2011), ran a personal best of 1:06 in the Half Marathon so far at the St. Louis Half Marathon and ran a strong 2:31 at the Chicago Marathon for his first Marathon. David qualified and raced in the U.S. Half Marathon Championships in Houston. He's sponsored by Mizuno Running and plans to keep running faster in the half marathon and full marathon.

The Jack & Adam's free Core Class has been going strong since its inception 8 years ago. It meets each Monday and Wednesday at 5:30PM and lasts an hour. Bring a mat &/or towel plus some water and get ready for a great workout! Follow us on twitter @jackandadams for reminders about the class.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Steiner time

As per the schedule, and notwithstanding the recent fires up at Steiner, this is to confirm that this weeks shop ride on Sunday will return to the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse on Sunday, ride strats promptly at 8:30 a.m. We will have the normal ride groups, advanced, Intermediate which will split in two, and no-drop.

This ride, more than any other on our schedule is a great day to try a faster group. If you start with the advanced group and can't keep up, you can fall back and wait for the intermediate, if you start with the intermediate and can't keep up, if you drop back before FM620 can join the no-drop ride, or if after that, you can simply turn around and make your way back, and you'll have the advanced and intermediates and no doubt others to follow along. If you do decide to try a faster group, please ride at the back, it is safer for everyone until you can keep up comfortably.

After the ride, Sid Steiner and the Steakhouse will once again be hosting us for half-price brunch. As always, please be patient with the staff, having a 100+ lycra clad athletes drop-in presents unique challenges and don't forget to thank them appropriately. See y'all Sunday! ++Mark.

p.s. I won't be leading an Austin 70.3 ride this Saturday as I'm racing in the San Marcos Roundtable triathlon. If you are interested in riding the course, be at the Walter E Long Park entrance at 7 a.m. ready for wheels down as soon as it is safe/light.


Silicon Labs Austin Marathon Relay

Do you run this city? The Silicon Labs Austin Marathon Relay is taking place this Sunday, September 25 and benefits Junior Achievement, the world's largest non-profit organization dedicated to educating young people about business, economics and free enterprise. Runners have the chance to set a new Guinness World Record* if their five-person team can break the current 2:10:49 time. (That’s 5minutes/mile!)

There is still time to register! Register in person at RunTex on Riverside during packet pick up (Friday 3pm – 6pm and Saturday 10am – 4pm). Also be sure to check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter for race information and giveaways.

Register today and let Austin know: “I run this city!”

*Current record held by Team Jack & Adam's/Zapata Roadrunners.



Friday, September 16, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Music to my ears

The shop ride is ON for this w/e. We will be heading out South East past the back of the airport for the intermediate and advanced groups, for about a 36-mile route; the NO DROP rides will go south for the normal 20-mile ride.

With ACL this weekend dowtown will be busy, after the ride, and there will be parking restrictions in place before the ride. The shop will be closed all w/e,  and the parking lot will be used for ACL parking. So we need to be out of the shop lot by 11:30. Parking will likely be difficult on Lee Barton Rd as well. Please consider this when planning your arrival for the ride.

For those doing the NO DROP ride, you might consider parking at the Twin Oaks library on the corner of S 5th and West Mary and either wait for the ride to come up Dawson/S 5th, or make the short ride down to the shop. For those on the Intermediate, Advanced ride parking at the Terazzas Library is an option east of I35, we'll turn right on Waller St off Chavez I'd guess around 8:45, or again you can ride into the shop.

Don't forget, this w/e, leaving at the same time is the Please be kind to cyclists ride that will also leave at 8:30 from Pure Austin on West 5th St.

Lets make music with our wheels, see y'all Sunday! ++Mark.


Austin 70.3 Course ride this week

I will be out to ride the course again tomorrow, 9/17, and will be getting people together to start around 7 a.m. probably for a ride start at 7:10 based on light and weather conditions. You have two options for parking

  • Park outside the main entrance for free
  • Park inside the park, the gates will be open but you may have to pay to enter, if not you will be expected to pay to exit.

The course is clearly marked with red and yellow arrows on the road surface. There are yellow arrows before and on every turn, and yellow arrows indicating direction at most ever major road junction. When you get around through Webberville on MLK/969 the red arrows take you up Blue Bluff Rd and back to the park entrance, if you don't turn there, the yellow arrows follow the course back to Decker Lane.

There are two options if you want a printout of the route before riding.

  1. This route on is correct, you do need a Gold account though to print it.
  2. Click on this link, or the graphic above and print in grayscale, the route, road names and 5-miles should be visible.

The ride is unsupported, and is NOT an official Jack and Adams shop ride. There will be a few regroup points, but will NOT be no-drop. 56-miles is just too far for a no-drop ride. It's clearly marked, you are expected to be able to ride the whole course, or work your own shortcuts. You need to be prepared to:
  • Take all the liquids you'll need, I suggest at least 48fl oz (there are NO refueling options until 42-miles in Webberville)
  • Take any spares you need, tire boot, spare tube, patch kit, levers
  • Carry out your own repairs
  • Have your own emergancy contact in case of breakdowns
As always, if you have problems I will attempt to help if I'm around, as will most other riders. We had some 20-people out last week in a couple of small groups.

A few tips on riding the course
  1. Please take care and keep focused on the road conditions. After the driest and hottest summer on record, the roads are cracked in many places. I suggest not riding too close to the person in front
  2. Slow right down on the sharp turn at the end of Blake Manor Rd onto FM969. It's the only short sharp down hill on the course, it's spray marked on the side of the road to slow down. Yes, you can see a long way left that the road is clear, but taking the corner too fast will mean you drift over the center line, a very bad idea!
  3. When cycling on FM969 for traffic, and most importantly when riding on the shoulder. Numerous places have been recently chip sealed and there are numerous sports with piles of loose gravel
  4. Take enough fluids!!
Otherwise it's another great course and potentially fast one. Hope to see you out there tomorrow and in coming weeks! Have a great race! ++Mark.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Be Kind to Cyclists Ride

4th Annual Ride
We have three ride options for you this week, first up is the annual Please Be Kind To Cyclists ride.

The ride starts at the same time as the normal shop ride, 8:30 a.m. but will leave from Pure Austin, opposite Whole Foods on West 5th Street. They have two routes, 20-miles and 40-miles and a family fun ride route.

Jack and Adams is a gold sponsor of the Be Kind to Cyclists organization, and many of you will have seen found Al Bastidas on the shop rides in his bright yellow be kind to cyclists kit. Please consider joining the free ride this weekend!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shop Ride Sundays: The mystery of the east

This Sunday see's the shop ride return to the east route, which means that all rides will head out east to Decker Lake. It is an interesting and challenging ride from a number of perspectives.

First up, it is the most difficult for the ride leaders by far to get everyone out and back to town together in groups. There are a LOT of traffic lights before we make a left on Johnny Morris Rd from Loyola. The Intermediate and Advanced rides will be going out and around Decker Lake and it's a great chance to go at race pace, but we'd ask you to stick together until at least the re-group at the Beer distributors on the corner of Johnny Morris and Daffan Lane.

Second, it's a great opportunity to learn group riding and urban riding skills as we circumnavigate the east side of the city. Please pay attention, call out road issues, and don't take any risks at lights.

Third, on the way back into town, please take it easy, pick up stray riders from other groups that have been dropped and help them get back into town.

No-drop doesn't go around Decker Lake, avoiding the "big hills", but again is a valuable lesson in urban riding. No-drop route is 24-miles, so a few longer than normal.

Intermediate and Advanced rides take the same route out to Decker Lake, around the tri course and back into town. There is an optional 15-mile add-on for advanced group riders making the total distance of 51-miles, which also takes in the first part of the Austin 70.3 course. We've not decided if we are going to have people to lead out on the add-on but you are welcome to take it on.

As always, we leave at 8:30 a.m. prompt, a few simple rules: No headphones/earphones of any sort; call out road/traffic issues; no overlapping wheels; no tri/aero bars unless you are at the front, use your base bars.

See ya Sunday! Any questions? ++Mark.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Austin Tri Health & Fitness Expo

Even if you're not doing the Austin Tri on Labor Day, you can still come experience part of the excitement at the Austin Tri Health & Fitness Expo on Sunday, September 4th at the Hyatt downtown. This free expo offers plenty of samples, sales, demos and prizes through numerous vendors. Plus there will be seminars where you can learn how to change a flat or learn more about the sport of triathlon. There's even free stretching and yoga.

Below is the schedule of events:

9:00 AM

Pre-Race Stretching & Yoga Class (at Expo)

10:00 AM

AVIA Austin Triathlon Expo Opens

10:00 AM

Pre-Race Stretching & Yoga Class (at Expo)

11:00 AM

Race Director Course Talk & USAT Rules Review

12:00 AM

Grease Monkey Wipes Flat Tire Clinic

1:00 PM

Jack & Adam’s Bicycles Tri-Newbie Clinic

2:00 PM

Grease Monkey Wipes Flat Tire Clinic

3:00 PM

Race Director Course Talk & USAT Rules Review

4:00 PM

Jack & Adam’s Bicycles Tri-Newbie Clinic

List of vendors at the Expo:

Jack & Adam's Bicycles
Clif Bar
The IceTee by Coolwear LLC
Your Eyes
Grease Monkey Wipes
Galaxy Café
Advanced Rehab
Skeese Greets
Perfect FIT Protein Cookie by Boundless Nutrition
One More Mile Eyewear
Addikshun Athletiks
CryoStudio of Austin
Honey Milk
The Austin 10/20
Hausman Chiropractic and Acupuncture
Spi Belt
TNT Inspiration Station
Medicine In Motion
Tri It Wear

plus several non-profits and other organizations.

We hope to see you out there on Sunday and/or on Monday at the 5th Annual AVIA Austin Triathlon!



Friday, August 26, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Schedule update

Just another reminder that this week is a shop ride Steiner Ranch Steak House Edition, don't be late, 8:30 sharp!

Since I know lots of people like to know what rides are coming up, here is the schedule through the end of October. We reserve the right to cancel or change the routes based on weather conditions(yeah, I know, the forecast through the end of October is dry and hot...), ride leader availability and, well, because sometimes people ask to change ;-)

Unless otherwise noted, there is ALWAYS a No-drop ride, and it will be 10-miles out, 10-miles back. The intermediate ride goes 1-hour out, 1-hour back and covers varying distances and inevitably splits into a steady based group to enourage people moving up from No-drop and a faster paced group looking to move up to Advanced. The advanced does, well what it does, sometimes the same routes but faster, sometimes with add on miles.

You should be ready to leave at 8:30, we are always on time, and even for the no-drop we cannot wait if you have a puncture, problems parking etc. The groups are simply too big to wait. The Sunday shop rides always leave from the shop EXCEPT the Steiner Steakhouse edition.

We have a few simple rules
  • Be safe, follow the rules of the road
  • No music players or telephone headsets for ANY reason
  • Don't overlap wheels
  • No aero bars excpt if you are riding at the front of the group
  • Call-out road traffic, surface and debris problems as soon as you can.

7th Ride: Unplanned

14th Ride: North West; No Drop - Shoal Creek

21st South - Intermediate and Advanced have 30, 34, 38, 60 mile options
Other Events Transition Clinic 11:15-12:15;Butler Park

28th Ride: Steiner Steakhouse Ride

4th Ride: NO DROP ONLY - South
Other Events AUSTIN TRIATHLON(5th)

11th Ride: All routes go east! No Drop(24), Intermediate/Advanced(36)

17th Ride: Austin 70.3 Course ride
18th Ride: Cedar Creek; NO DROP - South

24th Ride: Austin 70.3 Course ride
25th Ride: Steiner Steakhouse Ride

2nd Ride: NO DROP ONLY - Shoal Creek
Other Events - Kerrville Triathlon w/e

8th Ride: Austin 70.3 Course ride
9th Ride: Hills clinic, Lost creek; No Drop goes out to 360.

15th Ride: Austin 70.3 Course ride
16th Ride: Creedmore; No Drop - South

23rd Ride: NO DROP ONLY, Shoal Creek.
Other Events - AUSTIN 70.3

30th Ride: Steiner Steakhouse Ride
Other Events Run for the water 10k/5k


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Prep for the Austin Tri Swim

Swim like a River: Preparing for the Austin Tri & Lady Bird Lake
by: Pro Triathlete Kelly Williamson

Whether you are an Austin Triathlon veteran from 2007 or a triathlon rookie, Lady Bird Lake is a very nice swimming hole for a race. It is situated around the 'hub' of exercise in Austin, with the running trail lining its shores. Scouting this course is not too difficult, as it is essentially one large rectangle, most of which you should be able to view from shore before plunging in.

After setting up your transition area, head towards the swim start with plenty of time to spare (20-30 minutes before your wave takes off). Find out the wetsuit call. This is sometimes not made until race morning, so be sure you know if wetsuits are legal or not. In making your decision, remember a few things. While they are faster (up to 2-3 minutes over the course of a mile), they are very warm; so if you tend to get hot easily, consider how warm the day is and if you may overheat. Acknowledge what is most important to you, speed or comfort?

Scope the course. Look at the path you'll be swimming and try to see all the buoys you will pass. Note their color, location and also if there are any 'large, immobile' objects beyond these buoys. These large objects can be used to 'sight off' in case your view of the buoy is blocked from fellow swimmers, waves or sun. If you can, count the number of buoys you will 'pass' before making a turn. Try to locate the turn buoys, sometimes these are a different color or shape. Decide based on weather if you need dark or light goggles. An overcast day may call for lighter lenses, while a sunrise on the horizon may require dark lenses to eliminate glare.

This race will be a deep water start, so you'll be treading water. With about a minute to go, try to start to move to a 'horizontal' position. When many people standing in a small space go from vertical to horizontal, crowding entails. Try to 'mark your space' before the gun goes off, so you are ready to move forward. Start to the 'outside' of the crowd, so you can make a diagonal line to the first buoy or turn buoy. If you are directly in front of the buoy, you may have to fight your way 'around' it because people will converge there. Starting to the outside or to the back of the crowd may eliminate some fighting when swimming.

When the gun goes off, go hard at the start but be careful of maxing yourself out. Many people will sprint and fade quickly. If you monitor your intensity to a strong but sustainable pace, you will likely catch people as you swim and gain confidence in the process. These first few strokes focus on getting into a rhythm, and do not worry about sighting too much until you settle in and the congestion calms down. Once you feel comfortable, begin to sight often (every 6-8 strokes or as needed) and each time you look up try to get a glimpse of your guide buoys. Do not blindly trust the feet in front of you!

As you near the finish, start to think about what you will be doing next. Once you feel the ground (the swim ramp or the bottom of the lake), start to stand and get vertical. Catch your breath, and immediately begin to unzip the wetsuit (if you have one), remove the cap and goggles and get running to transition. As you run, think about the steps you'll do in preparation for the bike leg...congratulations, you are already 1/3 finished!

Kelly Handel Williamson is an accomplished triathlete and has been racing triathlons professionally for 9 years.

Check out Kelly's website...