Friday, September 16, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Music to my ears

The shop ride is ON for this w/e. We will be heading out South East past the back of the airport for the intermediate and advanced groups, for about a 36-mile route; the NO DROP rides will go south for the normal 20-mile ride.

With ACL this weekend dowtown will be busy, after the ride, and there will be parking restrictions in place before the ride. The shop will be closed all w/e,  and the parking lot will be used for ACL parking. So we need to be out of the shop lot by 11:30. Parking will likely be difficult on Lee Barton Rd as well. Please consider this when planning your arrival for the ride.

For those doing the NO DROP ride, you might consider parking at the Twin Oaks library on the corner of S 5th and West Mary and either wait for the ride to come up Dawson/S 5th, or make the short ride down to the shop. For those on the Intermediate, Advanced ride parking at the Terazzas Library is an option east of I35, we'll turn right on Waller St off Chavez I'd guess around 8:45, or again you can ride into the shop.

Don't forget, this w/e, leaving at the same time is the Please be kind to cyclists ride that will also leave at 8:30 from Pure Austin on West 5th St.

Lets make music with our wheels, see y'all Sunday! ++Mark.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

I was wondering if it was a typo tomorrow (9/17)or if not, you're planning to ride it again tomorrow (9/24). I noticed several updates from your previous posting and would like to come by this time.


Luiz Newlands