Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Featured Event: Couples Triathlon

Triathlon is an individual sport. Sure, you could do a relay as a team, but then you don't complete all 3 sports. So how do you create a team experience in an individual sport? Answer: Couples Triathlon.

It's a sprint distance triathlon that is completed individually, but scored in a unique fashion.

Here's how it works:

  • 2 people sign up as a team. They don't need to be a "couple." In fact, most teams are friends or family members.
  • The team is put into one of the event divisions. The divisions are: Friends - Male, Friends - Female, Friends - Mixed, Partners (e.g. Married), Relatives
  • Each person completes the event as an individual, but the awards are determined based on the division and the combined age of the team.
Couples Triathlon is the 2nd event in the 2009 Texas Tri Series and will take place at Walter E. Long Park on Sunday, July 12th.


Monday, June 29, 2009

WETSUIT Care Instructions

Wearing a wetsuit at this time of year might seem kind of crazy considering all the 100+ degree days we've had. If you're traveling to an event like Ironman Canada, however, you'll probably take your wetsuit with you. Here are some tips on keeping your wetsuit in great condition:

1. Wetsuits can be used in all open water conditions. You should not use your wetsuit in a chlorinated swimming pool, because over extended time, chlorine could damage the seams of your wetsuit.

2. To preserve the life of the wetsuit, always store your wetsuit lying flat or hanging in a temperate place on a thick plastic hanger.

3. If you must fold the wetsuit for traveling purposes, fold as stated below:

a. Fold legs up
b. Arms over in X motion
c. Remaining legs fold up
4. Periodically wash wetsuit with wetsuit shampoo.

And remember to not leave your wetsuit in the car. It's already been an incredibly hot summer and leaving your wetsuit in the car can seriously damage it.

Click on the image for a larger version to print & keep with your wetsuit.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Felt Bicycle Financing

Jack & Adam's has teamed up with Felt Bicycles and GE Money to help our J&A customers make their money work for them. Recently, Jack & Adam's expanded purchase options through GE money. We now have various financing options ranging from 3 months 0% with payments to 3 months 0% interest without payments.

Felt recently decided to team up and help our customers purchase the Felt Bicycle of their dreams through extended financing. Now through the remaining month of June and through July anyone wanting to purchase a Felt bicycle over $1000.00 has the option to extend the finance terms to 6 months with minimum monthly payments and 12 months with minimum monthly payments at a 0% interest rate for the term. The best part is that you do not pay any costs beyond your bike purchase if you pay off the balance by the term expiration.

If you are interested in the promotional deal, the starting Felt road bike that meets the minimum purchase amount is the Z80 for $1099 and the starting Felt Triathlon bike meeting the minimum purchase amount is the S32 for $1549.


Buffalo Springs Tri

The Buffalo Springs Tri in Lubbock is a well-known triathlon classic which recently became a member event of Ironman. This year they'll be celebrating 20 years - will you be there? Let us know! & if you've been in the past, forward some pictures because we'd love to see them. (newsletter @jackandadams.com)

For 2009, twenty-eight slots will be awarded at Buffalo Springs for the Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona, HI on October 10, 2009. Many Austinites will be making the journey out to Lubbock and perhaps some will come back with a coveted Kona slot!

Here's some info on the event:
  • WHERE:
  • Buffalo Springs Lake, 5 miles southeast of Lubbock, Texas, East 50th St. (FM RD. 835)

  • WHEN:
  • June 28, 2009
  • TIME:
  • 6:30 AM (please note that some of the particular details may change)

  • Semi-Arid (You don't sweat in the shade!) Average High 90.8 degrees; Average Low 64.3 degrees; Average Humidity 20-35%; Average Wind South 10-13 m.p.h. Note: Due to the extreme temperatures experienced in the 1994 race, (a history making 113 degrees F.), Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon race management has established a policy that we may alter the race based on extreme weather conditions. You will be advised the day before if changes are required.
If you're participating, we hope you have a great race!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Urban Assault Ride

The Urban Assault Race hits Austin, TX this Sunday, June 28th. Jack & Adam's Bicycles will once again host an obstacle check point. Last year was a limbo station, another year a search for rubber snakes & frogs in soap foam. If you remember any of the other stations at Jack & Adam's, let us know. What has been your favorite obstacle at the Urban Assault?

Here's more info of the 7th edition of the UAR in Austin.


Monday, June 22, 2009

June Splash-n-Dash

The June Pure Austin Splash-n-Dash was the 3rd consecutive sell out of the season.  This event sold out in record time and was full 6 days before the event.   There are no more registrations available once the event fills at 200, so don't procrastinate.  The July event has 71 people signed up as of this posting.

Also, please remember to arrive at least 30 minutes early so that you have plenty of time to check-in, fill out any necessary USAT paperwork, get your timing chip, and setup your transition area.  Check-in closes at 5:50 PM, no exceptions.  

OK, back to the event:  Scorching temperatures made for a refreshing swim and tough run as Joe Thorne and Carla Uribe took the overall honors.   Former UT track star Darren Brown also made a very respectable showing at his first ever competitive swim with a 3rd place finish.

Special thanks goes to Capital Credit Union for the awesome pocket knife give-aways and to Zen for some remarkable cold and tasty post race California rolls.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jack & Adam's Fit Strategy

Here at Jack and Adam’s we focus our bike fitting around the individual and their individual anatomical characteristics. Each person carries a set of unique qualities when it comes to bike positioning. Those qualities involve not just height and inseam values, but arm length, hip width, upper and lower leg lengths, varied range of flexibility, in muscle groups, like the low back, hamstrings, and ankle motions. Further, there are a greater deal of variations when it comes to people that have made our Fit Process what it is today.

We get asked each week, “What system of fitting does Jack and Adam’s use?” The reality is over the years we have adopted a series of many systems to better understand the idea of fitting or positioning from the side of both bio-mechanics and mathematics. Most systems are attempts, at best, to mathematically account for the fundamentally, most sound, bike position relative to both aerodynamics and power.

Sure there are some great systems today that permit better customer/rider visibility of these well researched methods, but not adopting or fully embracing any of the systems isn’t a limitation, it is what has outlined the success we achieve with more then 95% of our clientele. By adopting only one system and training our staff in one system, limits our staffs education to that ideal, so we train our staff to understand when these mathematical principles can be altered to enhance the riders comfort, performance, and even relative aerodynamics.

Fundamentally Bike Fit is best defined by how a rider interfaces with the relative design of a bike. Each rider brings their unique set of “body dynamics” with them and though they may want to get into the most textbook driven position, the more consistent reality is those parameters work for some and not all and it is always best the rider have a specific set of “Athletic qualities.” Yes, we said, “Athletic qualities.” Dan Empfield said it best, “The aero position is an athletic position.” Therefore each rider has to realize they bring into the bike fit each of their unique limitation and the goal is to work toward that athletic position, but not without realizing what the consequences might be.

So here at Jack and Adam’s we focus our efforts toward understanding these variations of limitations people bring into the process; we try not to harp on those limitations, but we have built a referral source for mechanical issues which can be treated or require treatment. Lastly, we study the principles and educate our staff to understand that beyond the “method” what is most applicable to our customer and their riding comfort and enjoyment.

Jack and Adam’s Fit Process:

1.) The Measures: Everyone who comes into the store who is searching for a bike is measured to assure the geometrical dimensions of the bike best match the unique anatomical dimensions of each customer. There is no guessing here, straight forward relationships between body measures and bike measures. The goal is the best size bike that assures the potential toward evolution of the “athletic position aero position”. We seek to place each rider on the bike where they are centered and able to move forward and rearward without limiting their use of the bike of choice. The best fitting bike and its appropriate size is the main goal not existing stock, therefore, if we don’t have it and can get it, we order it.

(Note: We often talk "need" rather than "want" as a consideration to customers, so if you simply want something feel free to say what you are looking for in your purchase.)

2.) The Test Ride: Next we suggest a test ride, this way each rider can evaluate and compare a new geometry, component function, and overall position comfort. The goal is the rider should feel like the bike is part of them, taking the riders unique limitations into account of course. This is also a great way to determine between two varied geometries or different fitting bicycles, materials, all focused toward improving your final fit.

3.) The Final Fit: Assuming the customer has found the right bike of their choosing we take the information from the test rides, and apply any specific consideration to the final fitting. The goal is to make sure the customer is in a position you can evolve from and toward your ultimate performance position. If there are any issues, we take them into account discussing them and resolve them.

4.) Delivery: The purchase of bike, a final mechanical review, trimming of cables, assurance of functional shifting and overall safety. Each new bike purchased receives 3 free tune ups in the first year, serial number, and manuals, if applicable.

J&A Fit Specialist

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Austin Triathlon Training Programs

The Austin Triathlon is approaching and hopefully all will be ready for it. If you fall into the category of “not quite ready” or “need a little extra help,” then there are tons of options for you to get that extra boost, get into shape and meet lots of new people along the way. From free workouts to raising money for a worthy cause, we are sure that there is something for everyone wanting to participate. And if you want to get your co-workers in on the deal, then check out the new J&A Corporate Wellness Challenge!

Jack & Adam’s Bicycles – Free Core Class M, W 5:30-6:30PM, Free track/hill workout Tues 5:30PM, Free long run Sat 7:30AM, Free group ride Sun 8:30AM. All meet at the shop.

While fundraising for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, each person on
Team LIVESTRONG receives a paid entry to the Austin Tri! You’ll also receive LIVESTRONG gear for race day, your own personal website, support during training and fundraising, event parties on race weekend and more! Whether you train alone or with a group, everyone can join the LIVESTRONG Tri Team!

Team in Training - In exchange for their fundraising efforts to find cures for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma, team members receive professional training by experienced coaches, a complete training schedule, paid race entry into The Austin Triathlon, a pre-race pasta party and a post-race victory party, and the knowledge that the money raised will help toward finding cures for blood cancers!

Listed below are the many training groups prepping specifically for The Austin Triathlon.

Austin T3 - Join the T3 Team to experience the benefits of group training on race day! T3 Training Programs for The Austin Triahtlon are beginner-friendly and begin June 15th (12wk) or July 13th (8wk). All participants will receive unlimited access to T3's 20+ group workouts each week in addition to a written training plan, technique training and expert advice from the T3 USAT Certified Coaches. Visit the Austin T3 Website or contact info@austint3.com for more information.

Texas Iron - Texas Iron Multsiport's Ongoing Triathlon Training Program is engineered to see you confidently through the upcoming Austin Tri, and beyond. This course offers a combination of relevant instruction by veteran coaches with a challenging workout schedule to help you attain your triathlon goals. Coached group workouts focus on education and form correction allowing athletes to develop their muscular endurance and aerobic capacity in a supportive environment. A detailed workout plan provides details and guidance for the remainder of each week's training, as well as access to the coaches for feedback and modifications.

Rogue Training - Train on an “ongoing” basis with Rogue Training Systems. All levels of athletes are welcome (no experience required). You’ll get USAT certified and professional triathlete coaches, written training plans, interactive group forum, race support, open water seminar and practice, transition clinics and more!

Tri Zones - With a reputation for fostering a fun and supportive environment in our year-round (triathlon, running, cycling) training program, the Tri Zones Training coaches will help you get more fit, become more healthy, and make new friends along the way. All members of the Tri Zones Training Summer Session, which includes the Austin Tri will receive: coached weekly workouts; written training schedule every month; skill and training workouts in swimming, cycling, running, and transitions; guidance on heart rate training; online access to coaches and more!

Emerge Multi-sport - Emerge from the limitations of what you thought you knew about multi-sport training! Rise to the challenge of emerging yourself in professional, specialized training for each leg of the sport of triathlons.


J&A Corporate Wellness Challenge

Jack & Adam's Bicycles and the Austin Triathlon have teamed up to create the J&A Corporate Wellness Challenge.

Goal: Promote and encourage healthy living through physical activity.

For Individuals: Take control of your health and well being using the challenge of triathlon. Physical activity leads to good eating habits, increased energy levels, weight loss, and improved self image. Together these contribute to a longer, happier, and rewarding life.

For Organizations: A healthier workforce is a more productive workforce, and lowers operating costs. In addition, employees who take on a common challenge outside of the workplace often develop stronger bonds that lead to improve d teamwork at the workplace.


Sign up in either the sprint or Olympic distance as an individual -- option to select the wellness challenge & enter your group name. The standard registration fees apply.

Sign up as a Olympic distance relay -- option to select the wellness challenge & enter your group name. Each relay participant receives a packet, t-shirt, etc.

Participating Company/Organization logos displayed on CWC web page.


Seminars & Clinics leading up to the event.

Diet / nutrition guidelines provided.

Provide blog, online support community, etc.

Race Weekend

Corporate Wellness Challenge Expo Booth - participating companies can be part of the booth.

Corporate Wellness Challenge awards presented to top 5 groups with the most participants. Awards may go deeper or be divided into more categories depending upon the number of participants.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Father's Day Gift Ideas

This Father's Day, tell the special man in your life "Happy Father's Day" with a gift from Jack & Adam's Bicycles! Maybe he'd like to participate in the Avia Austin Tri and hasn't signed up yet; you can register him yourself, print out the confirmation and put it in a nice card (like the one below available at the shop or online at Skeese Greets).

Or perhaps he could use a new jersey and socks. We also have many of the hot new compression items available (a good option for the dad who races and travels). Another cool item is the ParkTools BBQ set - a great way to combine cycling tools with outdoor grilling!

We've got many more options, so stop by between now and June 21st and we'll help you out.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Salt Pill Product Options

I wasn't quite sure what to write about this week but a recent post got me thinking about the heat. One thing in particular that Jamie Cleveland's article mentioned was about salt loss and salt intake. I know it is important to replenish your electrolytes and minerals but I do not know the difference between each salt/electrolyte pill so I decided to write my post about salt pills. After much discussion with the guys here at the shop here is what I came up with:

Sportlegs: If you are in need of some lactic acid relief then go with sportlegs. They are designed to minimize lactic build up.

Endurolytes: If you have a sensitive stomach and/or are training for sprint to mid distance events then the Hammer Endurolyte is what you want. The endurolyte is well balanced with all your mineral needs and is easier for your stomach to process.

Thermolytes: If you like Endurolytes then you should like these as well. The content of Thermolytes is very similar (almost identical) to Endurolytes. The one thing to note is the serving size. Thermolytes recognized 2 tablets as a serving while endurolytes recognize 1 tablet as a serving. Thermolytes are made by Sports Quest, the makers of Carbo Pro so if you like Carbo Pro you may chose Thermolytes over Endurolytes.

Saltsticks: If you are training for Half IM and beyond then the Saltstick tablet is a great choice for you. The content of the Saltstick per tablet is more potent than the rest. The Saltstick tablet is also great in extreme Texas summer heat.

We carry all of the above options at Jack & Adam's.

Also, just a friendly reminder: Next Sunday is Father's Day. Don't forget about Dad! Not sure what to get him? If he is into the triathlon scene consider signing him up for the Austin Triathlon...there is still plenty of time to start training. You could also get Dad a nice barbeque set that we sell at the shop...it is made out of bike tools. Drop by the shop for more great gift ideas!



Thursday, June 11, 2009

Austin Duathletes Monthly Ride

The Austin Duathletes, a free club in Austin dedicated to those who like to run & bike, is holding a free ride on Saturday, June 13th. It starts at the Flying Saucer, an awesome bar and grill located at the Triangle.

Here's the info you need:

The Austin Duathletes would like to invite you to join us for our summer monthly bike rides! Our first ride kicks off on Saturday, June 13th from the Flying Saucer.

What are the distances?
Well, we are certainly glad you asked! We will be offering two distances - 25-miles and 45-miles. Each group will have a lead rider to help guide you through the route.

Do I have to have experience?
It would be helpful if you have basic bike handling skills and are familiar with proper cycling etiquette. However, we welcome all newcomers to the group and will help you out on your first ride with the club!

Can I bring a friend that is not an Austin Duathlete member?
Of course, anyone is welcome! The more the merrier, we always say...

Flying Saucer Info HERE

WHEN: Saturday, June 13, 2009
TIME: 9:00am
LOCATION: The Flying Saucer
ADDRESS: 815 W. 47th St. Austin, TX 78751 (It's located in the Triangle!)

Click HERE for the ride map.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dealing With Heat

From the Newsletter Archives, August 2007. Written by Jamie Cleveland, pro triathlete and owner of Hill Country Running Company and Texas Iron Training:

Texas Summers are hot, brutal and long. Training for those July-September races can be a real challenge. In order to maximize your training in this tough environment, follow these simple guidelines.

1. Do not train in the hottest part of the day
Heading out for an important and intense workout in the middle of the afternoon is not just silly, it is dangerous because it exposes you to dehydration and heat illness.

2. Drink plenty of fluid
Dehydration is the single most common heat related issue for endurance athletes. A small decrease in your body's hydration level can result in a huge drop in performance.

3. Monitor your salt loss and salt intake
Sodium, and to a lesser extent, potassium and magnesium are essential electrolytes depleted during exercise in hot environments.

4. Wear sunscreen
At the risk of sounding like someone's parent, sunscreen should be worn at all times while working out outdoors.

5. Wear light colored clothing that is breathable
Light colored technical fabrics will actually help reduce the temperature of your skin.

6. Sunglasses are a must
When you squint against glare or direct sunlight, your entire upper body tenses up. In order to avoid that, invest in a decent pair of sunglasses that provide complete UV broad spectrum protection.

With a little thought and planning, anyone can take the bite out of the Texas summers. Training shouldn't be about suffering through or simply enduring sessions. Take a little time to establish an environment that supports success and enables you to enjoy your training year round.

Sign up for the Jack & Adam's Monthly Newsletter HERE!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Closed on Tuesdays

Ever since Jack & Adam's first opened its doors in February of 2004, the shop has been closed on Tuesdays. You may wonder what we do on Tuesdays. Well, sometimes we mingle with Matt's El Rancho & Home Slice Pizza staff since they're also closed on Tuesdays. Most of the time, however, we work. We restock, organize, place orders, attend meetings, learn more about products, answer email, paint, clean, general maintenance, and attend to other things on the "to do" list.

We also make time for more "fun" stuff on Tuesdays. This includes the Tuesday night track workouts which many staffers attend (Jack, Drew, Thomas, Cassidy, Stacy.) Some of us take it even further with some SERIOUS training. Last Tuesday for instance, Drew and Sammy logged a 130 mile ride. Drew is training for Ironman CDA. And this morning, Jack, Joseph and Thomas went on a 4 hour, 25 minute Greenbelt run starting at 4AM. Jack and Joseph are training for the Leadville Trail 100 mile run coming up in August (start time 4AM.) We're still trying to figure out why Thomas would do such a thing when he's not training for that crazy race; you'll have to ask him yourself.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Staying Hydrated

Now that it's June, we can expect to see temperatures in the mid to upper 90's everyday. Hot, Hot, HOT! As you know, staying hydrated is extremely important, especially for triathletes and endurance athletes. We put in a lot of time outdoors while riding and running. Below is a great article on staying hydrated everyday from local registered dietitian and ultra distance runner, Meredith Terranova. You can check out her website Eating and Living Healthy and sign up for her newsletter for more great tips like the following:

"It's summertime in Texas! Every year I find it essential to take an opportunity in my newsletter to discuss the importance of hydration, as it is key to feeling good in this weather. Whether you are exercising outside, doing work in your yard, or just walking around in the heat you can't ignore the importance of drinking your fluids.

If you find: that your mouth is dry; you are feeling fatigued; you are getting headaches that you didn't before; or your exercise is suffering, consider that you might be dehydrated and use the tips below to help you creatively stay hydrated on a daily basis.


This time of year may find you eating on the go, and losing track of how much or how little water you are consuming. No matter how busy you find yourself during these hot summer months, have a water bottle in hand at all times! Even if you are not exercising, you should be consuming AT LEAST 2-3 liters of water a day!

Many of my clients are always searching for which beverages are best for their daily hydration. Water, of course, is best. People often don't understand that beverages are less satiating than solid foods. When you consume calories from beverages, you don't compensate by eating less food later on. Liquid calories don't register with our appetite controls. This is a very important fact for both athletes and non-athletes. As you pass through the shelves of your grocery store, running store, or cycling store remember that all of the electrolyte replacement drinks available are just that, electrolyte replacement. They are mostly meant for before, during, and after exercise, or to balance out your water consumption if you drink too much plain water. The calories in them are used during your workout, but if you are drinking these drinks as your major source of hydration throughout the day, you can end up adding 150-300 calories to your day. The same can also be said for multiple cups of coffee; how many calories are you adding with your milk, sugar, or other flavoring? Pay attention to these facts; the calories do add up.

As you go through the summer, find drinks that work for you to stay well hydrated. Below are some options:

  • Water with lemon, lime, or orange slices
  • Sparkling water with a splash of pomegranate juice (try POM brand flavors)
  • Water with a splash of your favorite energy drink
  • Water with Emergen-C
  • A glass (8oz) of milk (even though it is 100 calories, it counts toward your hydration and gives you a serving of dairy, calcium, and protein)
  • A glass of juice (6oz counts as a fruit serving)
  • Zico Water (coconut water. Still 60 calories, but a great option)
  • Decaf. Unsweetened Tea - try one of the many herb flavors available
  • Low-sodium V8 juice (offers a serving of vegetables)
Even with these ideas and tips, if you can't seem to make yourself drink enough everyday, or you are sick of keeping track...try this fun new bottle."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

National Running Day

Today is the Inaugural National Running Day! It's an initiative to promote running as an easy, healthy and accessible form of exercise. So, what are we supposed to do on this day? Well, the easy thing is to just simply go on a run or wear your running shoes. But if you really want to help the cause, then encourage others to get out and run. Here are some great beginner tips to get your non-running friends, family and kids into the sport.

Another great resource for running info is Runner's World. The magazine pondered what else they should do on this day besides just run; here are some of their ideas:

Bake a cake and decorate it with pink frosting that spells out RUNNING. Then throw it directly into the garbage. You'll never run a PR on a diet of cake!

Take "National Running" literally, and run across the nation. Just like Conan O'Brien did recently.

Purchase a pennant that reads "Running." Wave it.

Every single time you see someone walking, even if that person is a stranger, encourage him to break into a run. If he appears confused, demonstrate.

Visit your local running specialty store, and applaud. (In Austin - RunTex, Rogue Equipment, Hill Country Running Co.)

Take the day off work. If your boss balks, tell him it's a religious holiday.

Now the question is, when are we going to create National Triathlon Day?


Monday, June 1, 2009

Featured Event: Atlas Ride

This coming weekend has two big events: the Texas 4000 Atlas Ride and the Danskin Women's Triathlon. You'll see Jack & Adam's out there supporting both, first on Saturday with the Ride and then on Sunday at the Tri. Will we see you out there, too?

If you participated in the Shiner Ride, the Skeese Greets Women's Tri or the Rookie Tri, then you should know that a huge group of the Texas 4000 team was out there volunteering. They did a really great job and now they need your help! So, Sign up and Line up! Come ride ATLAS on Saturday, June 6th to join the Texas 4000 on the first day of their epic 4500 mile journey from Austin to Anchorage. Enjoy beautiful views, gently rolling hills, and wildlife of the Texas hill country on either a 50 or 70 mile route from Cedar Park to Lampasas. The ride is fully supported and ends at Texas Legato where riders are invited to enjoy live music, BBQ, beer, and wine tasting. To register or for more information, visit the Atlas Ride website.