Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Splash-n-Dash

The Austin tri season officially kicked off last Tuesday night at the April edition of the Pure Austin Splash-n-Dash.  Over 130 people took the plunge into Quarry lake for the only wetsuit legal Splash-n-Dash for the year.  Team Jack & Adam's was there to lifeguard, bodymark, work the manual timing, and of course, cook up the hot dogs.  Ashton Prejean and Terra Castro took top honors for the day, as many athletes got in their final tune-ups for the Skeese Greets Tri and the PureSport Rookie Tri.

Sadly, no one from the crowd was brave enough to take on Jack and Dan at beach volleyball, so their unbeaten streak from 2008 now stretches until the 2009 season.  Surely, there must be some triathletes out there who are better than these guys???!

Don't hesitate to sign up for the May Splash-n-Dash.  Registration closes at 2 PM on the day of the event and you cannot sign up at the race site.  It's only $10!  You don't want to miss out on Jack's cookin'!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tri To Be Green

On this Earth Day, as well as all year long, we're TRI-ing to be Green! The signs for our bicycle re-cycle project are up and we're ready to start filling the bins.

So far in our efforts we've taken the items in the bins and dispensed them to organizations throughout Austin. Someone's trash is another's treasure, as they say. We've collected many unwanted bike frames and given them to the Orange Bike Project on UT's campus. We've also provided them with many wheels and other bike parts. In turn they learn bicycle repair, mend the items and then use what they've created. They tell us they never throw anything away!

Another organization that is reaping the benefits is the Future Craft Collective. They've taken old race banners, race shirts and inner tubes to create bags and other fun and useful items. Here's their blog post on how they "upcycle" the gear from J&A's recycle bins.

So how can you get involved and help keep some junk out of the landfills? Here are the things we're prepared to handle in our bicycle re-cycle efforts:

race shirts
running shoes
cycling shoes
bike helmets
cycling & running clothes
(please take any other clothing to places such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army)

bike chains


Another part of our recycling efforts includes the nutritional products that many cyclists and triathletes use on a daily basis. Instead of throwing away all your energy bar wrappers, we're collecting them as part of the Energy Bar Brigade. Each acceptable wrapper is worth 2 cents and all the funds raised will go to the charity Please Be Kind to Cyclists. Acceptable wrappers include: ClifBar, Powerbar, Luna Bar, Nature Valley bars, Balance bars. Hershey, Snickers and other candy wrappers are NOT accepted, nor are gel wrappers.

We know that it's a lot easier to just throw your tubes, wrappers, and old running shoes away, but next time please consider tossing them into one of the bins at the shop. You'll help put life into them once again!

Thanks to everyone who has already brought stuff in! Keep it up!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Featured Event: Skeese Greets Women's Tri

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a true newbie, the Skeese Greets Women's Triathlon is for you (but only if you're a woman!) This event is a great warm up for The New TREK Womens Tri or your first Danskin Triathlon. Come along and experience a supportive and friendly environment for beginners and advanced triathletes alike.

The 3rd Annual Skeese Greets Women's Tri will be held on Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 at the Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels, TX. The fun starts at 8:00 AM with distances of a 300 meter swim, 11 mile bike, and 2 mile run.

The Skeese Greets Women's Tri is limited to 400 participants.

Click Here For More Info!

The event can also use volunteers! Click HERE if you're interested in volunteering. Race day volunteers get a t-shirt and breakfast tacos, as well as post race burgers, ice cream and beer. PLUS, you'll be invited to the awesome volunteer party a couple weeks later. To top that off, the Skeese Greets Women's Tri counts towards the TEXAS TRI SERIES.

Another volunteer opportunity is at the Texas State Tri (also referred to as the Aquarena Tri.) That event happens this weekend:

Sunday - April 26th, 2009
Where: Aquarena Center - San Marcos, TX
Time: Varies based on area (5:30 am - 2 pm)
Contact Volunteer Coordinator: Krista Betzing - kb1414 @ txstate.edu

Monday, April 20, 2009

Michael and Amanda Lovato

As the Couple's Triathlon approaches, we asked Pro Triathlete, Michael Lovato to share some of his experiences of being married to another professional triathlete. Here is what this top American Ironman Triathlete had to say:

As a professional triathlete, and seventeen-year veteran of the sport, many questions come my way. The subject matter of those questions varies, as does the frequency of their arrival. My website delivers me weekly queries about how many hours I train per day; about what I eat before, during, and after my bike rides; and about my FTP (what the heck is FTP anyway?).

By means of a press conference, pro panel, or Q&A seminar, on a monthly basis, I will tend to questions about my choice of wheels, my race day strategy, and my current level of fitness.
And every year, as a collection of insecure but fit athletes congregate on the shores of Dig Me Beach in Kona, I answer questions about when I arrived in Hawaii, where I am staying for the week, and how I think I’ll do in the Ironman.

My love for the sport is still a healthy one; therefore, I enjoy answering most every question that comes my way. But the topic that gives me ample room to gab, and the greatest joy to discuss is the one that lets me talk about my best friend who is also a professional triathlete.

So what is it like to be married to another pro triathlete? The common answers hold true: that we each understand the hard work it takes to succeed in a grueling race; that she understands my need to ride the bike all day, rather than going shopping; that I understand her need to get up early and get the training day started; that often we both end up too tired to join our friends for drinks, laughs or a movie (and we are OK with it). Those answers are the tried and true, but as always in life, the fun answer lies in the experiences we share.

For the sake of brevity—not one of my strengths—I’ll focus on three prime examples of the times we have partnered up and shared what has become a lasting memory. These are just a few samples of the stories that will long outlast the memory of running fast quarters at Austin High’s track.

She was Lovato’s Chick and I was Amanda’s Dude. We even permanently branded our race attire to announce it to the world (in the least, to the greater Creedmore area). We were considered heavy favorites in the 2000 Couples Triathlon, and we were confident we could hand out some serious whippings. We toed the line at the Water Ski Park, and we took to the cold waters of this sprint triathlon, eager to challenge all comers to a duel. After a rough-and-tumble swim—during which Amanda nearly got into a fist fight—we contested the bike and run legs with gusto.

Our competition was not in the co-ed category, as we handled the other boyfriend/ girlfriend contenders; but rather we battled and battled against the boy/ boy “just friends” category. In the end we conquered our category, and took home the corresponding wine bottle award, but we lost out to two manly tri studs for the overall victory. I can’t remember our splits, I can’t even remember the distance of each discipline; but what I do remember is that Amanda and I were able to race with, rely on, and encourage one another in an incredibly fun and innovative event… all the while with super cool screen-printed sayings on our chests!

Just for the record, I race against the MEN and she races against the WOMEN. This should be fairly obvious, but nonetheless each and every time I find myself on the second lap of a two-loop run course, I encounter numerous words of encouragement to “catch Amanda, she’s just up ahead!” Why does everyone assume that I want to catch my wife? OK, she has an amazing little tushie, and I enjoy looking at it, however, my primary goal is not to overtake her in a race.This being said, on one particular occasion, at the Boulder Peak Triathlon in 2004, Amanda and I were racing the “chase” format where men start 10 minutes or so behind the women, and we try to catch them. I had been clawing my way back after a rough swim, and was in approximately fifth or sixth place. She was flying along in third, well ahead of the fourth place woman. We go to the point where I was nearing the pass. I yelled ahead, “babe… puff-puff, breathe-breathe… do you want to finish together?” (And another puff-puff, breathe-breathe.) She replied: “sure!” I replied in an asthmatic-like exhale: “well, you better pick it up!” Looking over my shoulder, I slowed to her pace (yes, I have to mention that I was running faster… I am a macho male, after all), and we ran the final 600 meters together. It’s still one of my favorite finish line photos.

As in triathlon, not all experiences are peachy keen and lovely. Reading many a pro race report, I am surprised by the fake sunshine that flows in an account of a race that ends in the three dreaded letters: DNF. On one occasion thus far, in the triathlon careers that Amanda and I share, has a race ended before the finish line.

The race was Ironman Wisconsin 2005. I was the Iron Sherpa that day; Amanda was the Iron Stud. She was having the race for the ages, as the gap between herself and the first place woman was closing quickly in the first half of the marathon. She was motoring along, withstanding the brutal heat, humidity and air quality of a 90-degree Madison day. She looked smooth and fluid and hot to all bystanders and spectators, myself included.And then I found her on the pavement. She was hyperventilating and scared. I was just scared, and the man in me wanted to fix the problem (we men have this gene, you know: we consider ourselves fixers, even when we can do nothing). And after the severe asthma attack had subsided, that is exactly what I did: nothing. We sat on the curb for a long time, devastated that the day was over. We did nothing together. Amanda dropped from the race, and it pulled both of our hearts out of our chests through the belly. It hurt us both more than I can describe. But we were there together.

Aiming not to end on a low note, I shall close by urging you all to soak up everything this sport has to offer: its highs, its lows, its laughter, and its tears. It’s one heck of a fulfilling way to spend your days. But take this advice, and I promise it will be that much more rewarding: do it with your best friend, your brother, your mother, your sister, or all of the above. It’s worth sharing.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Triathlon Package Deals

Jack and Adam's Bicycles is offering three great triathlon package deals for 2009:

Women's Triathlon Package $599

The Skeese Greets Women's Tri, Danskin and The Rogue Women's Triathlon are all approaching. Everything you need for each is included in this package. The KHS Urban Express is that perfect bike for someone that wants to do a few events a year but still needs a bike that is good for the neighborhood, town lake trail or just riding around.

TYR Triathlon Shorts or Pearl Cycling Shorts
TYR Tri Top or Pearl Cycling Jersey
CO2 BAG (Tire levers, Co2 pump, patch kit, and bike bag)


The Rookie Package $999

Whether you're getting ready for your first Triathlon or Road Ride, The Rookie Tri package is the best deal in town. The Rookie package includes everything you need to get started and keep going.

FELT Z-100 / ZW-40
LG Roady Air Shoe
TYR Triathlon Shorts or Pearl Cycling Shorts
TYR Tri Top or Pearl Cycling Jersey
Wellgo SPD Pedals
Giro Transfer Helmet
CO2 Bag
Race Belt, Easy Laces, & TYR Goggles
2 Water Bottles
2 Water Cages
2 Tubes

*In road cycling packages, substitute goggles, easy laces, and race-belt for a Cat-Eye cycling computer.

*Bike up-grades are available on all package deals.

*Felt Z-80 / ZW-30 up-grade = $270

*Felt F-85 up-grade = $405

*Felt Z-70 / F-75 / ZW-25 up-grade = $720


Texas Tri Series Package $1899

The Texas Tri Series Package is perfect for that person looking to make that next step and add a little speed to their event. The Felt S-32 gives up nothing in pursuit of that new personal best. Combined with the Sprint full suit by Blue Seventy, triathlon specific shoes, and all the gear you need to "Tri", it is sure to make your day go by a little faster. Come by and take one for a test ride today!

Felt S-32

Look Easy pedals

Louis Garneau Tri Shoes

TYR Tri Shorts

TYR Tri Splice Singlet

Blue Seventy Sprint Full wetsuit

Co2 Bag ( tire levers, co2 pump, patch kit, and bike bag)

Giro Helmet

2 bottle cages

2 tubes

Race belt

Easy laces

TYR Googles


Friday, April 17, 2009

Wetsuits & What Not To Do Pre-Race

This year I decided to get an early season half ironman distance under my belt with the Lone Star Half Iron. The idea was to get all the jitters and mistakes out early, instead of at my "A" Half IM race in June (Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon). I have to say I did pull some "Rookie" mistakes in Galveston that thankfully didn't turn into disaster. Everything went relatively smoothly and I was pleasantly surprised, considering I was setting myself up for some bloopers out on the course.

Some mistakes I made that I DO NOT recommend others making are: lacing up my shoes with EZ laces the night before the race after going without EZ laces for almost a year; putting an aero bottle on my bike without practicing ahead of time (last time I used one was Buffalo Springs last year); getting a new wetsuit two days before the race without practicing in it at all; utilizing a new wetsuit lubricant, Trislide, race day without ever trying it in practice (I loved it by the way!); and last but not least, using a nutritional product, Carbo Pro, without using it since Buffalo Springs last year. Yikes! I was really asking for it. Fortunately, I had no major issues.

One potential mistake I made race weekend was wearing my new wetsuit without practicing in it first. I am the first to admit that I have never been a big fan of wetsuits. I have always felt too restricted in them (typical swimmer!), like I just can't get my arms rotating the same way. Over the years I have intentionally avoided races that were wetsuit swims for this reason. The last wetsuit I purchased was back in 2002, so needless to say my wetsuit was outdated. The guys at the shop encouraged me to check out the new wetsuits and said that I would most likely be pleasantly surprised. I was a little skeptical until I tried my wetsuit on the night before the race in my hotel room. Boy was I impressed! I could actually move my arms freely in my new Blue Seventy Helix. It was awesome! I was excited to complete a wetsuit swim.

Race morning came pretty fast and the time to put on my wetsuit came and went. Once my wave went off I was in full race mode. I realized half way through the swim that I actually had a wetsuit on and I barely noticed. It also kept me super comfortable temperature wise...not once was I too hot nor did I even notice the cold temperatures that some commented about post race. I wasn't even sore from the wetsuit after the swim. Thanks to the Blue Seventy Wetsuit I am no longer deterred from a wetsuit swim!

Blue Seventy has several wetsuit options at various prices. For those of you who aren't sure you will race many wetsuit swims or if you don't want to spend the extra money on a wetsuit, the Sprint Full Suit is a great option. You can get a full wetsuit at a great price! Blue Seventy also makes a mid range wetsuit called the Reaction, also an excellent option sleeveless and at a great price. And for those of you who are going to participate in lots of wetsuit legal triathlons, the Helix is the way to go. It has all the bells and whistles! Those of you interested in checking the Blue Seventy line out please stop by the shop and try a few. You can also check them out online.



Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mighty Maysan Marathon

Some news from our friends at Hill Country Running Company:

On Monday April 20, 2009, soldiers from the 2nd Battalion 7th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division (based out of Ft Hood, TX) will hold the Mighty Maysan Half and Full Marathon in Iraq. This event will help build Esprit de Corps, camaraderie amongst the soldiers in the unit and provide significant relief to the soldiers from the stresses of combat as they complete the distance on a 1 mile circuit in their combat base.

This will mark the 318th consecutive day of combat operations for 2-7 CAV and nearly 100 soldiers will step to the line and run the Mighty Maysan Half/Full Marathon in Iraq. Back home in Austin, Texas, Hill Country Running Company will host a run in conjunction with the Mighty Maysan Marathon in tribute to the troops around the world who protect America's way of life and each runner's freedom to explore the beautiful Country in which we live.

To show your support of the soldiers of 2-7 CAV please come out and join the staff from Hill Country Running Company on their run Monday morning at 9:00 am. Distances will range from 6 to 26.2 miles.

For more information please contact Jamie Cleveland at Jamie@hillcountryrunningcompany.com or the staff of HCRC at (512) 294-2866, 215 S Lamar Blvd Suite E, Austin, TX 78704.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

USAT National Board Nomination

Jack & Adam's Bicycles is endorsing Candy Cheatham for the USA Triathlon South Midwest Region National Board of Directors. Staff members Jack, Zane, Drew and Stacy have known Candy Cheatham personally for many years and can attest to her superior knowledge and love of the sport. Candy is a great person and a huge asset to the multisport community. Here is her platform:

"It has been my honor to serve on the SMW Regional Board from 2001-2008. I have served as chairperson of the SMW Regional Championship Race Selection Committee (2003) SMW Regional Vice-President (2004) and SMW Regional President (2005-2008) In January 2006 I was elected chairperson of the regional presidents’ committee which meant I acted as liaison between the Regional Presidents and the USAT Board of Directors. As chair of the presidents’ committee I attended every face-to-face national board meeting for 3 years. I presently serve on the Strategic Planning Committee and the International Relations Committee for USA Triathlon. I have also served on the Hall of Fame Selection Committee and a task force that was formed to address USAT governance issues. I presently serve on the ITU Women’s Commission. I feel that my experiences on the regional and national level have prepared me to serve the South Midwest Region on the National Board of Directors.

I am a resident of Corpus Christi, Texas who has always been passionate about running. In 1998 I was introduced to multisport. Instantly I knew I had found my real passion. I am no longer able to compete but I have remained actively involved. I began officiating in 2000 and have worked my way up to a Category 1 USAT Official. I also officiate in the USAT Technical Officials Program for draft legal ITU style racing. I am presently a Level III Official in this program. I have officiated some Ironman Races (Kona and Clearwater) I feel that fair and consistent races are important to our members and I enjoy helping in this way.

Professionally I am a retired school counselor. My experience and training in this area has enhanced my ability to work with the many members of our vast region and represent their varied interests fairly. My years of service have always been characterized by transparency and honesty. I sincerely want to serve our membership. As I always say it’s your region and your money. I welcome your questions and concerns.

I want athletes, race directors, officials, coaches, and volunteers to feel they have input on governance issues. I have always practiced the open door policy. Communications is vital. I have conducted the regional board in an open and democratic manner. If elected I will continue to serve in a professional manner, and I will always strive to represent the entire membership of our region."

She's got our vote! We encourage you to please take a moment to print out the below form and bring it into the shop or email it back to: newsletter@jackandadams.com. We'll also have the forms available at the shop. All forms must be in by June 1st.

Click on image to enlarge and print.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fast Fickers Training Camp

Have you ever wanted to learn tips and advice about the sport of triathlon from a professional triathlete? Well now you can - but only if you're between the ages of 12-17. Each Sunday from April 19th to May 24th, World Class Pro Triathlete, Desiree Ficker will lead this age group through swim training, running, stretching, nutrition, equipment and much more.

Each participant not only receives Desiree's great advice, but also included in the $185 fee is a swim bag, water bottle, swim cap, and parent/guardian workout passes. Each Sunday session lasts from 2 PM-3:30 PM at Pure Austin Gym at Quarry Lake.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Free Cycling Publications at J&A's

Jack and Adam's Bicycles carries six free publications that are full of cycling & triathlon news:

Competitor Texas is the definitive endurance sports publication of the Texas area. This free monthly magazine is full of great stories, product reviews, training tips and best of all a comprehensive calendar of events.

Southwest Cycling News is a monthly newspaper published by the Austin Cycling Association (ACA). It is full of cycling specific news, views and a list of all rides in Texas as well as some in neighboring states.

The Racing Post is a free magazine for cycling enthusiasts. This monthly magazine is "dedicated to those who ride bicycles and like to ride them - fast." In addition to covering Triathlon related news in the south central region of the U.S., they also cover road racing, off-road racing and track racing.

Available in limited numbers at Jack & Adam's:

Momentum Magazine is published 6 times a year and comes to us from Vancouver, BC, Canada. This magazine, "Reflects the lives of people who ride bikes and provides urban cyclists with the inspiration, information, and resources to fully enjoy their riding experience and connect with local and global cycling communities."

Former J&A staffer, Marsha Ungchusri is one of the writers for this new magazine.

If you miss an edition, you can always subscribe on their website.

Austin Runner Magazine now features a triathlon section with content provided by J&A staff including Drew Wolff and Jack Murray. The Tri World section also offers up content from Pro Triathletes Patrick Evoe and Desiree Ficker, as well as Austin Fire Fighter and author Rip Esselstyn.

We only get a few copies of this popular magazine each month and they go quickly. If you don't want to miss an issue, you can subscribe on their website or you can subscribe next time you're at J&A's.

Austin Fit Magazine is another publication that can be found free at the shop, but the stash is also depleted quite quickly. The magazine offers info on health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. It's a cool magazine and you're sure to learn something new from it with each edition.

Pick up your free copies at J&A's next time you come in!



Friday, April 10, 2009

Ironman China

Pro Triathlete, Patrick Evoe and others from Austin are heading to Ironman China which happens on April 19th. Here's some info from Pat:

This weekend, I'm flying out to China to meet up with some of Team J&A's finest to race Ironman China on April 19th. Stephan Schwarze, Lon Breitenbach, and I will be rooming together at the race hotel. We're all excited for the trip and the race. Make sure to track the three of us on Ironman .com. The race will start 6pm on Saturday, April 18th in the evening for those here in Texas.

Ironman China takes place in the city of Haikou on Hainan Island in the southern part of the country. Hainan Island has become one of the country's most popular tourist destinations due to it's tropical climate and beautiful beaches. The island is often called the "Hawaii of China." On race day we can expect tropical conditions with temperatures between 85-95 degrees and humid (much like Kona). The course should be fun, with some fast stretches on the bike divided up by sections through small villages with cobble-stone streets. I'm really looking forward to visiting a new country and experiencing another Ironman race outside of North America.

I am hoping to have an internet connection in the hotel. If so, I'll be posting blog updates and photos while we're in China. So be sure to go to www.patrickevoe.com starting next week, April 13th for updates from China.



Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lone Star Triathlon Festival

This past weekend was the first big weekend for a lot of local athletes racing this season. The Lone Star Triathlon Festival offered a Sprint, Quarter Ironman, and Half Ironman race. A number of Austin athletes made the trip to Galveston to take part in one or two of these races. Austin athletes also made trips to 70.3 New Orleans and 70.3 Oceanside in California to race.

Among the J&A crowd racing the Galveston Half were Jason McMillian (1st overall), Todd Gerlach (3rd overall), and Billy Harllee (1st, 30-34 male, 2nd Age Grouper), pictured above. Aside from the three guys pictured there were a number of athletes flying the J&A colors who posted PR's (personal records) and / or made the podium in their Age Group. We also had a number of great volunteers and cheering fans, including a strong group of guys helping keep us safe on the bike course.

Congratulations to all who completed this past weekend. A big thank you to everyone who volunteered and cheered for athletes.

Were you out there? How was it for you?



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Training Tips - Racing Attire

With triathlon season right around the corner, you might be thinking about your racing attire. Here pro triathlete, Nicole DeBoom, gives her take on the subject. From the Newsletter Archives, May 2006:

By Nicole Deboom, Founder of SkirtSports

Racing fast: It's all about how you look!

I'm not just saying this because I am the founder of SkirtSports (the hottest, sexiest new women's fitness apparel line ever, now available at Jack & Adam's, the most progressive sporting store in Texas!), I'm saying this because it's true! Over the years I have found that when I look good, I feel good. And feeling good translates to racing fast! Take my first Ironman win in 2004 at Ironman Wisconsin. I modeled a prototype of our very popular TransitionGirl skirt. It was a bold move, but buoyed by cheers of "Check out that hot Skirt!" I was able to cross the line first! I attribute the win to my skirt.

How many of you model your race outfit the night before the race, sucking in your gut and strutting past the mirror? Come on, admit it. It's important to be confident on race day, not just regarding your training and mental preparation, but regarding your gear. And gear starts with what you decide to wear for the big day.

A few tips on choosing a race outfit:

*Try on your outfit before the big day. Better yet, do a few workouts in it! Unless of course it's a speedo (specifically Euro-style for you dudes) and you plan to hit a major metropolitan roadway. That is not right, my friends.

*Learn from the pros: if you buy two outfits and use one for training and plan to wear the other one in the race, think again! Tim DeBoom (yes, I have the inside scoop!) encountered this exact scenario before the Hawaii Ironman one year. He trained in his tri-suit pre-race. The night before, he tried on his racing suit and lo and behold, there was a built-in shelf bra sewn inside! He had been sent a women's tri-suit! Fortunately he discovered this before the race and did not wear that suit (he doesn't need the support after all!).

*Finally, avoid white body suits at all costs. Enough said!


What is your favorite race clothing?

Enter for a chance to win a $200 SkirtSport gift certificate on the Skeese Greets Women's Tri website HERE.

And for more great articles like this, be sure to sign up for the Jack & Adam's Monthly newsletter.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Off To The Races!

Little T says, "Good Luck racers!"

This weekend is jam packed with triathlons: 70.3 California, 70.3 New Orleans, and the Lonestar Triathlon Festival. For those of you participating - have a great race! I will be out at the Lonestar Festival competing in the half ironman distance. Hopefully I will see some of you out there.

If you're not at one of those events this weekend, you should come by and check out the shop's Sunday ride. The group is heading south towards Buda. There will be a "no drop" group going about 18 miles. For those die hards there will be riders going further out...40 or more miles.

For those of you still deciding on your 2009 gear, TYR Clothing has arrived! We have lots of options including the TYR Women's Workout Bra in various patterns as well as multiple Men's Tri tops.



Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moment of Silence for Erin Lahr

The Austin area and the endurance world as a whole lost Erin Lahr as she competed in the Dallas White Rock Marathon on December 14, 2008.

At the time of the marathon, along with attempting to qualify for Boston, Erin was training for the New Orleans 70.3 being held on April 5, 2009. To recognize Erin's love for endurance events, her life, and her family, the race director (Bill Burke) for the New Orleans 70.3 is going to hold a moment of silence in her honor just prior to the start of the race.

If you would like to learn about the Erin Lahr Memorial Fund, click HERE.

Austin Racing Events Alliance and City Council Public Hearing on Street Closures

To all participants and supporters of running and triathlon events in Austin:

Many of you may be aware of the recent activity and attention surrounding special events and downtown street closures in the City of Austin.  This Thursday, April 2nd, there is City Council Public hearing regarding the draft of the Special Events Street Closure Ordinance that has been proposed by City staff.   This hearing represents a critical junction in determining how special events are received and permitted by the City of Austin.  Most people agree that the proposed ordinance would force many special events to significantly alter their course and schedule, or move out of the downtown area.

Over the last few months, many of the directors and managers of Austin racing events have organized ourselves into an official group, the Austin Racing Events Alliance (AREA).  The purpose of AREA is to serve as and be recognized as a collective, representative, and collaborative speaking voice relevant to issues that may be of impact to the success and sustainability of racing events in Austin.  The vision of AREA is that by working together in collaboration with the impacted members of the community, the City of Austin, and the occupants, residents, businesses, and visitors of Austin, our events will continue to be successful for our organizations, our sponsors, our participants, and the City of Austin.  Our mission is to be aware of, knowledgeable of, responsive to, and engaged when necessary, in issues, activities, and public policy making, that my be of impact to the success and sustainability of our events.

Representatives of AREA will be present at the City Council public hearing on Thursday, and we are preparing a procession of speakers from our group that will attempt to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Ensure that AREA is represented in the City of Austin's process for improving the special event ordinance.
  2. That the current draft of the ordinance is not adopted in its current form until there has been further input and review by the stakeholders.
We are aware that most of you, like us, are deeply passionate about fitness, the non-profit organizations that the events benefit, and Austin's status as a "Fit City".  We hope that you agree with the purpose of the Austin Racing Events Alliance and that you will support our efforts.  It is the opinion of AREA that the best way for each of you to show your support at this public hearing is to be present as large, visible, but mostly silent group that entrusts the communication of your collective concerns to the AREA representative speakers.  It would be wonderful if all of you that attend the public hearing could wear one of your race shirts from an Austin event so that our group is very visible.

AREA does not feel that this is the correct time for us to bombard city council members with emails and letters, or for us to make passionate pleas on behalf of special events.  That time may come, but for now it is best that we present an organized and collaborative attitude towards improving the Special Events Ordinance.  Of course, each of you has the right to sign up and speak at the public hearing, but we request that you defer until after the AREA representatives have spoken.

The City Council Public Hearing is on Thursday, April 2 at 6 PM at City Hall.

Please contact one of the AREA members listed below if you have questions or suggestions for the group.

Thanks for your support!

Sincerely -

Dave Swincher - Junior Achievement - Silicon Labs Austin Marathon Relay
Dan Carroll - High Five Events - The Austin Triathlon
Michelle Graham - Bounce Marketing & Events – ThunderCloud Turkey Trot, NOCC Balance 5K
Paul Carrozza - RunTex - Congress Avenue Mile, Keep Austin Weird 5K
Matt Fagan - 3M - 3M Half Marathon
Christy Casey - Komen Austin Race for the Cure
Leilani Perry - Red Licorice Events and Austin Runners Club
John Conley - Conley Sports - Austin Marathon & Half Marathon
Stacey Conley - Conley Sports - Austin Marathon & Half Marathon
Joey Trimyer - Conley Sports - Austin Marathon & Half Marathon
Michelle Sandquist - Conley Sports - Austin Marathon & Half Marathon
Gary Metcalf - Cadence Sports, Lance Armstrong Foundation LIVESTRONG Challenge 5K
Brian Leto - Cadence Sports, Lance Armstrong Foundation LIVESTRONG Challenge 5K
Candice Rebbe - Cadence Sports, Lance Armstrong Foundation LIVESTRONG Challenge 5K
Jodye Friedman - Bagelfest 5K
Jack Murray - Jack & Adam's Bicycles
Brad Davison – R&B Sports, CapTexTri
Jann Girard – Austin American Statesman, Capitol 10,000

Christopher Thibert - Austin American Statesman, Capitol 10,000 & Junior 'Dillo Kids Run
Nad Elias - Task Force Member, Bun Run
Gilbert Tuhabonye - Gilbert's Gazelles, Run for the Water 10 Miler
Peter Rauch - The Gazelle Foundation, Run for the Water 10 Miler