Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Training Tips - Racing Attire

With triathlon season right around the corner, you might be thinking about your racing attire. Here pro triathlete, Nicole DeBoom, gives her take on the subject. From the Newsletter Archives, May 2006:

By Nicole Deboom, Founder of SkirtSports

Racing fast: It's all about how you look!

I'm not just saying this because I am the founder of SkirtSports (the hottest, sexiest new women's fitness apparel line ever, now available at Jack & Adam's, the most progressive sporting store in Texas!), I'm saying this because it's true! Over the years I have found that when I look good, I feel good. And feeling good translates to racing fast! Take my first Ironman win in 2004 at Ironman Wisconsin. I modeled a prototype of our very popular TransitionGirl skirt. It was a bold move, but buoyed by cheers of "Check out that hot Skirt!" I was able to cross the line first! I attribute the win to my skirt.

How many of you model your race outfit the night before the race, sucking in your gut and strutting past the mirror? Come on, admit it. It's important to be confident on race day, not just regarding your training and mental preparation, but regarding your gear. And gear starts with what you decide to wear for the big day.

A few tips on choosing a race outfit:

*Try on your outfit before the big day. Better yet, do a few workouts in it! Unless of course it's a speedo (specifically Euro-style for you dudes) and you plan to hit a major metropolitan roadway. That is not right, my friends.

*Learn from the pros: if you buy two outfits and use one for training and plan to wear the other one in the race, think again! Tim DeBoom (yes, I have the inside scoop!) encountered this exact scenario before the Hawaii Ironman one year. He trained in his tri-suit pre-race. The night before, he tried on his racing suit and lo and behold, there was a built-in shelf bra sewn inside! He had been sent a women's tri-suit! Fortunately he discovered this before the race and did not wear that suit (he doesn't need the support after all!).

*Finally, avoid white body suits at all costs. Enough said!


What is your favorite race clothing?

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