Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Featured Event: Protest Du

The Austin Duathletes present the Protest Duathlon. Here is what their website says about this fun event:

LOCATION: East Metro Park, Manor, TX
Distance: 2-10-2

APRIL 11, 2009

contactrace inforegistration
coursefaqother info

The Protest Duathlon is back, so get ready to protest something. What, you ask? ANYTHING! But, make it creative because we will be awarding the best protest!

To give you an idea of what to protest, the Austin Duathletes are protesting swimming: why else would we be duathletes?

How do I protest?
When you pick up your timing chip, a volunteer will record what you are protesting. A judge will review the protests and will determine the winner. The best protest will be announced during the awards ceremony.

Must I protest?
Of course you do not have to protest, you are more than welcome to just race! You can always say you are protesting the protest (but that would be lame!)

We will be 'hiding' eggs along the course during the second run. Eggs will contain fun prizes and goodies!

Online Registration:
Online registration is available here.

For more info on the Austin Duathletes click HERE. Follow this FREE CLUB on Twitter @austinduathlete

Monday, March 30, 2009

Austin Marathon Bike Leads

Rick Kent Photo

A lot goes into producing an athletic event. A huge marathon like Austin's takes many people working throughout the year to make it happen. All kinds of crazy, behind-the-scenes activities take place, some so weird, you wouldn't even believe.

We wanted to give you a sneak peak into this little unknown world of race production. Our role in the marathon is very small, but we've been doing it for the past 6 years. We're bike leads. We make sure the lead runners don't go off course. We do this on our bikes with GPS.

This year we had 8 bike leads: 2 for the women's half marathon, 2 for the men's half marathon, 2 for the women's marathon & 2 for the men's marathon.

Here we've asked each of the 8 bike leads what position they were assigned & what their favorite part was:

Drew Wolff
Assigned to: Men's Marathon Lead Bike
Leading the athletes on your bike is a cool way to see some exciting racing up close. Volunteering for a great Austin race and giving back is definitely as good as racing sometimes. For the 2009 edition Thomas and I were assigned the male marathon lead. Fast and fit athletes for sure. Helping them navigate the course, avoid road hazards and enjoy their tour of Austin is the general plan. The weather was good. The crowds, especially downtown near city hall, were amazing.

Favorite Part: My favorite part of the race had to be when I rode up to the marathon lead male at approximately the two mile mark. At that time the half marathon leaders had pulled away along with the press truck and timing vehicle. They would soon return, but I wanted to take the opportunity to identify Thomas and I as volunteers and let the lone leader know we would be his lead as long as he lead the race. Our exchange went something like this:

Me "Hi, my name is Drew. Thomas and I are volunteers. We'll be helping you navigate the course today. If you have any doubts as to where the course goes, always follow Thomas and I."

Jeremy Borling "Okay. But why?"

Me "You're leading the marathon, and as long as you do, we'll stay with you."

Jeremy "REALLY?!"

His suprise and excitement at learning this was evident in his voice. He had clearly thought the race had left him behind and you could see an immediate change in his running. It was fun to be a part of that. Jeremy would go on to lead the race start to finish and win in a time of just over 2hrs 30min.

Thomas Miller
Assigned to:
Men's marathon, GPS Backup
The day was fairly uneventful, in that the eventual winner held the lead the entire race, so there was not much for us to do. We simply made sure the runner stayed on course and informed him of upcoming water stops.

Favorite Part: One of the highlights of the day for me was the dude at around 46th and Ave. F who had moved his entire home stereo onto his lawn so that he could play the theme from "Chariots of Fire," as the lead runner came by. Goosebumps... I can only aspire to having someone play that for me someday.

John Lewis
Assigned to:
Women’s Marathon, Lead Bike

avorite part: My favorite part about leading Elle was when she was turning on to San Jacinto in mile 25; I told her “today was her day to win” and she asked “How close is the next girl” I told her “I have not seen anyone since the half & she could just about walk it in.” I told her to draw energy from the crowd and enjoy this time. It was cool to see her win.

Ashton Prejean
Assigned to: Women's Marathon, GPS Backup

Favorite Part: Besides the buffet, I like being a positive influence (I think it was legal for us to give her encouragement) for the runner. I tried to tell her all the things that work for me when I am running and she said they were helping her also. I did think the"hey you're on a bike....that's not fair" and "cheater" jokes got a little old. Did I mention that I liked the buffet.

Jack Murray
Assigned To:
Men's Half Marathon, Lead Bike

I was in charge of organizing and assigning the team of bike leads for the marathon. I have been doing this for 6 years now. The 1st few years it was hard finding people to ride. Now it is easy and people are lined up to do it.

Favorite Part: I love watching the event unfold from the front. It is the ultimate front row seat.

Cynthia Henges
Assigned to:
Men's Half Marathon, GPS Backup

If Jack's bike broke down, I was supposed to swap out the GPS device by removing his seat post and swapping seats with him. Luckily this didn't happen. I was also there to lead the chase pack since Bernard (half champion) had such a large lead on the 2nd place finisher. I was there to check out the hot runner dudes and make sure they stayed on course :) I've always had a soft spot for runners. The 4th place finisher gets my vote for hottest runner ;) Oh, the post race VIP food setup is always a crowd pleaser.

Favorite Part: My favorite part about leading the runners is simply that you get to be in the mix and see the drama of the race unfold. Simply priceless...I'll be volunteering for this duty for years and decades to come. Thanks J&A!

Brad Miller
Assigned to:
Women's Half Marathon, Bike Lead
Favorite Part: Brad could not be reached for comment & he's a man of few words. He just thinks it's cool.

Michelle LaPuente
Assigned to:
Women's Half Marathon, GPS Backup

Favorite Part: At the Austin Marathon I had the opportunity to ride alongside some truly remarkable athletes. Since there is no way I can run with them, I make the most of what I can get.

For those of you who are like me and somewhere in the middle, we often time don't realize that the leaders get bike escorts. Or if we do, we just never see them! Anyhow, I was fortunate enough to get to participate as the backup escort for the women's half marathon.

There are so many details of the day that I could go on and on and on...etc. But I will keep focused here on the observations I want to share:

1. Having fun - when I saw Gilbert in the early miles of the race, he seemed to be having fun; even making a little small talk with me as I rode alongside

2. Focused - the level of focus that these runners have is incredible

3. Relentless - despite the physical pain and what surely must also be mental pain, they do not back down, give up or give in...even if there's no chance to win.

4. Technique - one of the main reasons I love this job is that I get to watch their running styles and forms. Since I have such a problem with my foot strike, this is a great way to watch and learn.

As I stated earlier, I could go on...but I wanted to point out the things that struck a chord with me. I just love to watch them run!!


We're looking forward to the Austin Marathon 2010 - The Real Rock N Roll of Texas!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Rainy Day Riding

As most of you probably know it has been pouring rain for a good portion of the morning. We have already had several customers come in rethinking their training today and switching to Plan B.

All of us here at Jack & Adam's want to help you get your training in with your Plan B. One great idea is our new Indoor Trainer Wheel Special. You can now purchase a complete trainer wheel equipped with a Shimano 9/10 speed wheel, Shimano 105 cassette, Tacx trainer specific tire, tube and rim strip, and a trainer specific skewer all for $195 ($35 savings)

Many athletes are forced to ride their bikes on the trainer due to life schedules. It is a good idea to have a trainer wheel to minimize wear and tear on your bicycle's actual outdoor riding wheel.

It looks like the rest of the weekend should be pretty nice. It should be easy to get it in some nice swims, rides, and runs! Have a great weekend!



Thursday, March 26, 2009

Concert Series @ J&A's

Bring a blanket or chair over to Jack & Adam's Bicycles on the 5th of every month for a new concert series by Woode Wood! This local musician will strum his guitar & sing some tunes for you & the kiddos.

If you're a regular on Town Lake Trail you've probably heard Woode sing to you as you run past him. Now you can hear the full song and not just a snippet like out on the trail.

The concerts start at 7pm and are free (but a tip jar will be in place.) The first one is on Sunday, April 5th, with rain out dates set for the 15th of the month (if needed.)

Woode is one of the people featured in the book, "Every Town Needs a Trail" available at the shop. We also carry one of Woode Wood's albums. Be sure to check out the book & CD next time you come in!

For more info on Woode Wood & to hear some of his music, visit Woode's website HERE.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Run Workouts

Last Tuesday was the first day of the J&A track workouts. Being the first session, plus Spring Break, St. Patrick's Day, & SXSW, there weren't too many takers. About 13 people showed up. We started at Jack & Adam's Bicycles and jogged over to the Austin High Track. Coach Mixon lead us through drills, strides and then the main workout.

The drills included high knees, skipping, backwards skipping, cross-overs, and butt kicks. We then did 6 strides of approximately 80 meters each. The main workout consisted of 1600 meters at 5k pace with a 400 "rest" then an 800 at a faster pace with a 200 rest and then a 400 even faster. He wanted us to do 2-3 sets of this. Let's just say he had high expectations for this group who hadn't done a track workout in quite some time.

There was no timing involved and we ran in the third lane of the track. Mixon wanted us to concentrate on form and he gave us advice each time we passed him. We did six more strides at the end of the workout and then ran back to the shop. The whole time I was thinking, "I can't believe I used to do similar workouts (with timing) 4 days a week, plus a track meet on Saturdays!"

It was a hard workout, but I'm looking forward to today's. It's one of those things where you have to suck it up and just go. You're going to hurt a lot and be really tired the next day. But in the end, it will make you a better runner. It will also help you lose weight and give you hot legs, if that's what you're after.

What: Free run workouts with Coach Mixon
When: Tuesdays at 5:30PM
Where: Jack & Adam's Bicycles, 1210 Barton Springs RD & heading to a track or hill

Click HERE for other FREE TRAINING from Jack & Adam's.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Fundraiser With Elite Local Athletes

Click on image for larger version.

On April 2, Seton Hospital is hosting a fundraiser with many local elite athletes including Olympic Trials qualifiers in the marathon, Cassandra Heinkel & Chris Kimbrough; former Olympic swimmer and 3 time medalist, Whitney Hedgepeth; Olympic gold medal swimmer, Brendan Hansen; RunTex owner, Paul Carrozza; author & running champ, Gilbert Tuhaboyne; and National running masters champ, Carmen Troncoso.

It's an evening of food, wine, music, Texas Hold 'em and a silent auction. Tickets are $50 and proceeds benefit Seton Southwest Hospital. Take some time out of your training schedule & save the date for what sounds like a fun event!

Tri Zones Info Session

Tomorrow at 9AM, Tri Zones Training will hold an info session at Jack & Adam's Bicycles. Here's some info on it:

Give it a TRI!

Is that a triathlete you see in the mirror? Have you heard that the Danskin Women's Triathlon is a life-changing experience and you wonder if you can do it? Learn about what it's like to train for a tri and what to expect at your first triathlon. Gain the confidence that YOU CAN DO IT whether your goal is Danskin, Skeese Greets Women's Tri, Trek, or The Rookie! We'll have fun as we show you the basics of what to expect as you train for and participate in your first tri. For more information, visit www.trizones.com

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Local Pro Wins Albany Marathon

Local pro triathlete, Kelly Williamson, wins this year's Albany women's marathon with a time of 2:52.54. Williamson, who was 10th overall, was followed in the women’s division by Columbus’ Jennifer Yancey, 36th overall, with a time of 3:17:27.

Here's what the Albany Herald had to say:

Williamson, whose friend told her about the Albany race, has competed mostly in triathlons for the past seven years. Saturday was just her second marathon (she was also the eighth overall female finisher in a Texas marathon last year). Although triathlons also involve swimming and cycling, Williamson thought the marathon could play to her advantage.

“Running is a strength of mine,” said Williamson, who set a personal record Saturday. “I felt great through Mile 15 or 16 and started to feel it then. It’s never easy. I went 6:15 on the first mile and then 6:45 on the second. I didn’t want to go faster than 6:30.”

Congrats, Kelly & thanks for sporting a J&A visor!

Watch for Kelly at all the J&A events, including our Splash & Dash series. Kelly currently holds the Splash & Dash women's record at 20:36 for the 750 m swim/3k run course.



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get More Rides In With Greenling

If you read the monthly J&A newsletter, then you've probably already seen one of our favorite local companies. Here's our take, once again on Greenling:

Spend more time on the bike and less time at the grocery store with Greenling! This grocery home delivery service is a great way to keep farm-fresh, organic fruits and veggies in your fridge all week long.

J&A owner, Jack Murray has been using this great service for almost 2 years and loves it. As a J&A customer you get a 10% discount off your first order by using code JACADA121 at check out.

Ride more. Eat healthy. Greenling!

(& no, they don't pay us for this...we just like to promote awesome services & products that we think you might also like.)

You can sign up for the J&A newsletter HERE.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Group Training

The below note is from James T., a member of the Austin triathlon community. He does not work for Jack & Adam's, but has put together an informal group of like minded people. If you're on Facebook, you can find more info HERE and join the group.

Have you ever mentioned to someone that you are training for a triathlon? If so, I'm sure they say they want to complete one, too. And the next question is usually, "Is there a group that helps?"

There is! For those who are new to triathlons and for those who like the support of a group, let's get ready for the Texas Tri Series Rookie Triathlon together. Check out the schedule:

Monday and Wednesday nights: Core & Calisthenics @ J&A's 5:30pm
Tuesday: Training Run @ J&A's 5:30pm
Friday: Swim Workout @ Barton Springs Pool
Saturday: Easy Run @ J&A's 7:30am
Sunday: No Drop Ride @J&A's 8:30am

And there will be more! So drop James T., mclvinx @ mac.com, an email so you can be added to the group and learn about happy hours, seminars, etc. Let's get started!

James T.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Skeese Greets Cards For Cyclists

What ever the occasion Skeese Greets has a card for it!

Skeese Greets, Greeting Cards for the Athletically Minded, strives to create fun and unique cards to keep people linked and bring a smile to cyclist and others.

Here are a few cards for the season, all created from used bike chains...

Blank Inside

Hippity Hop,
Easter is here!
Time for a bike ride &
A cold Glass of Beer!

Blank Inside

All of the above cards are available at Jack & Adam's Bicycles. To see the complete collection of these awesome cards, visit http://www.skeesegreets.com/

Click HERE to follow Skeese Greets' Blog!



Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to Wash Your Bike Shoes

From the Newsletter Archives, July 2006:

A Tip from Emilio Desoto, creator of DeSoto Tri Clothing: Wash your helmet and shoes please!When was the last time you washed your bike helmet, your bike shoes, and your running shoes? If you haven't done so in the past month, they probably stink. If you can't smell it, ask someone else to, then look at their face; the truth comes without words being spoken.

BIKE SHOES: I still can't understand people that train without socks all the time (and I am no Felix Unger). I mean now and then to simulate a race, okay, but not all the time. I learned that bike shoes are a lot more resilient than I would have imagined first by racing NORBA during a few very wet and muddy seasons, but more recently by doing spinning workouts and indoor stationary bike interval workouts. I have a pair of SIDI Triathlon shoes that I have rinsed and washed with regular shampoo in the shower over 100 times and they are still in good condition.

TO WASH THEM: Best is to use the sink, room temp water, and mild detergent and an old toothbrush. Shampoo works too. Wet the shoes, clean as needed, shake really well, towel dry as much as possible, then set to dry in the sun. If the shoes have leather, saddle soap works well to preserve the softness.

Kind regards, Emilio

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jack & Adam's Zipp/SRAM Clinic

This past Tuesday the J&A staff had the opportunity to meet with Steve Jolly, our local Zipp/SRAM rep, and Brian Gavette, the director of sales/marketing for Zipp. We met at Austin Java to go over SRAM and to go over the 2009 changes to Zipp wheels. Initially, I thought the meeting was going to be all technical and more for the shop mechanics but I was pleasantly surprised!

As many of you may know I work the sales floor more often than I use to. So for me the whole session was a learning experience. Hopefully, I can now answer more customer questions regarding wheels. One segment we covered that I really enjoyed was reviewing what makes Zipp Wheels stand out from the rest as an excellent race wheel and also the 2009 improvements to those wheels. First, Zipp's headquarters are based out of Indiana, just down the street Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The technology used for Speedway racing is also applied to Zipp Wheels. The majority of Zipp engineers have a background in F1 & Indy car racing. Their expertise is aerodynamics and speed! Zipp's are also a great race wheel choice because they are all dimpled. Zipp has run many tests to find that a dimpled carbon wheel is more aerodynamic than a non dimpled wheel.

Some improvements you will see with the 2009 line is a redesign of the rim shape for improved aerodynamics. If you look closely you will see the rim is slightly more bowed-out creating less wind resistance. One big improvement you will see in the 2009 line is the reduction in lateral wheel movement while under load. This improvement is more noticeable for heavier riders. Another great improvement is the reduced spoke count in both the front and rear wheels. The durability of Zipp wheels also improved this year. Kevlar strips were placed on the top portion of the rim increasing strength in that area.

For those of you wanting a more custom look, the Zedtech is the way to go...you can design your own colors without jeopordizing weight or aerodynamics.




Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Featured Event: SXSW Urban Ride

If you're looking for something to do on Saturday, March 14, then check out BikeHugger's Mobile Social SXSW Urban Ride. The hosts describe it as "an intersection of bikes, technology, and culture. We ride, blog, party, and give away product."

Meet at 5th & Neches (Brush Square Park) at 2PM for a leisurely ride around downtown Austin. It ends around 4 but the party continues with a BBQ!

The ride & BBQ are free, but you've got to sign up for both. BBQ attendance requires a SXSW badge OR an Urban Ride RSVP. You can RSVP HERE.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Power of Commitment

The following post is from Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! She wrote it last year when she still worked at Jack & Adam's. She's letting us post it here to help inspire those of you training for the upcoming Skeese Greets Women's Tri. Thanks, Marsha!


So, this is not a story I've shared with many people at all until recently, but it feels like an appropriate time to share now.

For a lot of people, getting into triathlon or cycling or something out of their comfort zone isn't so easy, especially since lycra is not all too flattering on lumps and bumps we wish weren't there.

Trust me, I know.

When I got on a bicycle three years ago I was 200 lbs. For a girl who is only 5'3" and a HALF that is a lot of weight to carry around. I was fat. Very uncomfortable in my own skin. (coming into college I was a svelte 125lbs and put on weight after I stopped rowing and dated someone with a horrible lifestyle... can we say fast food and video games?)

This was me June 2005:

I would say getting on the bike saved my life... But the journey wasn't and ISN'T easy. I lost 35lbs on the Alaska ride, but put back on 20 or so pounds when I got back. I picked up road racing then was immediately dropped from the pack in every race. I think my only top 15 result was in a race with 12 women.

It was embarrassing.

I was use to being the girl on the rowing team who would fight like hell to try and make the top boat. Balls to the wall, all out effort, no holding back, throw down. I took the phrase "dig deep" to heart. I was use to being in the front, first or 2nd boat... not in the back of the pack and definitely not off the back alone.


I was lucky enough though to have very supportive (and strong) teammates who never stopped encouraging and pushing me forward even when I whined and complained and flaked out. This is why I will always be loyal to the Berg girls (now with AT&T Brain and Spine). For my 23rd birthday Mel bought me a t-shirt from Twin Six that said "ALP D'HUEZ" and a card that said "Are tangerines just oranges who didn't try hard enough... (and on the inside read) SO ARE YOU AN ORANGE OR A TANGERINE?!"

I started eating a lot of oranges. I started eating a helluva lot better. I got a coach to write up training plans. I scrawled "COMMIT" on my garmin. I woke up at 5am to get on the bike by 6am to ride 2-3 hours before work. In the cold, rain, and dark. I surrounded myself with information and people with information. I drink water all the time. I only ate junk food on Monday's (Marsha's Mondays included brownies, BBQ, okra, hush puppies, nachos, cheese, more brownies, cake.... although I've let it slide a few times on days that weren't Monday).

I sweated A LOT.

Last week I looked in the mirror. I mean, really looked in the mirror at the girl standing there in a sports bra and shorts and actually thought. HEY, I think I'm going to try on one of the bikinis we are selling at the shop.

And it wasn't half bad.

I've finally dropped below 160lbs and feel like a much stronger person physically and mentally. My new goal is somewhere in the 130's yonder, but the primary focus is to eat even more fresh, wholesome foods and explore new ways of preparing it.

So why did I write all of this? Part of me wants to benchmark this point in time and acknowledge how far I've come, but also reassess how much farther I want to go. Another part of me wants to tell every one of our customers who are looking to get on the bike for the first time to get healthier that it all has to start somewhere.

For me, it was the moment I was looking at what I thought was a bruise next to my belly button and realizing it was a very small but distinct STRETCH MARK. As shallow as that may seem, when I saw that little mark it occurred to me that 'oh SH*T, this is what PREGNANT women get....'

I went out and ran three very painful miles that day. And for those of you who do know me. I don't really do the running thing. Just not a fan. Even now.

I really admire some of our customers. Like Carol. I absolutely love her attitude. She takes things in stride and is really positive about the Danskin coming up. I'm so happy that she got on the bike and is loving it. It's awesome how she doesn't make mountains out of molehills.

One of the best ways to tackle a challenge like a triathlon or LIFE in general is to acknowledge whatever insecurities and fears you have and then you know what?




Yeah, ok, maybe you have a bit of cellulite or a belly (last time I checked, there's a bit I'd still like to get rid of), but you're RACING hon, you're going to be sweaty and gross an IT WILL BE AWESOME. Your muscles are going to ache, but you're going to feel ALIVE.

Our bodies were made to run, swim, jump, skip, sweat, and be put in motion. Roll with it. Put your head down and move!

Nothing in life worth doing or having is free. You have to GO GET IT.

This one's for you Carol. I hope you throw down at your race and I hope you keep at it. Celebrate the good times, push through the hard times, and you will go as far as you believe you can.

And because I LOVE this picture so much. Here is me... May 2008:

And me being a nut like always:

That is some superstar customer service right there.

What started out as motivation for weight loss and fitness has morphed into a lifestyle that I love and am thankful for every single day I get on my bike and ride (which would be uh, everyday). I am blessed to have so many people support me, prod me, and drag me along the way so I am standing here where I am. I hope maybe I can help motivate others to get a movin' too.



Marsha's blog!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

How To Wash Your Running Shoes

From the Newsletter Archives, July 2006:

A Tip from Emilio Desoto, creator of DeSoto Tri Clothing: Wash your helmet and shoes please!

When was the last time you washed your bike helmet, your bike shoes, and your running shoes? If you haven't done so in the past month, they probably stink. If you can't smell it, ask someone else to, then look at their face; the truth comes without words being spoken.

RUNNING SHOES: I train with socks in training shoes and race without socks in flats. A lot of my training is on the beach and if the tide is high, my shoes get wet, very wet with salt water (life is tough in La Jolla, CA). So I wash them a lot.

TO WASH THEM: Machine was them in cold water with some laundry detergent. Wash 4 or 5 pair at a time. When they are done spinning, immediately put them in the sun or dry-room to dry. Believe it or not, most quality running shoes can withstand about 20-30 washes. The last, midsole and outsole these days are glued so well, that they can withstand this sort of care. For most of us that is about a wash a week before it is time to replace the shoes anyway.

Next week...bike shoes!
Kind regards, Emilio


Friday, March 6, 2009

Pre Season is Here!

Most of you would think this post is about the upcoming race season. I am definitely excited for Tri Season but right now I am even more excited about our recent arrivals at the shop: The 2009 Clothing Line!

The shop floor is fully stocked with Desoto's 2009 Tri Clothing line. I think Desoto has done a great job fine tuning their tri shorts, especially the women's line. The Women's Carrera Tri Short has a nice waistband that is a very flattering color. Here is a sample:

And of course for the guys the Desoto Carrera Tri short with the white paneling. Very Flattering!

We also received Louis Garneau's Women's Fit Sensor Deville Shorts. I love the fabric and the paneling is very flattering. The waist panel and the panels at the bottom of the shorts are great for trimming down your mid section as well as your legs. We have a full size run.

The Pearl Izumi order has arrived, we are processing it as we speak. More to come on the line later.

On a nutritional note for the Carbo Pro Lovers: Carbo Pro is in! Come & get it! It's such a hot item!

Many of you have been asking for the Aquasphere goggle line. The Kaiman is back as well as the Kaiman small and a mask. Stop in and try a pair to see if the Kaiman is a great fit for you.

Well, this weekend I am off to camping with the husband and the kiddo! Be Safe out there!



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

CAMPO looking for public input

If you are reading this blog there's a good chance you ride a bike around Austin or the surrounding areas. There's also a good chance you've noticed some of the bike routes through the area and may have even wondered who decides which white lines will be painted next.

If so, you are in luck because you can help decide which white lines will be splattered on the road during the next few years.

CAMPO, The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Williamson, Travis and Hays Counties in central Texas. They are the group responsible for designing bike route proposals and they are looking for feedback on their current proposal.

CAMPO is in the process of gathering public input on requested amendments to the FYs 2008 - 2011 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The Public Comment Period has been extended until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 6, 2009.

To learn more check out their website www.campotexas.org

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Training Group Offers Open House

Been mulling over training groups? Then go check out Austin T3 on Sunday, March 22. This training group is opening its doors to you:

T3 Open House Event - Save the Date!

You are invited to an Open House Event at the Austin T3 Performance Training Center on Sunday, March 22 from 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. The T3 Coaches will be onsite to demonstrate the workouts conducted in the training program and will provide insight into the training philosophy that has helped countless athletes reach their performance potential. We hope that you will join us for the afternoon to find out if T3 is the right fit for you! Pizza will be served at 1pm - Seminars will begin at 1:30pm. Contact info@austint3.com for more details.

Featured Event: Tough Cookie Duathlon

Looking for a way to spring back into the multi-sport season? Then check out the Tough Cookie Women's Duathlon! No prepping for a swim - only a 2k run, 10 mile bike, then finish with another 2k run. This is a great chance for first timers to test out a multi-sport event. It's also an opportunity for all the veterans to light it up!

All the fun happens on March 15th in Copperas Cove, TX starting at 8AM. Participants are treated to a post race party, t-shirt, goody bag, finisher medal and post-race massage! There's even a 1k fun run for the tots. If you get there the night before, or live in the area, you can also grab a $10 pre-race pasta dinner.

For more info on the 5th edition of this great women-only event, click HERE.

And if you still need gear for it - from race belts to water bottles to tri shorts & bikes - let Jack & Adam's Bicycles help you out. We even have a great package deal with all you need for this multi-sport season.

Click on image for larger version.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Frost Bike 2009

You would think the last place a cyclist and triathlete would want to go in the dead of winter would be Minneapolis, Minnesota. I would normally agree, but one weekend in Febraury is an exception. All things bike related happen at a cool gathering appropriately named Frost Bike. Sponsored by Quality Bicycle Products, one of the leading wholesale distributors of bike and multisport product, it is a bike and tri-geeks winter vacation heaven!

I was fortunte enough to attend this year and I walked away last weekend wishing it would happen again this weekend!

It is one part product debut, one part community building, and one part continuing education for bike shop folk.

First it's an opportunity to see up close and talk with the companies producing the product we all get excited about. Some of the cool things I had a chance to play with included improved and soon to be released Garmin Forerunner 305 Multisport. It is waterproof, has a battery that will last the longest of Ironman races and is a size that the smallest of wrists can support. Way Cool!

Another exciting product debut included the Saris T-bone. Set for release this spring, it does triple duty as a vehicle hitch rack, at home storage rack, and a repair stand. On top of that it's tough as nails and weighs less than your bike. Pretty darn cool. Keep an eye out, we'll have it & the Garmin in the store as soon as they are available.

In addition to all of the cool gear, I was able to meet people from all across the country. I walked away with some great ideas on how we can help serve you, our customers, better. It's this kind of experience sharing that is invaluable. It also confirmed once again that Austin is the best multisport and cycling community period!

I'll share one last story and then encourage you to stop by the shop and see me if you want more information.

The weekend is not all work hiding indoors. The feature entertainment is a nightime bike race in the snow aboard Surley Pugsleys (think of a bike with car tires). As advertised - it was cold, 8 degrees, and the course was a combination of snow and ice. It all made for a good time. I enjoyed a good laugh not only with the racing but with the advertised "bonfire to keep you warm." Maybe being from Texas skews your perspective on what a proper size bonfire truly is. In Minnesota, apparently it is a Weber Grill with three logs jammed in it. oh it was a cold night! But I can't wait until next year.