Thursday, March 26, 2009

Concert Series @ J&A's

Bring a blanket or chair over to Jack & Adam's Bicycles on the 5th of every month for a new concert series by Woode Wood! This local musician will strum his guitar & sing some tunes for you & the kiddos.

If you're a regular on Town Lake Trail you've probably heard Woode sing to you as you run past him. Now you can hear the full song and not just a snippet like out on the trail.

The concerts start at 7pm and are free (but a tip jar will be in place.) The first one is on Sunday, April 5th, with rain out dates set for the 15th of the month (if needed.)

Woode is one of the people featured in the book, "Every Town Needs a Trail" available at the shop. We also carry one of Woode Wood's albums. Be sure to check out the book & CD next time you come in!

For more info on Woode Wood & to hear some of his music, visit Woode's website HERE.

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woode wood said...

thanks stacey.

we're actually asking for a 5 dollar donation per adult but if you're hurting that month you can come down for free. kids & dogs are free and each month we're going to have some surprises and special guests. dates aren't set yet but the fireants and jack valen have already agreed to come down for a set. bring your own blankets & beverages.

i play lots of venues around town and there are always kids dancing in the beginning of my first set so i decided to start my own venue where i could start earlier before everyone's bedtimes.

i have 16 records and 35 music videos, a 205 song lyric book, t-shirts, bumperstickers and everything else you can think of and jack carries my latest two records.

thanks again stacey.....