Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: 2011, that's a wrap.

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Just a reminder there is no scheduled ride for the next two Sundays. If you want to show up on Sunday January  1st I'm sure there will be a few people around for a pick-up ride.

If not, come along with your running shoes, and some underwear and come take part in another of those "Keep Austin Weird" traditions in the triathlon community, the underwear run.

Officially the 1:1 run, it has been "run" for the last 2-years and just like the 2 previous years this is an unsanctioned, uninsured, FUN RUN. Bring your fav undie and start 2012 with some friends. It starts from the shop at 9 a.m. Taking part is free, and there are usually people dressed in serious underwear and fast runners, and then there are those just dressed up...

Seen in this picture from last year is local underwear running "phenomena" Chris Garlington, no word on the event facebook page if Chris will be back this year!

Finally, I'd like to say a special end of year thank you to the ride leaders aka the escorts, Hugo, James, Zac, Kelley, Tammy and newbie Elizabeth a.k.a Betty. Also though to those of who've helped out, especially with the Steiner ride, including the Moxie Multisport crew; Jane, Adri, Matt and numerous others, and to all the staff and crew at the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse who've graciously hosted us for brunch after the ride once per month, and often had 50-60 riders descend on them as soon as they open, a pretty daunting service and cooking effort!

A couple of weekends we have a 100+ on the ride, one Steiner ride in July, Jack and counted more than 140-riders going out and we definitely missed some. Please be safe over the holidays, take care on the roads on your bike and in your cars, see you next year! ++Mark.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jack & Adam's Bicycles and Strava!

If you have not heard of Strava, then let me be the first to tell you, you are missing out. They did not pay me and we do not get any kick backs to promote the brand. It is just awesome. If you have a smart phone or Garmin GPS device, you can play. The accounts are free and easy to use. Jack & Adam's will be rolling out fun challenges throughout the year for everyone to compete in. If you have a smart phone, you can download the Strava app. If you need a Garmin, come to J & A's and get one. Jack & Adam's Bicycles has created a bike shop page for you to join once you sign up. Hope to see you in the results soon. Jack

Check out my account here!

Get started:

1) Grab a GPS device (iPhone, Android or Garmin).
2) Go for a run or a ride and tear it up.
3) Sync your activity at and make history.

Create a free account Strava at here!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Retul Fits at Jack & Adam's Bicycles

Jack & Adam's Bicycles is now offering Retul Fits.

What is Retul?

Retul is the most comprehensive fitting tool available. The system uses cycling-specific 3D motion capture technology that allows for a dynamic fit. The motion of the rider can be recorded immediately while they are under normal physiologic loads on the bicycle. Retul can capture the exact moment of peak knee angle flexion, extension, hip angle, knee over foot, etc. This allows for a dynamic fit that will put you a better position because the system is recording quantitative data that cannot be accurately measured statically.

Retul can also be used for new bike purchases. The system can produce a comprehensive digital report of 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry. Using the digital report and Frame Finder we are able to make an accurate recommendation of frame geometry and parts.

Retul 3D Motion Capture Bike Fit: $250
*  10 minute interview process to learn about the rider and their goals
*  Biomechanical analysis of your body off the bike
*  Cycling-specific strength and flexibility assessment
*  3D dynamic capture of body movements
*  Real-time recording of power output and physiological responses to determine optimal fit
*  Digital reports of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry

An additional bicycle is priced at $150 when bikes are fit consecutively (for example road and tri/TT bikes fit back to back)

Call to schedule your Retul Fit today. 512-472-5646


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Don't ask, ride

Back at the start of November when your intrepid ride leaders met to devise a schedule, we thought everyone would be worn down by a long season of riding, so for this Sunday we decided that as at least a couple of the ride brides would be doing the Decker Challenge, we'd just schedule no-drop and a pick-up ride.

Now after numerous cancellations, at least a few people emailed or "facebooked" me to ask about this Sundays ride, and I admit, I'm ready for one. I checked the forecast and yep, it says "few showers" for Sunday. But darn it, I want to ride.

So, we are planning to ride Sunday. No-drop definitely and scheduled to do a ride out through Rollingwood to 360. I'll be there to help with that ride and if many more show up, we can decide on an appropriate pick-up ride. Remember rain at 8:30 postpones. Hopefully see some of you tonight, if not, see y'all on Sunday.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what you can get the people in your life who love triathlon? Then look no further than this handy Gift Guide from Jack & Adam's Bicycles. We have ideas for Beginners, Him, Her, yourself & stocking stuffers. Come shop today during our Annual Holiday Sale for special savings throughout the store.

Gifts for Beginners
Elastic Shoe Laces - for faster times in transition

Running Hat - to keep the sun & sweat off your face during the run

Race Belt - to hold your race number and to save time in transition

Silicon Swim Cap - because when you're training, you'll want a better version than the typical latex variety.

Saddle bag - because you'll need a place to keep all your tools to change a flat while you're out riding or racing.

Camelbak Big Chill Water Bottle - These keep your liquids cold and don't spill. They're the best water bottle out there. Definitely a J&A staff favorite.

Gifts for Him
Tifosi sunglasses - protects eyes from debris out on the bike and of course is essential in

protecting peepers from the sun's harmful rays.

Defeet socks - because he can always use another pair of workout socks that wick away the sweat & fit feet much better than cotton.

Ironman sandles - a great shoe to slip on after a swim or bike workout.

Giro Ionos Helmet - currently $100 off, this is a top of the line helmet that he'll love to put on for every ride.

Garmin Edge 500 - light weight, GPS based cycling computer. Tracks distance, speed, location, & elevation. A great gift for performance driven cyclists & gadget lovers.

Cycling Gloves - when the weather outside is frightful...these gloves will help cold rides be more delightful.

Swim Paddles - a great tool to help get faster in the water.

Gifts for Her
Soleus Pace Watch
TYR one piece swimsuit - Austin pools & weather allow for swimming all year long, so an extra swimsuit is always a good idea.

TYR Bag - helps carry all her essential tri gear all in one place. Goodbye to the days of 5 small bags carrying an array of socks, shoes, shorts.

Swiftwick socks - quickly becoming a favorite sock among Austin's triathletes.

Tri Swim Products - forget the usual lotions & potions for Christmas & give your triathlon loving gal the ones she can really use - especially after a long swim session.

Pull Buoy - a great tool that helps her get faster in the water.

Gifts for Yourself
Rocket Science Bag - If you're looking for the ultimate in triathlon gear bags, then treat yourself to one of these. Compartments for your helmet, shoes, wetsuit & all your other tri gear.

Profile Design H2Aero Drink - hold 22 oz in this splash-free refill system

Cyclops Trainer - If you don't have a trainer yet, you're missing out on a great tool. Use it at home on cold, rainy days or when it's too dark outside to safely ride. You can also bring it to J&A's for free Thursday night spin classes.

Garmin 310XT - GPS training device that is the triathlete's ultimate training tool. Track all your workouts, including the swim. Run, sync, store & share!

Zipp 808 Wheels -Because they're cool & fast. & they'll help you look cool and fast.

Stocking Stuffers
Shield Belt
Race/J&A stickers
Salt Stick dispenser
Timing chip band
valve extenders
chamois cream
kinesys sunscreen
fresh twist shoe deodorizer
gels, bars & other nutrition


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PowerBar Party at Jack & Adam's Bicycles!

When: Thursday, December 8th at 8:00 p.m.

Where: Jack & Adams Bicycles, 1210 Barton Springs Rd

Why: To celebrate running!

Thursday, December 8th at 8 p.m., Power Bar, FloTrack, Jack & Adams Bicycles, High Five Events, Hops & Grain Beer, Hill Country Running, Rogue Running, Lukes Locker, & Big Mouth Announcing will be hosting a post Running Event party at Jack & Adams Bicycles located at 1210 Barton Springs Rd. There will be free beer, snacks, live music, giveaways, and a video show brought to you by the guys at FloTrack. This event is free and open to the public.

The Running Event is a running industry trade show hosted in Austin, Tx. once per year. The purpose of this party is to celebrate running with some of the sports leading contributors. The party is not in conjunction with the actual trade show.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP here.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Wet and off

With Austin looking vaguely reminiscent of my home country in December, and remember, I'm not from Australia... we've decided to cancel this weekends shop ride. The roads are already pretty slippy in places and the forecast has it we are in for about as much as 3-more days of this gloomy, damp weather.

I'm all for rain, and while this is better than nothing, it's not really rain. How many remember the classic rain storm we had that one time on an East Ride? Sheltering in the church doorway just the east side of Ed Bluestein, about 20 of us, then in a break in the rain we decided to call it a day and head back, only to get completely soaked through before we'd crossed the lights. We hung out at the Exxon gas station before deciding to ride back. Oh yes, that was rain...

Yes, you can have a rain-check, for safety sake, see y'all next week. If you decide to ride, remember while still damp the roads while be extra slippy from the oil and tree residue. ++Mark.