Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Don't ask, ride

Back at the start of November when your intrepid ride leaders met to devise a schedule, we thought everyone would be worn down by a long season of riding, so for this Sunday we decided that as at least a couple of the ride brides would be doing the Decker Challenge, we'd just schedule no-drop and a pick-up ride.

Now after numerous cancellations, at least a few people emailed or "facebooked" me to ask about this Sundays ride, and I admit, I'm ready for one. I checked the forecast and yep, it says "few showers" for Sunday. But darn it, I want to ride.

So, we are planning to ride Sunday. No-drop definitely and scheduled to do a ride out through Rollingwood to 360. I'll be there to help with that ride and if many more show up, we can decide on an appropriate pick-up ride. Remember rain at 8:30 postpones. Hopefully see some of you tonight, if not, see y'all on Sunday.


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