Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: 2011, that's a wrap.

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Just a reminder there is no scheduled ride for the next two Sundays. If you want to show up on Sunday January  1st I'm sure there will be a few people around for a pick-up ride.

If not, come along with your running shoes, and some underwear and come take part in another of those "Keep Austin Weird" traditions in the triathlon community, the underwear run.

Officially the 1:1 run, it has been "run" for the last 2-years and just like the 2 previous years this is an unsanctioned, uninsured, FUN RUN. Bring your fav undie and start 2012 with some friends. It starts from the shop at 9 a.m. Taking part is free, and there are usually people dressed in serious underwear and fast runners, and then there are those just dressed up...

Seen in this picture from last year is local underwear running "phenomena" Chris Garlington, no word on the event facebook page if Chris will be back this year!

Finally, I'd like to say a special end of year thank you to the ride leaders aka the escorts, Hugo, James, Zac, Kelley, Tammy and newbie Elizabeth a.k.a Betty. Also though to those of who've helped out, especially with the Steiner ride, including the Moxie Multisport crew; Jane, Adri, Matt and numerous others, and to all the staff and crew at the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse who've graciously hosted us for brunch after the ride once per month, and often had 50-60 riders descend on them as soon as they open, a pretty daunting service and cooking effort!

A couple of weekends we have a 100+ on the ride, one Steiner ride in July, Jack and counted more than 140-riders going out and we definitely missed some. Please be safe over the holidays, take care on the roads on your bike and in your cars, see you next year! ++Mark.



Adri said...

Thank you for all your hard work! You rock, mark!

Adri said...

Mark, you are awesome! Thanks for all that you have done this year! I am looking forward to what 2012 has in store for us all! -Adri