Friday, January 6, 2012

PRO-File: David Fuentes

David Fuentes crossing in 1st place at San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

Austin is a community of familiar faces. It's a city filled with incredibly genuine people with all degrees of talents. It's an active town with active citizens. David Fuentes is an incredibly genuine, active and familiar athlete that anyone would feel privileged to meet.

If you've been to the Jack & Adam's Bicycles core class, to any number of local running events, or spent an afternoon running on the trail you've probably spotted him a time or two. He possesses qualities of a small-town gentleman: a striking smile, and humble and contagious spirit that reveals itself in the way he runs, works and competes.

David grew up in Boerne, Texas where he led the Boerne High School Cross-Country team to its first state championship in 2003, his junior year. They won it again the following year. He joined the St. Edwards Cross-Country team as a walk-on and was eventually named Division II All-American before graduating. Shortly after, David connected with Derick Williamson, a local running coach and physiologist who saw a spark in David that few possess. "There's competitiveness in him that you can't teach or train into someone," said Williamson. "I can see how bad he wants to be the best, and I think that shows in how he trains and races."

Running as a member of Team Mizuno, that competitiveness gave Fuentes the title at the 2010 Austin Half Marathon with a time of 1:08:08. He bested that time a few months later at the Go! St. Louis half-marathon with a blistering 1:06:59. His most recent victory: 1st Place at the San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in November. Just his second try at the full 26.2 mile distance, David blasted through thick humidity and heat with a time of 2:28. He plans to race the Austin Half again this year, and a number of other races where he will surely be favored to place.

You can see David leading the J&A Core Class every Monday and Wednesday at 5:30pm on the shop's front deck. He's hard to spot though, he's usually participating in the very workout that he's leading. He can also be spotted on his favorite run as well: an 18 mile scenic loop that extends from Stratford Drive near the trail to Mount Bonnell. David's modesty and charm give off an air of appreciation for life and what he's been able to accomplish, and he is sure to be a part of the Austin fitness community for some time to come. Thank you David Fuentes!

by:  Michael Thompson, Jack & Adam's Bicycles

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