Friday, January 27, 2012

Favorite Workout: Team PAC Brick Workout

New this year - Jack and Adam's will be featuring favorite workouts from some of Austin's most popular training groups and also from individuals who have made a name for themselves in the sport of triathlon. If you get bored with your same old routine, then look here for some inspiration. Our first installment is from PAC!

PAC Brick Workout

To complete this workout you will need stationary bikes and treadmills. Can be done alone or with a partner.

Cycling Portion
Zone efforts equivalent to perceived exertion on a scale of 1-10. Use this if you aren't using a HR monitor as a guide.
Zone 1: 1-3 Zone 2: 3-5 Zone 3: 5-7 Zone 4: 7-9 Zone 5: 9-10

Warm Up:
5 min Zone 1 effort warm up @90-100 rpms. This is an easy warm up and allows you to slowly elevate your HR to prepare for the workload to come.
6 X 30 seconds of Zone 2 effort high cadence intervals @110-120 rpms-Recovery is 30 sec of Zone 1 effort easy pedaling @80-90 rpms.

Main Cycling set:
4 X 2 min of Zone 3 effort over gear work @50-65 rpms-This is a seated climb-Recovery is 1 min of Zone 1 effort easy seated pedaling @90-100.
5 min Zone 2 effort pedaling @90-100 rpm recovery.
4 X 2 min of Zone 3 effort over gear work @50-65 rpms-This is a standing climb-Recovery is 1 min of Zone 1 effort easy seated pedaling @90-100.
Get ready to transition to the run.

Post Cycling Run on a treadmill
This can also be done outside on a hill or if no hill is available, simply convert the run into a speed protocol run rather than a hill run. Heart Rate values and perceived exertion values would be the same.

5 X 2 min of Zone 3-Zone 4 effort running hill climb on a treadmill. Grade is 6-8%. Recovery is 2 min of easy walking or jogging if solo or standing next to the treadmill if done with a partner. Nice tall position on the treadmill focusing on maintaining a strong core, driving elbows back and keeping the turnover nice and fast in the 90-100+ foot strike range. Think of those legs as little pistons moving up and down.

Here's some info about PAC:
Pure Austin Coaching is coaching, Pure Austin style.

"Our mission is to offer the very best Swimming, Cycling, Running, Triathlon, and Strength coaching to the beginner and elite athlete. We are striving to create a rich coaching and training community that inspires by fostering amazing relationships. We pride ourselves in providing top level coaching and training information to help you achieve your goals. Workouts are at the Pure Austin locations, which are nothing short of spectacular. Visit for more information on practice times and locations."

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