Friday, May 29, 2009

New Face at Jack & Adam's

Who is the new guy helping you out at Jack & Adam's on Sundays? His name is Brian Hill and we're happy to have him on board. We've asked him a few questions about himself so that we can all get to know him a little better.

What's your full time job?
4th grade teacher at Volma Overton Elementary in East Austin.

Why did you want to work at J&A's?
I love the sport of triathlon. With the summer off as a teacher, I figured this would be a fun way to learn more about the products used in the sport and help others get hooked on triathlon.

Best part about working here:
The environment at Jack and Adam's is unlike most businesses. When I was hired, Jack and Drew told me something that really stuck out. They said that I didn't have to know everything there is to know about the products we sell and that I didn't have to meet a certain quota of sales. They told me to be on time and to be friendly to customers. That's it. This allows the opportunity for a place where customers and staff build relationships instead of worrying about making a sale. A welcoming place where you come to not only buy great products, but also hang out and shoot the breeze about what's going on in your daily life. It becomes more than a store. It's kind of like a family room that happens to sell some sweet bike stuff!

Favorite bike:

I love my 2007 Felt S22, but I REALLY LIKE the yellow and black 2008 Felt B2. Definitely my dream day!

Favorite triathlon:
Not sure I have a favorite, but I'm really looking forward to doing the Austin Triathlon and the Longhorn 70.3 for the first time this year. Maybe one of them will top my list.

Favorite nutritional product:
I have to admit, I don't use nutritional products very much. I should, especially now that I work at the shop and they're all around me. I do like to use HED on my rides though.

Favorite workout:
I love the route that the Jack and Adam's group ride goes on every Sunday out from the shop, around Decker Lake, and back. It's great to follow that ride up with a nice brick run at Town Lake afterwards.

How long you've been in the sport?:
I've been doing triathlons for about 3 years now. I was injured most of last year so I've still barely scratched the surface of my triathlon journey.

If you have anything else you'd like to add, that's cool too:
The sport of triathlon is relatively young, so you're always going to have people new to the sport that have a lot of questions. I know when I was starting out I had a ton of questions and sometimes felt embarrassed to ask them. I still have questions today! Just ask Thomas or Sam at the shop...I bombard them with questions all the time. It's nice to have a place like Jack and Adam's to get those questions answered while not feeling dumb for asking them. Austinites are lucky to have a city that caters to athletes in a number of different ways. From great trails to run on, beautiful scenery and roads to ride on, and awesome places like Barton Springs to swim in. We are also lucky to have a top class shop like Jack and Adam's available to us with staff and service that can take care of any of our triathlon needs. That's pretty awesome.

Be sure to stop by J&A's this summer to meet Brian in person!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Endurance Co-Founder to Visit Jack & Adam's

This weekend Jack & Adam's Bicycles is hosting a couple of FREE & exciting events and you're invited to both!

On Sunday, May 31st, we'll have the pleasure of welcoming Robert Kunz MS, VP of Science and Co-Founder of First Endurance Nutrition to J&A's. Robert will hand out FREE Samples of First Endurance products before the start of the shop ride at 8:30AM. After the ride, Pro Triathlete and First Endurance sponsored athlete, Amanda Lovato will join Robert to talk about nutrition/hydration for triathlon and endurance sports. The discussion will focus primarily on carbohydrate & electrolyte research for endurance sports and how that effects you. The talk starts when riders return at approximately 10:30AM. Please hang out after the ride and enjoy some tacos while Robert & Amanda talk nutrition!

I am very excited that Robert is visiting the shop. You will definitely see me out there before & after the ride so that I can get more tips on nutrition and to learn how to better utilize the First Endurance Product Line. Currently I use the EFS Fruit Punch (love the flavor), Ultragen (mixes very smoothly), and the EFS Liquid Shot (a great pick-me-up during longer training sessions). I am curious to learn more about the Pre Race Mix and the Multi Vitamin, so it will be nice to hear from the source!

To find out more about First Endurance and their products, please visit the First Endurance Website.

Also coming up on Sunday is a FREE training clinic to help get you ready for Danskin. It's presented by Tri Zones Training and here's some info it:

Sunday, May 31, 4:00pm at Jack and Adam's
TRI your best on race day
How does transition work? What gear should I bring? What are the rules on the race course? When do I pick up my packet? We'll guide you through what to expect on race weekend and how to be prepared to have the most fun on race day. Topics will include packet pickup, parking, body-marking, transitions, race day etiquette, finish line festivities and everything in between. Bring your questions - we'll get them answered!

See you at the shop!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Instructor for Core Class

The Jack & Adam's very popular & FREE core class has a new instructor! For the first time in the 5 year history of the class we'll have a female leader! We're happy to announce Lisa Bender from CrossFit Central for the Wednesday night 5:30 session. Here is some info on Lisa:

J&A: What is your background?

Lisa: I've always been athletic, grew up in competitive athletics, and have been involved in the Austin triathlon and running scene since I moved here 6 years ago. I was the 2008 Regional CrossFit champion and 27th in the International Crossfit Games. I ran the Boston Marathon April 2009. I have a degree from University of North Carolina in Exercise and Sport Science and currently have two certifications from Crossfit - Crossfit Endurance Certification and Crossfit Nutrition Certification.

J&A: What are the main benefits of a core class?

Lisa: The cornerstone of all athletic movements is the abdominal or core muscles. An athlete can train to increase stength, power, speed, etc but if the core muscles are weak they will be limited in the benefits of his/her hard work. A strong core will help protecct the back from potential injuries as well as help generate more power thru the hips into the legs and arms. Core stength is not only important for athletes but for anyone who wants to prevent injury from lifting simple items in everyday chores. We will be able to modify each exercise for ALL fitness levels.

J&A: What are the differences between this core class and CrossFit?

Lisa: Crossfit Central Indoor classes develop functional fitness using barbell weights, kettlebells,gymnastics moves, plyometrics. Crossfit Central's bootcamps develop cardiovascular endurance and strength using body weight, light dumbbells, and medicine balls. These classes engage the participants in a functional program that will help increase endurance, core strength, power, and help prevent injury. Jack and Adam's Core Class powered by Crossfit Central will focus on midline stabilization. All movements will be designed to develop abdominals and lower back - the foundation for all multi-sport athletes! Your body weight and light medicine balls are the only tools utilized in this class.

J&A: Will you keep the workouts the same or will you incorporate new moves?

Lisa: I am not that familiar with the former class structure but plan to combine traditional core movements with more dynamic and functional movements. In conjunction with improving core stength, all movements/exercises we perform will be designed to increase strength, coordination, and agility. We will use medicine balls and body weight to perform all exercises for the core class. This will be a dynamic class and while we will not focus on cardiovascular fitness, the class will include circuits that improve cardiovascular fitness.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Athlete Survey

Share your experiences as an athlete!

A local multisport athlete who also happens to be a researcher in the field of information studies is examining the information seeking habits of runners, triathletes and duathletes, and can use your help.

Please take 10 minutes to log on to the online survey HERE.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Closed Memorial Day

Jack & Adam's Bicycles will be closed on Monday, May 25th for Memorial Day. Since we're always closed on Tuesdays, normal business hours resume on Wednesday, May 27th.

Have a safe holiday weekend!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pure Austin Splash-n-Dash fills up at 200!

Tuesday marked the second Pure Austin Splash-n-Dash at Quarry Lake for 2009.  Many would be participants were caught off guard as the event filled to capacity at 200 people about 24 hours before the start time.  It actually filled up at 150 people on Sunday night, but we opened up 50 more spots on Monday afternoon.

We took an informal survey/vote at the start of the event on Tuesday night to see what people would like us to do since the event is filling up.  The pretty much unanomous crowd asked at we keep the price at $10 and cap the event at 200.   A few last minute volunteers (as they missed the registration cut off) pointed out that my survey was a little bogus since I only asked the people who actually made it into Tuesday's event.  :)   Nonetheless, we are going to stick it out at $10 and 200 people for the rest of 2009, unless we encounter issues.  So... don't procrastinate and make sure you sign up early.  The July event already has 60 people registered.

As for the event, it was pretty much picture perfect weather and there was plenty of hot dogs, chips, cookies, and drinks to go round.  Two ITU boys from Brazil, Mauro and Frank, smoked the field, and Derick Williamson finally beat his wife Kelly Handel.   Also, the big news is that Run-Far is now providing chip timing and results.  Check out the May results:

- DC


Texas Tri Series kicks off with PureSport Rookie Triathlon

New Braunfels, Texas (May 10, 2009) – The 6th annual PureSport Rookie Triathlon, held May 10th in New Braunfels, Texas, saw professional triathlete husband and wife team Brandon and Amy Marsh take first place overall for the men and women, respectively. Brandon Marsh fought off a hard charging field of pro athletes while Amy Marsh cruised to victory with a comfortable margin. Both athletes use PureSport during their training and racing. Roughly 800 participants filled the venue at the Texas Ski Ranch for fun-filled day of swimming, cycling, and running.

The gun went off at 8 AM sharp on what would turn into a very hot and humid day. As usual, the open wave included virtually all of central Texas’s male elite athletes, including Brandon Marsh, James Bonney, Jamie Cleveland, James Bales, Jason McMillian, Derrick Williamson, Patrick Evoe, Todd Gerlach, and Paul Terranova. Amy Marsh had less company in the women’s field, with Desiree Ficker and Andrea Fisher on volunteer duty for the day. The pros and age groupers laid down some speed at the super sprint distance of a 300 meter open-water swim, an 11 mile ride through the beautiful Texas countryside, and a quick 2 mile run.

Participants, volunteers, and spectators were welcomed into finish line carnival with an iced towel and recovery drink from PureSport. The goodies continued with hamburgers, fresh fruit provided by Texas Iron, Kook Kones ice cream, New Belgium Beer, free massage from Advanced Rehab, and a souvenir bike bottle from T3, and gifts from TYR, Trigger Point, Clif, Skeese Greets, and Jack & Adam’s Bicycles.

High Five Events and Jack & Adam’s Bicycles, the producers of the event, received many compliments on the successful event, including the following from a long time participant and volunteer: “I've been coming to these events for many years. After each event I think that you have pulled off the perfect race. Then, I come again next year and the event is even more perfect. I don't know how you guys do it!"

The 2010 event is tentatively scheduled for Mother Day, May 9th.

Buffalo Springs Lake Training Camp

The 20th edition of the Buffalo Springs Lake Ironman 70.3 takes place on June 28th. Are you ready?

Join Source Endurance for the Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon Training Camp May 28th-31st. Learn from the Source Endurance Coaches that have worked with top professionals and age-groupers. Get on course tips and feedback you'll need to make this race your best ever...and just maybe earn a spot to Kona on race day!

The camp will include previewing all portions of the course. You'll do the swim, bike, and run course with Source Endurance Coaches and Pro-athletes. All entrants will have the use of power meters for their bike during this event. Following the course preview Source Endurance will have evening discussions on pacing and even power analysis of your bike course ride.

You can learn more about the Training Camp HERE.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pee Wee's Big Adventure

If you're looking for something fun and relaxing to do this Memorial Day Weekend, then step back into your childhood with a blast-from-the-past movie: Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Alamo Drafthouse is hosting a "Bicycle Drive In" on Saturday at sundown (8PM). Ride in on your favorite bike, and be sure to take a huge chain to lock it down - just like Pee Wee!

Here's more directly from Alamo Drafthouse:


There is only one truth in this life: PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE is the FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER MADE. If anyone tells you different, they’re just trying to start trouble.

Watch the most entertaining man who has ever roamed the earth embark on a cross-country quest to reclaim his kidnapped best friend: a bicycle. Along the way, ol' P.W. will encounter tough-as-nails bikers, giant dinosaurs, wild animals, ninjas, chubby billionaires, escaped convicts, buckin' broncos, tone-deaf hobos, unwanted romance, fibbing gypsies, clumsy Godzillas, basement-less Alamos, vengeful boyfriends and even an undead trucker! Fun didn't exist until Pee-Wee invented it, and now the most funrocious, funtacular, fungorious funsplosion in the history of FUN will be presented on the big BIG screen in a gorgeous 35MM print!

So bring everyone you’ve ever met and bike (or walk) on in to the most hilarious, entertaining and downright PERFECT Rolling Roadshow screening that could ever exist! PEE-WEE FOREVERRR!!!!!

Screening location: The big outdoor lot beside PROGRESS COFFEE on 5th and San Marcos (just 2 blocks East of I-35)"

You can purchase tickets HERE.

Friday, May 15, 2009

CrossFit Central- Now at Jack & Adam's

This past Monday welcomed the start of a new training program here at Jack & Adam's: CrossFit Central. I was one of the lucky ones to try it out this week and I loved it. Right now CrossFit will be offering a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday class starting at 5:45-6:45 a.m. You can opt to sign up for two days a week or even three. In June there will be a Tuesday/Thursday class from 6:30am-7:30am.

For six out of my nine years in triathlon, I struggled with hip, back, and lower leg related injuries. I knew I needed strength training as a form of injury prevention but I was too stubborn to stick to a strength routine and quite frankly I didn't find it nearly as fun as swim practice or a weekend group ride. So weights were always the first workout to get cut from my schedule when life got busy (I am sure many of you can relate).

By the 5th year in the sport I had had enough with all the injuries; I wanted to run more than 3 months without getting injured. I decided to go to a physical therapy center that specialized in endurance athletes. I worked with them for over a year from a rehabilitation level to a core/strength class. I had finally learned that strength was a major key in staying healthy.

Now, every week has a strength component at minimum of once per week. I have to admit that lately I was getting a little bored with my weight routines. Since I don't have a lot of knowledge and experience with strength building, my progress can be limited. I saved a lot of the dynamic workouts from my PT that kept me injury free, but I can only rotate through them so many times before I get bored. When I heard that CrossFit was coming to Jack & Adam's I knew the program would be a great fit for me. I had seen a CrossFit class at Rogue Running and I could see that the exercises were dynamic and multidirectional which is key with injury prevention.

The best thing I learned this week about CrossFit is that ANYONE can do it - triathlete or not. It is not a competition between you and the person next to you; rather it is you versus the clock and you against yourself. Plus it is fun! CrossFit focuses on a total body dynamic strength workout which is important for long term overall wellness. You will feel sore (ask Jack or Sam, okay I was sore too) but you will feel great post-workout.

If you are looking to get multiple workouts done in the morning, I plan to swim at Barton Springs after CrossFit on Mondays and run afterwards on Wednesday. Feel free to join me!

For additional questions please stop by the shop and ask one of us (many of us have tried it out) or check out the CrossFit website:

See you at the shop!



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Block Party at Rogue

Triathlon season is in full swing, but maybe you're also considering a marathon for the fall. If so, then check out the free block party hosted by Rogue Training this weekend.

Fall Marathon Fling Thing Block Party

Saturday from 11 AM until 2 PM

PLACE: Rogue Equipment, 500 San Marcos Street, 78702

Here's what's happening:

Get info on training for a half or full marathon

Raffle prizes

Free beer

Free breakfast tacos from Taco Deli

A speaker from the San Antonio Marathon/Half Marathon

Magazine signing by Darren Brown who was recently featured in Runner's World

Free cupcakes from Hey Cupcake!

Activities and information from Red Licorice Events and Advanced Rehab

Rock climbing on the Austin Rock Gym outdoor rock wall


Friday, May 1, 2009

This weekend's Jack & Adam's Event Schedule

This weekend is jam packed with Jack & Adam's events so I thought I would provide an update for eveyone.

For those of you participating in the May 2nd Shiner Ride packet pick up is here at the shop today, Friday, from 11am-7pm. If you live outside of Austin you can also pick up your packet at the Met Center from 5:30am-6:30am. For additional information please visit the Shiner ride website at:

The Skeese Greet's Women's triathlon is also this weekend. For those of you participating the packet pick up is from 11am-6:30pm and on Saturday from 11am to 5pm. Stop by on Saturday for the transition clinic put on by Tri Zones training. The clinic starts at 2pm. For more information please visit

We will also be having a Saturday Tent sale with some great stuff on great discount. Stop in for some great savings or to just say hi!

Good luck racers and ride participants!