Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pure Austin Splash-n-Dash fills up at 200!

Tuesday marked the second Pure Austin Splash-n-Dash at Quarry Lake for 2009.  Many would be participants were caught off guard as the event filled to capacity at 200 people about 24 hours before the start time.  It actually filled up at 150 people on Sunday night, but we opened up 50 more spots on Monday afternoon.

We took an informal survey/vote at the start of the event on Tuesday night to see what people would like us to do since the event is filling up.  The pretty much unanomous crowd asked at we keep the price at $10 and cap the event at 200.   A few last minute volunteers (as they missed the registration cut off) pointed out that my survey was a little bogus since I only asked the people who actually made it into Tuesday's event.  :)   Nonetheless, we are going to stick it out at $10 and 200 people for the rest of 2009, unless we encounter issues.  So... don't procrastinate and make sure you sign up early.  The July event already has 60 people registered.

As for the event, it was pretty much picture perfect weather and there was plenty of hot dogs, chips, cookies, and drinks to go round.  Two ITU boys from Brazil, Mauro and Frank, smoked the field, and Derick Williamson finally beat his wife Kelly Handel.   Also, the big news is that Run-Far is now providing chip timing and results.  Check out the May results:

- DC


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