Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Instructor for Core Class

The Jack & Adam's very popular & FREE core class has a new instructor! For the first time in the 5 year history of the class we'll have a female leader! We're happy to announce Lisa Bender from CrossFit Central for the Wednesday night 5:30 session. Here is some info on Lisa:

J&A: What is your background?

Lisa: I've always been athletic, grew up in competitive athletics, and have been involved in the Austin triathlon and running scene since I moved here 6 years ago. I was the 2008 Regional CrossFit champion and 27th in the International Crossfit Games. I ran the Boston Marathon April 2009. I have a degree from University of North Carolina in Exercise and Sport Science and currently have two certifications from Crossfit - Crossfit Endurance Certification and Crossfit Nutrition Certification.

J&A: What are the main benefits of a core class?

Lisa: The cornerstone of all athletic movements is the abdominal or core muscles. An athlete can train to increase stength, power, speed, etc but if the core muscles are weak they will be limited in the benefits of his/her hard work. A strong core will help protecct the back from potential injuries as well as help generate more power thru the hips into the legs and arms. Core stength is not only important for athletes but for anyone who wants to prevent injury from lifting simple items in everyday chores. We will be able to modify each exercise for ALL fitness levels.

J&A: What are the differences between this core class and CrossFit?

Lisa: Crossfit Central Indoor classes develop functional fitness using barbell weights, kettlebells,gymnastics moves, plyometrics. Crossfit Central's bootcamps develop cardiovascular endurance and strength using body weight, light dumbbells, and medicine balls. These classes engage the participants in a functional program that will help increase endurance, core strength, power, and help prevent injury. Jack and Adam's Core Class powered by Crossfit Central will focus on midline stabilization. All movements will be designed to develop abdominals and lower back - the foundation for all multi-sport athletes! Your body weight and light medicine balls are the only tools utilized in this class.

J&A: Will you keep the workouts the same or will you incorporate new moves?

Lisa: I am not that familiar with the former class structure but plan to combine traditional core movements with more dynamic and functional movements. In conjunction with improving core stength, all movements/exercises we perform will be designed to increase strength, coordination, and agility. We will use medicine balls and body weight to perform all exercises for the core class. This will be a dynamic class and while we will not focus on cardiovascular fitness, the class will include circuits that improve cardiovascular fitness.

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