Friday, December 2, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Wet and off

With Austin looking vaguely reminiscent of my home country in December, and remember, I'm not from Australia... we've decided to cancel this weekends shop ride. The roads are already pretty slippy in places and the forecast has it we are in for about as much as 3-more days of this gloomy, damp weather.

I'm all for rain, and while this is better than nothing, it's not really rain. How many remember the classic rain storm we had that one time on an East Ride? Sheltering in the church doorway just the east side of Ed Bluestein, about 20 of us, then in a break in the rain we decided to call it a day and head back, only to get completely soaked through before we'd crossed the lights. We hung out at the Exxon gas station before deciding to ride back. Oh yes, that was rain...

Yes, you can have a rain-check, for safety sake, see y'all next week. If you decide to ride, remember while still damp the roads while be extra slippy from the oil and tree residue. ++Mark.


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