Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Plans, Schedules and Rides

So, like the past two years we are going to make things a little less formal over the colder months. Tammy, Hugo and I met Tuesday and sketched out the plan through January 1st, with email input from James, Zac and Kelly who couldn't make it.

There are a few points to note.

  • For those that have been making steady progress on the No-drop 20-mile rides, we are going to add an extended No-drop on 12/4. There will be the normal No-drop South to Buda and we will provide ride leader coverage to take those that want to on to the Walgreens in Buda, making a 28-mile roundtrip.
  • All rides are subject to the standard, money back rain warranty. If it is raining at ride start time, 8:30 a.m. We cancel and you get an immediate return of all money paid, in the currency you paid in. You are of course welcome to go ride, but we won't be with you. Until we've had some constant hard rain, the roads will be extra slippery "when wet".
  • Pick-up rides are just that. We don't have a planned ride, there will be no cue sheets. Meet at the shop based on who shows up and how many, we'll decide where to ride.
  • Please take care when riding, call out road defects, and traffic; no aero bars unless on the front of the group, no overlapping wheels in a group, no more than 2-wide, and finally NO MP3, Phone or other earphones. Maybe your wife is pregnant, maybe your Mom is sick, maybe you are on call, whatever the reason, please don't ride with them in your ears. A group ride is a group experience, that sadly extends to crashes. We have a great track record on safety and have never had a group pile-up and would like to keep it that way.
  • As always, except for the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse rides, there will be Taco deli breakfast taco's on the deck after the shop ride.

Remember, shop rides are free, and we always start on time at 8:30 a.m. ++Mark.

13th Ride: north west and shoal creek
Other Events: Wurst Ride, Tour das Hugel

20th Ride: No-drop only (+ pickup for any others)
Other Events Dirty Duathlon

27th Ride: Steiner Steakhouse Ride
Other Events: w/e after Thanksgiving

4th Ride: Advanced/Intermediate do Creedmore; plus extended No-drop to Walgreens, Buda
Other Events:

11th Ride: No-drop Hills out to 360; Intermediate/Advanced pick-up ride.
Other events: Decker Challenge

18th Ride: Steiner Steakhouse Ride
Other Events:


1st Ride: Pick up ride
Other Events: New Years day Underwear Run


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