Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shop ride Sunday: Getting dirty

Just a quick reminder that we've only scheduled a no-drop ride for this weekend. As always, there will be some folks who show up to ride anyway and so there is always a chance for an informal pick-up ride.

Otherwise a couple of other things are keeping us away this week. First up most of the shop folks will be down at Rocky Hill Ranch for the High Five Events Dirty Du. It's a fun w/e full of action, if you have a mountain bike you can chose between two distances, if not, why not rope a friend in who has and take part in the relay. Next up this weekend is the final US Ironman race of the 2011 series, IMAZ in Tempe, AZ. There are around 20-athletes from Austin taking part and many more going along to support and cheer. Good luck to everyone!

So, this week it's no-drop only, the ride leaves as always at 8:30 a.m. After the ride we will have a guest appearance by Kip, owner of Kip Running Sports Massage. He will be out with his massage table and also available for Q&A.

Next week, Sunday after Thanksgiving, it's back to the Steiner Ranch steakhouse. Be there to work off the turkey.


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