Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Group Training

The below note is from James T., a member of the Austin triathlon community. He does not work for Jack & Adam's, but has put together an informal group of like minded people. If you're on Facebook, you can find more info HERE and join the group.

Have you ever mentioned to someone that you are training for a triathlon? If so, I'm sure they say they want to complete one, too. And the next question is usually, "Is there a group that helps?"

There is! For those who are new to triathlons and for those who like the support of a group, let's get ready for the Texas Tri Series Rookie Triathlon together. Check out the schedule:

Monday and Wednesday nights: Core & Calisthenics @ J&A's 5:30pm
Tuesday: Training Run @ J&A's 5:30pm
Friday: Swim Workout @ Barton Springs Pool
Saturday: Easy Run @ J&A's 7:30am
Sunday: No Drop Ride @J&A's 8:30am

And there will be more! So drop James T., mclvinx @ mac.com, an email so you can be added to the group and learn about happy hours, seminars, etc. Let's get started!

James T.


Anonymous said...

are the friday barton swims coached or just meet and swim on your own?

Jack and Adam's Bicycles: said...

Swim workouts are not coached...just meet & swim on your own. Many triathletes go there on Friday mornings.