Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get More Rides In With Greenling

If you read the monthly J&A newsletter, then you've probably already seen one of our favorite local companies. Here's our take, once again on Greenling:

Spend more time on the bike and less time at the grocery store with Greenling! This grocery home delivery service is a great way to keep farm-fresh, organic fruits and veggies in your fridge all week long.

J&A owner, Jack Murray has been using this great service for almost 2 years and loves it. As a J&A customer you get a 10% discount off your first order by using code JACADA121 at check out.

Ride more. Eat healthy. Greenling!

(& no, they don't pay us for this...we just like to promote awesome services & products that we think you might also like.)

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