Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Closed on Tuesdays

Ever since Jack & Adam's first opened its doors in February of 2004, the shop has been closed on Tuesdays. You may wonder what we do on Tuesdays. Well, sometimes we mingle with Matt's El Rancho & Home Slice Pizza staff since they're also closed on Tuesdays. Most of the time, however, we work. We restock, organize, place orders, attend meetings, learn more about products, answer email, paint, clean, general maintenance, and attend to other things on the "to do" list.

We also make time for more "fun" stuff on Tuesdays. This includes the Tuesday night track workouts which many staffers attend (Jack, Drew, Thomas, Cassidy, Stacy.) Some of us take it even further with some SERIOUS training. Last Tuesday for instance, Drew and Sammy logged a 130 mile ride. Drew is training for Ironman CDA. And this morning, Jack, Joseph and Thomas went on a 4 hour, 25 minute Greenbelt run starting at 4AM. Jack and Joseph are training for the Leadville Trail 100 mile run coming up in August (start time 4AM.) We're still trying to figure out why Thomas would do such a thing when he's not training for that crazy race; you'll have to ask him yourself.

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VeganCowboy said...

This sound far more exciting than my job. Can I just come and work for you?