Wednesday, June 3, 2009

National Running Day

Today is the Inaugural National Running Day! It's an initiative to promote running as an easy, healthy and accessible form of exercise. So, what are we supposed to do on this day? Well, the easy thing is to just simply go on a run or wear your running shoes. But if you really want to help the cause, then encourage others to get out and run. Here are some great beginner tips to get your non-running friends, family and kids into the sport.

Another great resource for running info is Runner's World. The magazine pondered what else they should do on this day besides just run; here are some of their ideas:

Bake a cake and decorate it with pink frosting that spells out RUNNING. Then throw it directly into the garbage. You'll never run a PR on a diet of cake!

Take "National Running" literally, and run across the nation. Just like Conan O'Brien did recently.

Purchase a pennant that reads "Running." Wave it.

Every single time you see someone walking, even if that person is a stranger, encourage him to break into a run. If he appears confused, demonstrate.

Visit your local running specialty store, and applaud. (In Austin - RunTex, Rogue Equipment, Hill Country Running Co.)

Take the day off work. If your boss balks, tell him it's a religious holiday.

Now the question is, when are we going to create National Triathlon Day?


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