Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jack & Adam's Fit Strategy

Here at Jack and Adam’s we focus our bike fitting around the individual and their individual anatomical characteristics. Each person carries a set of unique qualities when it comes to bike positioning. Those qualities involve not just height and inseam values, but arm length, hip width, upper and lower leg lengths, varied range of flexibility, in muscle groups, like the low back, hamstrings, and ankle motions. Further, there are a greater deal of variations when it comes to people that have made our Fit Process what it is today.

We get asked each week, “What system of fitting does Jack and Adam’s use?” The reality is over the years we have adopted a series of many systems to better understand the idea of fitting or positioning from the side of both bio-mechanics and mathematics. Most systems are attempts, at best, to mathematically account for the fundamentally, most sound, bike position relative to both aerodynamics and power.

Sure there are some great systems today that permit better customer/rider visibility of these well researched methods, but not adopting or fully embracing any of the systems isn’t a limitation, it is what has outlined the success we achieve with more then 95% of our clientele. By adopting only one system and training our staff in one system, limits our staffs education to that ideal, so we train our staff to understand when these mathematical principles can be altered to enhance the riders comfort, performance, and even relative aerodynamics.

Fundamentally Bike Fit is best defined by how a rider interfaces with the relative design of a bike. Each rider brings their unique set of “body dynamics” with them and though they may want to get into the most textbook driven position, the more consistent reality is those parameters work for some and not all and it is always best the rider have a specific set of “Athletic qualities.” Yes, we said, “Athletic qualities.” Dan Empfield said it best, “The aero position is an athletic position.” Therefore each rider has to realize they bring into the bike fit each of their unique limitation and the goal is to work toward that athletic position, but not without realizing what the consequences might be.

So here at Jack and Adam’s we focus our efforts toward understanding these variations of limitations people bring into the process; we try not to harp on those limitations, but we have built a referral source for mechanical issues which can be treated or require treatment. Lastly, we study the principles and educate our staff to understand that beyond the “method” what is most applicable to our customer and their riding comfort and enjoyment.

Jack and Adam’s Fit Process:

1.) The Measures: Everyone who comes into the store who is searching for a bike is measured to assure the geometrical dimensions of the bike best match the unique anatomical dimensions of each customer. There is no guessing here, straight forward relationships between body measures and bike measures. The goal is the best size bike that assures the potential toward evolution of the “athletic position aero position”. We seek to place each rider on the bike where they are centered and able to move forward and rearward without limiting their use of the bike of choice. The best fitting bike and its appropriate size is the main goal not existing stock, therefore, if we don’t have it and can get it, we order it.

(Note: We often talk "need" rather than "want" as a consideration to customers, so if you simply want something feel free to say what you are looking for in your purchase.)

2.) The Test Ride: Next we suggest a test ride, this way each rider can evaluate and compare a new geometry, component function, and overall position comfort. The goal is the rider should feel like the bike is part of them, taking the riders unique limitations into account of course. This is also a great way to determine between two varied geometries or different fitting bicycles, materials, all focused toward improving your final fit.

3.) The Final Fit: Assuming the customer has found the right bike of their choosing we take the information from the test rides, and apply any specific consideration to the final fitting. The goal is to make sure the customer is in a position you can evolve from and toward your ultimate performance position. If there are any issues, we take them into account discussing them and resolve them.

4.) Delivery: The purchase of bike, a final mechanical review, trimming of cables, assurance of functional shifting and overall safety. Each new bike purchased receives 3 free tune ups in the first year, serial number, and manuals, if applicable.

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