Wednesday, June 17, 2009

J&A Corporate Wellness Challenge

Jack & Adam's Bicycles and the Austin Triathlon have teamed up to create the J&A Corporate Wellness Challenge.

Goal: Promote and encourage healthy living through physical activity.

For Individuals: Take control of your health and well being using the challenge of triathlon. Physical activity leads to good eating habits, increased energy levels, weight loss, and improved self image. Together these contribute to a longer, happier, and rewarding life.

For Organizations: A healthier workforce is a more productive workforce, and lowers operating costs. In addition, employees who take on a common challenge outside of the workplace often develop stronger bonds that lead to improve d teamwork at the workplace.


Sign up in either the sprint or Olympic distance as an individual -- option to select the wellness challenge & enter your group name. The standard registration fees apply.

Sign up as a Olympic distance relay -- option to select the wellness challenge & enter your group name. Each relay participant receives a packet, t-shirt, etc.

Participating Company/Organization logos displayed on CWC web page.


Seminars & Clinics leading up to the event.

Diet / nutrition guidelines provided.

Provide blog, online support community, etc.

Race Weekend

Corporate Wellness Challenge Expo Booth - participating companies can be part of the booth.

Corporate Wellness Challenge awards presented to top 5 groups with the most participants. Awards may go deeper or be divided into more categories depending upon the number of participants.



Anonymous said...

I have already registered for the Tri prior to seeing the training challenge, can I still participate in the training program?

Jack and Adam's Bicycles: said...

If you've already registered for the Tri, you can still take part in the Corporate Wellness Challenge. Email and you'll be entered into the Corporate Wellness Challenge.