Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shop Ride Sundays: The mystery of the east

This Sunday see's the shop ride return to the east route, which means that all rides will head out east to Decker Lake. It is an interesting and challenging ride from a number of perspectives.

First up, it is the most difficult for the ride leaders by far to get everyone out and back to town together in groups. There are a LOT of traffic lights before we make a left on Johnny Morris Rd from Loyola. The Intermediate and Advanced rides will be going out and around Decker Lake and it's a great chance to go at race pace, but we'd ask you to stick together until at least the re-group at the Beer distributors on the corner of Johnny Morris and Daffan Lane.

Second, it's a great opportunity to learn group riding and urban riding skills as we circumnavigate the east side of the city. Please pay attention, call out road issues, and don't take any risks at lights.

Third, on the way back into town, please take it easy, pick up stray riders from other groups that have been dropped and help them get back into town.

No-drop doesn't go around Decker Lake, avoiding the "big hills", but again is a valuable lesson in urban riding. No-drop route is 24-miles, so a few longer than normal.

Intermediate and Advanced rides take the same route out to Decker Lake, around the tri course and back into town. There is an optional 15-mile add-on for advanced group riders making the total distance of 51-miles, which also takes in the first part of the Austin 70.3 course. We've not decided if we are going to have people to lead out on the add-on but you are welcome to take it on.

As always, we leave at 8:30 a.m. prompt, a few simple rules: No headphones/earphones of any sort; call out road/traffic issues; no overlapping wheels; no tri/aero bars unless you are at the front, use your base bars.

See ya Sunday! Any questions? ++Mark.


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