Friday, September 16, 2011

Austin 70.3 Course ride this week

I will be out to ride the course again tomorrow, 9/17, and will be getting people together to start around 7 a.m. probably for a ride start at 7:10 based on light and weather conditions. You have two options for parking

  • Park outside the main entrance for free
  • Park inside the park, the gates will be open but you may have to pay to enter, if not you will be expected to pay to exit.

The course is clearly marked with red and yellow arrows on the road surface. There are yellow arrows before and on every turn, and yellow arrows indicating direction at most ever major road junction. When you get around through Webberville on MLK/969 the red arrows take you up Blue Bluff Rd and back to the park entrance, if you don't turn there, the yellow arrows follow the course back to Decker Lane.

There are two options if you want a printout of the route before riding.

  1. This route on is correct, you do need a Gold account though to print it.
  2. Click on this link, or the graphic above and print in grayscale, the route, road names and 5-miles should be visible.

The ride is unsupported, and is NOT an official Jack and Adams shop ride. There will be a few regroup points, but will NOT be no-drop. 56-miles is just too far for a no-drop ride. It's clearly marked, you are expected to be able to ride the whole course, or work your own shortcuts. You need to be prepared to:
  • Take all the liquids you'll need, I suggest at least 48fl oz (there are NO refueling options until 42-miles in Webberville)
  • Take any spares you need, tire boot, spare tube, patch kit, levers
  • Carry out your own repairs
  • Have your own emergancy contact in case of breakdowns
As always, if you have problems I will attempt to help if I'm around, as will most other riders. We had some 20-people out last week in a couple of small groups.

A few tips on riding the course
  1. Please take care and keep focused on the road conditions. After the driest and hottest summer on record, the roads are cracked in many places. I suggest not riding too close to the person in front
  2. Slow right down on the sharp turn at the end of Blake Manor Rd onto FM969. It's the only short sharp down hill on the course, it's spray marked on the side of the road to slow down. Yes, you can see a long way left that the road is clear, but taking the corner too fast will mean you drift over the center line, a very bad idea!
  3. When cycling on FM969 for traffic, and most importantly when riding on the shoulder. Numerous places have been recently chip sealed and there are numerous sports with piles of loose gravel
  4. Take enough fluids!!
Otherwise it's another great course and potentially fast one. Hope to see you out there tomorrow and in coming weeks! Have a great race! ++Mark.


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Don B said...

How is the section of Hog Eye that has torn up for some time down to the road base? I haven't been out there since riding through all that dirt/gravel a month or so ago.