Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Move along, this is...

This weekend the shop staff, Jack, Drew and the crew will be busy with the Ironman Austin 70.3 bike course and the race in general. If you have not volunteered yet and have anytime available on Sunday please sign-up here.

I'll be out loading 5,000 plus athletes, spectators, officials and volunteers on school buses to get them to the start on time, and other normal ride leaders will be volunteering or supporting athletes who are taking part. As such, for this Sunday only we are offering just the no-drop. Hugo will be leading, and will decide on the day, based on conditions etc. but according to the schedule, it's South.

For next Sunday, we'll back at full strength and we have another Steiner Ranch Steakhouse, see y'all there! ++Mark.


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