Friday, October 14, 2011

Shop ride Sunday: It's Creedmore aka South East

Last week got rained off, I got a voicemail message, a couple of facebook message emails and two people actually ask if we were going to reschedule the Hills clinic, one even wanted it before Tour das Hugel. I'll talk to the ride leaders, and especially Tammy Metzger and see if we can schedule it for November 6th.

This week sees all rides head south. The no-drop ride will go to Atkins High School for a 10-mile out and 10-mile back, true no-drop, no cyclist left behind! The intermediate and Advanced groups will take Slaughter and go out to Creedmoor. If the weather holds, with the current temps it should be a great ride!

Tammy will be posting a ride map on the Tempo Multisport facebook page, so check there if you don't know the route. This is one of those rides were it's worth trying to move up a group. Want to try a steady ride with the Intermediate, move up from the no-drop and if you can't keep up at by Slaughter, you can just wait for the no-drop to roll along. Want to try the faster Intermediate group or even the Advanced group, come-on up, if you can't keep up you can drop back

Just remember, for the Intermediate and Advanced groups, they are NOT, no-drop. We do our best to drop back and pull you back to the group, but their are limits based on route and the number of ride leaders we have. So don't expect a personal domestique who will keep pulling you back.

My motto is," its easier to keep up than catch-up". See y'all Sunday, we leave at 8:30 a.m. sharp. ++Mark.


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Mark C. said...

Haste makes waste, before anyone else points it out, I know its actually Creedmoor.,_Texas Sigh. ++Mark.