Friday, August 26, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: Schedule update

Just another reminder that this week is a shop ride Steiner Ranch Steak House Edition, don't be late, 8:30 sharp!

Since I know lots of people like to know what rides are coming up, here is the schedule through the end of October. We reserve the right to cancel or change the routes based on weather conditions(yeah, I know, the forecast through the end of October is dry and hot...), ride leader availability and, well, because sometimes people ask to change ;-)

Unless otherwise noted, there is ALWAYS a No-drop ride, and it will be 10-miles out, 10-miles back. The intermediate ride goes 1-hour out, 1-hour back and covers varying distances and inevitably splits into a steady based group to enourage people moving up from No-drop and a faster paced group looking to move up to Advanced. The advanced does, well what it does, sometimes the same routes but faster, sometimes with add on miles.

You should be ready to leave at 8:30, we are always on time, and even for the no-drop we cannot wait if you have a puncture, problems parking etc. The groups are simply too big to wait. The Sunday shop rides always leave from the shop EXCEPT the Steiner Steakhouse edition.

We have a few simple rules
  • Be safe, follow the rules of the road
  • No music players or telephone headsets for ANY reason
  • Don't overlap wheels
  • No aero bars excpt if you are riding at the front of the group
  • Call-out road traffic, surface and debris problems as soon as you can.

7th Ride: Unplanned

14th Ride: North West; No Drop - Shoal Creek

21st South - Intermediate and Advanced have 30, 34, 38, 60 mile options
Other Events Transition Clinic 11:15-12:15;Butler Park

28th Ride: Steiner Steakhouse Ride

4th Ride: NO DROP ONLY - South
Other Events AUSTIN TRIATHLON(5th)

11th Ride: All routes go east! No Drop(24), Intermediate/Advanced(36)

17th Ride: Austin 70.3 Course ride
18th Ride: Cedar Creek; NO DROP - South

24th Ride: Austin 70.3 Course ride
25th Ride: Steiner Steakhouse Ride

2nd Ride: NO DROP ONLY - Shoal Creek
Other Events - Kerrville Triathlon w/e

8th Ride: Austin 70.3 Course ride
9th Ride: Hills clinic, Lost creek; No Drop goes out to 360.

15th Ride: Austin 70.3 Course ride
16th Ride: Creedmore; No Drop - South

23rd Ride: NO DROP ONLY, Shoal Creek.
Other Events - AUSTIN 70.3

30th Ride: Steiner Steakhouse Ride
Other Events Run for the water 10k/5k


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