Thursday, August 4, 2011

USAT Elections

Want your opinion to be heard on things near and dear to your heart? Or maybe you're just bored at work and want something to do. Either way your vote counts the same and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your chair. If you're a card-carrying USAT member, be sure to vote!

Here's why we're backing Candy Cheatham in the South Midwest Region for the National Board:

Candy started as an Age Group Athlete in 1998. Her experience has ranged from competing, officiating (USAT Official Cat 1), Technical Official (ITU style racing), WTC Official (Ironman, 70.3) and serving in the governance of the sport.

Her service to the governance of triathlon has included serving on the SMW Regional Board of Directors for seven years (2001-2008). Candy was elected President of the Regional Board for three years. (2005-2008) In 2010 she made the decision to run for the National Board of USA Triathlon and was elected to represent the SMW Region of USA Triathlon.

Her service has consisted of the following:

* Elected Secretary of the Board
* Liaison to International Relations Committee
* ITU Women’s Committee
* Board Liaison for Nominating and Governance Committee
* Board Liaison for USAT Women’s Committee

From Candy herself, "I feel that my service on the Board is not complete and that is why I am running for re-election. My greatest strength is that I stay close to the grass roots of the sport and I listen to what the members have to say. Whether I am dealing with athletes, race directors, officials, coaches, or volunteers I always give each my undivided attention. I am asking for your support and vote so that I may continue to serve our region. I will always strive to represent the entire membership of the SMW Region."

To vote CLICK HERE and enter your USAT number and your individual election passcode. The passcode was sent out to members via email on July 29th. If you did not get your passcode, call in to USAT for technical assistance: 952-971-2339


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