Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Austin 70.3 Bike course rides

Something I've done over the past 4-years is to lead organized group rides around the Longhorn aka Austin 70.3 bike course. They started as a way to get the Austin Triathlon meetup group together, then the 2nd year once we'd started the shop rides, I had some people ask for them, then 2009 while I was in my final training period for IM Arizona they were great way to finish, doing the course twice, once with the fast folks at 7am, then with a steady group at 10am.

I've already ready been asked numerous times if we plan to do them again this year. Yes, but there is no we in this. They are not formally J&A Shop rides, there are none of the normal post race delights of Taco deli breakfast tacos and ice cold water, and most importantly, the rides start out at Decker Lake and there is absolutely no, no-drop.

The rides will start on Saturday September 17th at 7.00 a.m. sharp. The late start is mostly due to my availability in the preceding 3-weeks. What we will do for the first week is effectively re-group at each major turn. I'll have course maps.

That will leave 3-weeks, excluding October 1st which is Kerville Triathlon Festival, for those 3-weeks we'll form groups at the start based on estimated bike course finish times and then go at race pace.

Things to know. 1. There will be NO hydration or SAG support on the ride/route. That means bring your own things for repairs; bring at least 3 bottles. 2. After the 1st week you need to know the course or bring a map. 3. There will be many people, including me, that will do a post ride run. We mostly will NOT be using the official run course. 4. No post ride breakfast tacos, but plenty of chance to disappear back into town to grab lunch with fellow riders!

Any questions, post here, or come see me at the Transition clinic after this weeks shop ride. ++Mark.



Marv said...

This sounds great. Shame I don't live closer. You guys got it good in Austin.

Jake said...

@Marv... No kidding! What a great community!

Jeff Smith said...

Would like to attend...called shop but they didn't have any details. Where exactly are you meeting in the park?? Never been out to that there a fee? Where does everyone in the group park?