Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Transition clinic this Sunday

A good T1/T2 will save you more time in a race than most people can save from a month of swim practice, yet so few people treat it like the 4th discipline of triathlon, and practice, practice, practice.

This Sunday, 21st August, see's a chance to come learn and practice after the shop ride. My transition times for T1/T2 are inevitably less than a minute, in these pictures that's me mounting my bike in a duathlon back in 2002; the 2nd picture by Tom Marek, is of Michelle Garel, formerly Jack and Adams, and current J&A Race team member about to dismount, and the perfect transition set-up is from my friend Jen Mathe.

Sundays Transition Clinic will be in Butler Park, the other side of the railway tracks from the shop, starting at 11:15 and running through until everyone has had a chance to try both mount and dismount, ask questions etc.

This time, after feedback from the prior clinics, I will have a handout of key tips for attendees. See you there! ++Mark.


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