Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Product Review: Raspberry Carb-Boom

I've been a fan of raspberries for most of my life. I'm such a huge fan that I wore my raspberry colored Rookie shirt for this picture.

My biggest disappointment was discovering how expensive raspberries are. After spending many summers picking them off the bushes behind the fence line at my elementary school I nearly fainted when I realized I'd been eating about $5 / day without paying a penny. Don't worry, I wasn't stealing from any farmers. Those wild bushes were between a creek and a fence, where nobody could pick them unless they had small hands to squeeze through the fence.

Thankfully I can get raspberries throughout the year in the form of jams and dried into dark chocolate (yes, it's healthy).

So you can imagine my excitement when Angie told me Carb-Boom had just sent us a box of their newest flavor, Raspberry. I was so excited I picked up the phone and disturbed Michael at work to tell him the news. He was much less excited, I don't think he was jumping up and down on the other end.

I had my first test during a long run last Friday. Let's just say I made good time on the way back. Not sure if I can credit it all to the Carb-Boom but I'm sure it helped. I also tried it on my bike ride Sat. Pretty good stuff. Not the same as fresh raspberries but they never seem to keep well in my jersey pocket.

Hope you enjoy the new flavor. Note, I still think I'm bias towards the apple-cinnamon Carb-Boom. It reminds me of apple pie, another personal favorite.



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Skeese Greets said...

I guess I'm not the only one who thinks the apple-cinnamon Carb Boom tastes like apple pie. I like it more than the raspberry.