Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blog Authors: Michelle Garel

Here's a little blub about myself for those of you who are wondering about the girl writing the product reviews.

I grew up in Rochester NY and although I was always active I was far from a triathlete. I was one of the last kids in my neighborhood to get rid of my training wheels and I was scared to swim b/c I had to take off my glasses and couldn't see a thing.

After college, I moved to Austin and decided to attempt swimming after too many of my co-workers mistook me for the girl who had actually done a triathlon. After months of training I got the courage to enter Danskin in 2002. Since that time I've been hooked, I think I'm closing in on 50 triathlons.

I'm not alone in my endeavors. My husband Michael is always there, entering the race himself or helping to volunteer. Over the years we've collected quite the stash of triathlon equipment. We're what you might call pack rats. For example, we have 9 bikes between the two of us and I believe we could stop doing laundry and wear a different race shirt every day for the next 3 months.

We Garels are going to do our best to give you product updates. Honestly, I think I'm using this as an excuse to buy more stuff.


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