Friday, October 10, 2008

Blog Authors: Angie Balentine

Hi I'm Angie, mom of "Little T", wife of James the "head J&A mechanic", and J&A staff accountant and receiver. It isn't always easy to find me at the shop because I am never standing still. You might find me working on the books, receiving merchandise, updating inventory, helping with our J&A special orders, and whatever else needs my help.

I grew up a swimmer in St. Louis, MO. My dad got me into triathlon through Danksin of course. After we moved to Texas my dad signed me up for the Danskin Triathlon in 2000...without my consent! Gosh was I mad especially since he signed me up in the elite wave and I didn't have a road bike, nor had I ever done a triathlon. What an experience. I had a blast and have been in the sport since.

My introduction into the business side of triathlon/cycling was over dates with my now husband. We met at the local bike shop he worked at in San Antonio. His love for bikes rubbed off and now we have the pleasure (most days anyways) of working together. Even our daughter, Terra a.k.a "Little T" loves the shop...she could probably sell you a gel if you let her.

I look forward to providing you with up to date info on recent product arrivals that you might enjoy or need for that long weekend ride.

Thanks for reading!


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