Friday, October 24, 2008

Bonk Breaker saved the day!

Craft base layers - NEW at J&A's! They look super nice. Just in time for the cooler mornings. I hear it is suppose to be pretty cold this weekend. We have longsleeve, shortsleeve, and sleeveless baselayer options in all sizes for men and the short sleeve option in all sizes for women. Something to consider. I personally was ready to buy the women's short sleeve in what Craft refers to as "electric" color (it looks more like an orange-pink color to me) but I decided to hold off and give some lucky customers a chance at them first =). I would wear it on it's own (yes,it sounds dorky, but I have done that with a really cute baselayer from Pearl Izumi and I loved it!)

The next item that I put out at the shop was the "Bonk Breaker" bar. Talk about a life saver. I decided to have one mid morning and it pretty much saved the shop from my grumpiness and turned my day around. I ended up going for peanutbutter and jelly flavor. The best thing about the bar is that it is dairy free and wheat free! Perfect for the sensitive tummy, mine included.

I am noticing the sun is setting earlier and earlier. It might be time to add some extra bike lights and purchase a new lock. I am commuting more now too and realized both lights and locks
are so important. We just got some super affordable blinky lights and Kryptonite locks as well. Ask anyone at the shop and they will rave about both products.

Be safe! Happy training! and Stay Hydrated!


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