Friday, October 17, 2008

New Products at J&A's: Carb Boom!

Well things are just about back to "normal" shop routine post Longhorn 70.3 IM. It is great to fall back into the routine though the fast pace of a pre-race week is always exciting and keeps you on your toes!

This past week I was catching up with my regular receiving duties and I came across several boxes from Carb Boom! I started unpacking the boxes when I came across something very new with awesome packaging...Carb Boom Raspberry gel! The makers of Carb Boom! are coming out with some new flavors over the course of the up coming year, Raspberry included. Unfortunately, my workouts were complete for the day (with the exception of mommy and me swim class) so I did not have a chance to try the new flavor. I did bring it to the attention of Michelle...Michelle's product review to follow soon!

Terra (Little T) is trying out for the more advanced swim class next week (no more mommy and me...just baby) but she still won't be trying any of the new Carb Boom!




Mich said...

Wow, Little T is already trying out for her first swim team. That's very exciting. Hopefully I've got a few more years before she's faster than I am ;)

josemcbride said...

Cute girl there!
from her grandpa

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome pic.