Friday, January 16, 2009

Felt Women's Specific Bicycles

In the past, what differentiated a girl's bike from a unisex bike was a downward top tube on a cruiser. Today, Women's Specific Bicycles have many features that make cycling easier and more comfortable for females. As bike companies start catering towards women, there have been many improvements in design. So many improvements, in fact, that here at Jack & Adam's, almost all the shop ladies ride a women's specific bike.

One bike company in particular has taken women's bodies, with shorter torsos and longer legs, into consideration. Felt has done a great job catering to this generalization with their women's line. For those women who ride a size 51 or 54 bicycle, the geometry is the same which gives you even more options for choosing your bicycle. The other great thing about the women's line is that Felt makes bicycles available for petite to small women. The size small is still available in 700c wheels!

A few other differences between a women's specific bicycle and a unisex bicycle is the handlebar size. A women's bicycle comes equipped with narrower width, shorter reach, and shallower drop handlebars. These features make it easier to maneauver the brakes as well as shift the gears. Women's specific bicycles also come with women's specific saddles.

Here are just a few samples of the Felt Women's Specific Line:

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Pia said...

Your description of the women's specific Felt bicycles was very helpful. I tried one out and really felt comfortable on it, and I feel like you explained my experience. I live in upstate NY, not Austin, otherwise I would stop by your shop! I do hope other women will stop by and try a Felt bike.