Friday, January 9, 2009

Epic Ride or Epic Flats?

What do you carry on your training rides - CO2 or a mini pump? If you carry only one CO2 cartridge, consider this story from one of our super shop guys, Thomas.

Thomas was out on an Epic Ride Tuesday with shop mechanics Sam & Louie when the flats began. The roads were still a little wet as they rode southeast. They decided to ride "Eurostyle" that day, which means they carried only one tube and one CO2 cartridge each. This strategy works great if you only get one flat. Unfortunately for Thomas he got three flats during that one ride. But luckily for Thomas and Sam, Louie doesn't think "Eurostyle" and is more realistic. He saved the day with his mini bicycle pump. The guys made it home safely thanks to Louie.

Hopefully Sam & Thomas will learn to modify their "Eurostyle" beliefs and carry more tubes and CO2, or better yet, carry a mini pump!

The shop has several options for mini pumps: The Topeak Mini Morph, which fits conveniently in your jersey; The Topeak Road G Morph which attaches to your bicycle; and Planet Bikes MicroPro. The pressure capacity ranges from 80 to 160 PSI. Stop by and check them out!

Already have a mini pump? Here's some of the other gear we received this week:

New bento boxes for those long weekend rides
saddle bags
Sport-Wash detergent
blinky lights
Vittoria Rubino Pro II tires.

Happy Training!



1 comment:

Thomas "One Tube" Miller said...

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.... Whoa. "Eurostyle"? Number one, that's racist. Number two, the one tube and one CO2 method has facilitated such things as cell phones small enough to fit in a jersey pocket and cleat covers for hiking home.