Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Featured Event: Tour of New Braunfels

Coming up on the 31st is the Tour of New Braunfels. This two day event starts on Saturday with the Criterium at Canyon Lake. Participants will race their way around a scenic and winding 2.1-mile course overlooking beautiful Canyon Lake. You can catch the Cat 1 Men, racing last, at 12:50 for 60 minutes. The person with the most laps wins. The Grand Prix is on Sunday in Freiheit. The top men start at noon.

Crits are exciting and fun to watch. Last year I saw two - The Austin Downtown Crit & the Vegas Crit in conjunction with Interbike. Crashes occur pretty often during this type of event; watch where you stand so that you don't become part of the pile-up!

Below, the Governor of Texas gets in on the action at the '07 Downtown Crit in Austin. (Rick Kent Photo)

Directions to the Crit: Crit: Take IH 35 South (from Austin) to Exit 191, FM 306. Head west and proceed for 17.7 miles. Turn left on Canyon Park Road (marked by a yellow blinking light). Proceed 1.5 miles to the guard house/gate.




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