Tuesday, May 4, 2010

inseason bike maintenance

Since we are now in the busy part of the Tri season, I want to make sure that everybody that needs work on their bikes gets it done when they need it. We do all of our repairs on an appointment basis. Usually this time of year we are scheduled about a week in advance with appointments, so if you know that you have a race or event coming up go ahead and call us so we can get you on the schedule. If you need a tune up but do not want to leave the bike at the shop just come by and we can do a couple of quick adjustments to keep you going so you do not have to suffer with a poor working bike while you wait for your appointment( try that at a car dealership ). We have a couple of new mechanics at the shop now so come by and meet Geoff and Bryan and get to know the guys that will be working on your bikes.

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