Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: Confused, I am - time for a beer

Well the Lone Star Triathlon festival saw some great performances, both fast, stoic and heroic. Angie, Suzanne and Meriwether from the shop all had great results, as did Austin based and J&A sponsored Natascha Van Der Merwe and Billy Harlee as well as many of you racing in shop kit. Special mention also goes to James Thomas who sends out the communications on the Texas Tri Series and joins most Sundays for the rides. James had an epic day out finishing the 70.3 Me not so much.

My confusion following the w/e, has also spilled over to this Sundays ride. I checked the schedule and there is nothing there... Woah, what happened to May 2nd? It's just AWOL... How comes no one said anything??

So, here's my proposal. Many of your fearless ride escorts, me, Zac and Lisa from the advanced group for sure, as well as Tammy, Shane, Laura and Kim from the Tempo Multisport and shop intermediate ride crew are all doing the Shiner GASP ride on Saturday, 97-miles of chipseal road, into a headwind, followed by eats and some great beer at the Shiner brewery. You can too if you have not signed up yet.

Registration can be done at packet pickup on Thursday from 4 - 7pm; and Friday 11am-7pm on the deck at the shop. You can also register at the ride start Saturday morning. Full details here.

On the basis we have the Shiner ride Saturday and going south while still fun must be getting "old". So, unless there folks on Sunday don't want to, Sunday there will be the no-drop ride and we will all head out to Decker Lake(it works out at about 24-miles round trip for the no-drop. We will split at Decker Lane, we'll bring the no-drop ride back, and those looking for a bit more adventure can thrash around the back of the lake on the Couples triathlon course. Feel free to weigh in with comments, requests, and questions just don't ask me to explain why I quit on Sunday...

How does that sound? Time for a beer anyone??


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Coach Tammy said...

Sounds good. I've been feeling "off" all week, so not sure how I'll be on Sunday. We'll chat post-ride over brews.