Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: Back to our routes!

Well it's been a wet and cold year for rides so far, can we have spring back please? When Jack, Drew, Zac and I, with the Velossimo guys and some of the other folks from the shop started the shop rides back 15-months ago, they were just pick up rides.

Since then we 've been joined by literally hundreds of riders, some visiting from out of town, some irregulars and a growing number of regular riders. We've added some variety to the rides, split into two groups, no-drop and long, and then this year were joined by Tempo Multisport who created and staff the intermediate group.

Last week and this week it's 70.3 race time. Last week it was New Orleans and this week it's down in Galveston. A number of the regular riders are racing in the Sprint, Olympic and 70.3, a few of the ride leaders are racing as well.

So, we are going back to the start for the shop ride this week. Meet at the shop for an 8:30 start, there will as always be the no-drop ride, and then depending on who shows up, there may be another group ride! Oh, and of course, Taco Deli tacos afterwards!


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