Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: It's all about Transitions

If I told you I could save you 2-mins off your swim time with 30-mins practice, you'd bite my hand off to find out how. Bring your transition gear to this sundays shop ride, including run shoes and hat. My transition times at last w/e Texas State Sprint Tri were 47 and 43 seconds and in both cases included a 50m or so run.

We've two Transition practice and Q/A sessions scheduled as part of the shop rides in April and May. The first one this week will be at the shop after everyone else has left and will be at the basic level. The 2nd session in May will be advanced and cover running mounts/dismount. There will be some simple practice sessions and then we will ride. Those not wanting to do the transition sessions will leave at 8:30 as normal. A shorter ride will follow the transition session for those that take part. Mark C.

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