Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: Schedule for April and May

We had a great long ride this morning, 38-miles about as fast as I recall it. Well done to the lead group including Roberto the owner of Taco deli who provide those delish' breakfast taco's we have each week for hanging with the long ride, also good to get to ride with Dan Carroll from High 5 Events and Dave Mclaughlin from DCM Photography and those great pictures from the last Driveway Crit bike races.

Also a great turnout for the Intermediate group, lead by Laura, Shane, and Kim from the LAF; in fact with a few new riders in the no-drop with Jeff and Hugo, including Elizabeth Quintanilla, CEO of EQ Consulting on her first ride on her new Felt bike from the shop, we had a real cornucopia of Austin amateur cycling and business.

Just a reminder, no headphones please, no aero bars while sitting in, and no taking risks. If in doubt or confused, have a read of the shop ride etiquette rules posted on the web site.

So, well ahead of the game, here are the planned rides for April and May 2010! Thanks for the feedback, please feel free to comment here, or on the facebook page if you want to see something else, some changes, or just to tell us how much fun cycling in the ATX is!

4th NO-DROP SHOAL CREEK Special ride;Intermediate: South +Intervals; Long: South(38-miles)
11th All rides: South + Mechanic workshop at High School. Rides then continue (NO-DROP 20,30,38-mile routes)
18th NO-DROP RIDE; South + Transition clinic ready for Lonestar Sprint/70.3
25th NO-DROP ONLY! (Lonestar Sprint/Olympic/70.3)

9th NO-DROP ONLY! (The Rookie Triathlon!)
16th NO-DROP RIDE; Intermediate+Long: HILLS
23rd NO-DROP RIDE; Intermediate+Long Head North West; Transition clinic (Basic+Advanced for CapTex Tri)
30th NO-DROP RIDE; Intermediate+Long: South


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