Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: Long and steady

This week the Intermediate and Long groups will be "going long" and "taking it steady".

Unlike last week where we set out to do pacelines, this week see's just a slightly longer ride for those getting ready for their first Olympic or Half Ironman triathlon. Tammy, Kim and James will take the Intermediate group about 40-miles, ideal over distance for an Olympic triathlon. Zac and I will be taking the long group somewhere near 60-miles. The rides will take different routes, so you'll need to decide prior to leaving.

As always, the No-drop ride with Jeff and Hugo will go south, 10-miles out and 10-back regrouping when ever needed. As always with the other groups there is scope to go off the front for all or part of the ride and go faster if needed. The point of this week though is long and steady rather than race pace.

The group ride leaders are meeting tonight to work on the ride schedule through May, we'd love to hear feedback, please leave comments, here or on Facebook and we'll work them in.

One last request, the ride escorts got together to discuss ride guidelines and Zac put this together[PDF]. We like to make sure everyone reads it at least once.


1 comment:

chuckd said...

Looking forward to the rides. Had a blast on the paceline last Sunday. Doing clinics such as that are fun and very helpful to the group.

As per the long rides, a variety of routes would be great. Rather than routes that always go South. Lot's of great riding out East towards Lockhart etc...

Anywho...Thanks for rides.