Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: It's Paceline time

This Sunday the intermediate and long group rides will be focusing on paceline training. While many of you may not see the relevance of this to your needs as triathletes and weekend warrior riders, you'll be surprised.

If we can get the group rides to work more together, safely, you WILL learn to go faster, and further. Sure, in a triathlon you can't draft, but if you spend all your time sitting out on your own, you will get tired more quickly using up 15% of your energy for no good reason, and you'll tend to mash the pedals.

Sitting in a group or paceline, taking a turn on the front, etc. will help you be more efficient, you'll develop a higher cadence in an easier gear, and you will have a heightened awareness of whats going on around you. And, yes, through these you'll be able to go further and faster even when you ride alone.

Once the no-drop ride has left, Sundays shop ride will start with a briefing and an explanation and then we will be off to put it into practice. If you don't want to do the paceline clinic, you are welcome to leave alone or in groups at 8:30 as normal, but I'd really encourage everyone to have a go. My biggest cycling improvement in speed was the Summer I spent paceline riding with the St Pete Maddogs and St Pete Cycling rides.

There is a great intro to paceline riding by one of my cycling heroes, Fred Matheny, here. See you Sunday, time to get your paceline on!

No headphones is a must... please leave them in the car.


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