Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: Northwest Passage

"This is a story of early America during the century of conflict between the British and their American colonies ..."

Oops that was the Northwest Passage film from the 1940's - This is the Jack and Adams Sunday Shop Ride edition! No conflict, and much love from your's truly the British(not Australian) Sunday shop ride guy.

This Sunday the No-drop will go south, helping out with riding hints and tips, keeping people together and helping where we can with technical issues. Please remember to bring your own spares, puncture kits etc. This is especially true for those riding city, mountain bikes, or anything with 650 wheels. We'll help you repair, or even do it for you but don't have access to all types of tubes while riding!

The Tammy from Tempo Multisport will be leading the Intermediate group, and Zac will be there for the Advanced ride. Both will head North West, distance and difficulty will vary per group. Here is a sample of the route. As always, we leave on time, that means pulling out of the shop at 8:30a.m prompt.

After this Sundays ride I'll be over in Butler park, the other side of the railway line from the shop ride to hold a transition clinic to show you how to do transitions, including running mounts and dismounts. Please bring your full transition set-up including run shoes. You'll have the chance to practice on grass and I'll give you some homework so you can be ready for CapTex Triathlon.

Finally, this week we will have post-ride massage by Shannon Burns from Advanced Bodywork Center. See you at the shop!



hectordetorres said...

Great ride today! Going up mt bonnell was awesome so was going down the spicewood springs hill, let's do it again!

Anonymous said...

thanks Hector, we are working on the schedule for June/July and are happy to work any suggestions in.