Friday, May 14, 2010

Shop ride sundays: Take to the hills

a bit late for this week, but better late than never! This week see's the Intermediate and Advanced groups take to the hills. The no-drop ride will go south.

We don't just do hills, Tammy Metzger and the Tempo Multisport will take the intermediate group and do a repeat of the Hills Clinic they did a couple of months ago. You'll get to ride a repeat route and they'll ride either alongside or in reverse and offer tips on gear changes, pedal stroke, position and most of all encouragement.

For the Advanced group, myself, Zac and Lisa will take you on a slightly longer route, with a few more hills and hopefully just as much encouragement. I'll get to ride my new Guru Praemio which the shop fitted and had built for me especially for my Sierra to the Sea bike tour, hills and more hills!

As always, we leave at 8:30am unless its raining at that time.

Next week I'll be rerunning the transition clinic, this time I'll cover both basic and advanced, for those that are interested, I will cover and give you the chance to do running mounts/dismounts. We'll be on grass, so bring your transition gear and we'll go practice after the ride a short walk from the shop!


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