Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: Hills clinic recap

We had a stellar turnout for Tempo Multisport’s Hill Climbing/Descending Clinic at the Jack & Adam’s Bicycles shop ride this past Sunday. We rode as a group out to Lost Creek, where we held a quick clinic on the physics of climbing and descending. For a reminder of the tips covered, click here to visit the blog post from our first clinic.

Remember, in order to master these skills you must now practice them! Don’t avoid hills, seek them out and challenge yourself to be better. If there is a component of climbing or descending that gives you anxiety, break it down and practice it in a less intimidating environment. For example, we noticed many riders were not comfortable riding in the drops of their handlebars while descending. As discussed, this is THE SAFEST way to descend a hill. Not only are you lowering your center of mass, which creates greater stability and better handling of the bicycle, you are also protecting yourself from your hands flying off the handlebars in the event that you do hit a bump in the road. If this is you, start practicing riding in the drops while on a flat section of road until it becomes more comfortable, then move on to small descents, and eventually the bigger ones. If this is not physically comfortable for you, chances are you need an adjustment to your bike fit, so drop in and see the fit experts at the shop! Safety and stability on your bicycle is priceless. Just as you wouldn’t dream of riding without a helmet, don’t ride on an ill-fitting bike. When you do, you compromise not only your own safety, but that of those around you.

Thanks to all who attended this clinic. We had a blast interacting with all of you. It was a diverse group this week, with some doing one repeat, having never before conquered a hill such as Lost Creek, and some taking on three repeats on this long, challenging climb before we headed back to the shop. Well done to one and all! In addition to Coach Tammy Metzger, three members of Team Tempo Multisport were on-hand to provide feedback and encouragement to clinic attendees; Shane Carbonneau, Laura Carbonneau, and Kim Barnett! Thanks again, and we’ll see you at the next clinic.

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